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cant delete artists in ticketfly (10:50 PM)

Light FM (10:00 PM)

Bethpage Black (9:10 PM)

The Active Set (8:30 PM)

Thu, March 8, 2012

8:00 pm

$0.00 - $12.00

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This event is all ages

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cant delete artists in ticketfly - (Set time: 10:50 PM)
cant delete artists in ticketfly
When brothers play rock music they are apt to make a certain magic unique unto itself. Rock's sibling history has its Everlys, the fist-fighting Gallaghers, and Aussie brothers the Cesters. Now we have Antonio (Tony) Beliveau and Michael (Mike) Beliveau; Tony on keyboards and vocals, Mike on bass. From a long line of musicians, (dad played piano, grandpa played organ) the Beliveau brothers have played in five bands together prior to Crash Kings. It's no secret; these guys hit hard and play great together. That's what happens when you've been doing something together for a long time.
The Crash Kings' radical new sound is huge to say the least. Of their vision, Tony is quick to point out, "We wanted to create a band that once and for all could be 'The Big Rock Sound' without guitar." One might wonder…rock without guitar, how is that possible? Well, the Crash Kings have gotten a bit innovative in their quest to create rock with just keys, bass, and drums. With tube overdrive and multiple amps Mike's bass brings heaviness to the band's sound. On top of that Tony plays a clavinet (a keyboard with guitar strings), which has been customized with a large whammy bar allowing him to bend notes like a guitar producing an entirely new sound. Having these two very unique elements makes the Crash Kings' music feel raw and full at the same time.
Light FM - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Light FM
What is Light FM?
It's that sound engrained in your head… the one that you keep looking for but until now have yet to find. You may have heard it while viewing your guilty pleasures (Gossip Girl, The Hills, How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill, Jersey Shore and The City…to name just a few) or while sitting in the cinema (Shrek IV). Now it is time for you to find out what all of the music supervisors already know, Light FM, with its cool, relentlessly catchy, indie pop songs, needs to be the new band for the soundtrack of your life.

Led by Josiah Mazzaschi and backed by an ace group of talented musicians, Light FM combines catchy hooks and disarmingly heart-felt lyrics with guitar riffs that are distorted to precision. . . a sound that grabs you both by the throat and gut while blowing your ears out . . . Light FM is all encompassing and instantly familiar.
Bethpage Black - (Set time: 9:10 PM)
Bethpage Black
You might think of Long Beach, CA, from whence 4-piece rock band Bethpage Black came, as a haven for hip-hop, reggae-funk jam bands or quirky, jangly indie-folk-rock-electro-whatever-pop. But Bethpage Black are forging a musical path that’s decidedly different from the Snoop Doggs, Sublimes and Avi Buffaloes of the region.

“We call it ‘Sickle Pop,’” explains drummer/songwriter Steve Coy. “It’s pop-rock with a sharpened edge.”

The songs on the band’s new EP, titled Black Music, reflect this sensibility–and a variety of influences from Muse and The Used to Brahms and Bizet. The band’s quintessentially 21st-century roster is as diverse as the music they make. Coy and guitarist Davin Givhan (Saul Williams, Lauryn Hill) met in high school, reconnecting years later via a chance meeting and a shared love of Pantera. They later met singer Matt Carmichael fronting a wildly popular 80′s cover band. Bassist Vivien Larena rounds out the all-world lineup, having come into the fold via the internet’s go-to musical marketplace, Craigslist.

From Carmichael’s powerhouse vocals and Givhan’s prodigious guitar shredding talents to Larena’s tasteful bass lines and Coy’s precise, aggressive drumming, it’s the band’s talent sets Bethpage Black apart. Co-produced and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Neon Trees), Black Music proves that, in the words of Carmichael, “this band can play anything it wants to.”
The Active Set - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
The Active Set
The Active Set may be too mainstream to be true 'indie' however they have enough quirky and unconventional bits making them too indie for the mainstream. Result: limited fanbase!
Matthew Stolarz was dissatisfied. A Los Angeles native, he had helped form and was playing bass in L.A. punk rock band the Briggs, but it just wasn't enough. Drawing from a wide range of influences, he had written an abundance of material that needed a proper home. He left the Briggs to make this happen, and formed the Active Set. Collaborating in the studio with the Briggs' Jason and Joey LaRocca and the Lieutenants' Adrian Symcox, a six-song EP was created, the first release. Through ways and means, English export Wayne Russell found his way to the band and was thoroughly hounded until he came on board to play guitar. How lucky for the Active Set! An ad for a second guitarist was posted everywhere for months and eventually spotted by guitarist Francis Ramsden, who liked the use of the word "smart” in the ad. He fit right in, and eventually cut his hair for the band. Drummer Michael Castro became a full-fledged member after saving the band from certain peril: their original drummer was fired weeks before a string of shows at SXSW, and Castro stepped in, learned the songs and proved a worthy ally. The band moved forward from there, cracking into a wealth of new material and playing non-stop. The use of electronic drums led naturally to the use of keys/synths, bringing the sound of the band both into the past and the future.

With a healthy nod to '80s post-punk and new wave, the Active Set offer a high-energy dose of indie, intelligent and upbeat. They love quirky, driven melodies with smart hooks. Then they like to change their minds, and change it up.

Welcome to Los Angeles, a place for movers and shakers. It's a place to really get things started. If you don't live here yet, you will.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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