Sean Healy Presents:

Sean Healy Presents:

Sean Healy Presents

KG Bird (9:10 PM)

Circlesight (10:50 PM)

The Workday Release (10:00 PM)

Pink Furs (8:20 PM)

The Iron Heart Band (7:30 PM)

Rocklin (11:40 PM)

Fri, September 4, 2015

7:00 pm

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KG Bird - (Set time: 9:10 PM)
KG Bird
Following a personal tragedy, brothers Chris and Tim James found solace in playing music together—Tim on guitar and Chris on drums. Now, ten years later, the brothers James have switched roles and recruited bassist Ryan Parmenter to create KG Bird. Pulling from legends like George Harrison, Silver Jews and Creedence Clearwater Revival, the three-piece creates lush freak folk laden with experimentation while maintaining pop sensibility.

The trio played together in the now defunct Echo Park-based rock outfit, Cue the Moon, and for the past year have been on a recording spree. While playing gigs around their hometown of Los Angeles, the three-piece discovered the epic nature of Will Nicoll's (Steel Toed Slippers) guitar skills, and after just a few practices quickly recruited the 22-year-old prodigy. But a four-piece wasn't quite enough for the project, so they swooped up his bandmate, Matt Moss, to play drums while Tim transitioned to guitar and picked up the talented Aya Kawaguchi to helm the keyboard. As a six-piece, KG Bird creates intricate, melodic folk-rock while successfully bending standard structure and arrangement.

"The best thing about KG Bird's folk music is how it doesn't settle for just being folk music. The sextet — anchored by former Cue the Moon bandmates Chris and Tim James and Ryan Parmenter — can play aching balladeers one moment and tortured indie-rockers deftly playing the loud/soft dynamic the next. Their debut EP "Morning Weather" shifts from moody and dark to brash and furious seemingly at the drop of a Will Nicoll guitar riff, and expansive song structures treat predictability like the plague." - Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.LA

"On their debut EP Morning Weather, Los Angeles-based KG Bird nods towards classic vintage sounds while binding it together with their spin on modern folk-rock that is just in time for the approaching summer. Simply put, it's a fun effort. But what sets KG Bird apart from the rest of the pretentious guitar-twang bands is their old-school charm that's transparent in each song.
Led by siblings Tim (guitar) and Chris James (guitar/vocals), KG Bird opens with "Pull The Mask Off." It's simple in structure, but grabs your attention with infectious guitar hooks and steady beat. The vocals also have a certain inflection to them that gives it a warm rockabilly tone. "Suffer Tiny Whales" slows down the pace with its bluesy chord progressions that builds towards a frenetic swirl near the five minute mark. Closing out the EP is the trio of "Morning Weather," "I'm a Child," and "Parlor," which evoke the folk melody style of the '60s/'70s akin to The Zombies with a dash of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie." - Ace Ubas, The Owl Mag
Circlesight - (Set time: 10:50 PM)
CIRCLESiGHT is more than a band; they are like family. When founder Steven Peters set out to pursue music, he searched for band members who had talent, as well as chemistry. He found a cohesive fit in the other three members, Joe Salcedo, Jonny Vesely, and Ben Potter. Living together and caring for one another since they first came together, CIRCLESiGHT is often called a diverse band of brothers, with each member representing a different ethnic heritage.

CIRCLESiGHT developed a strong and devoted following before they released any recordings—an impressive accomplishment. The band’s authentic crowd interaction and relatable storytelling resonates with audiences across many walks of life, and has allowed CIRCLESiGHT to connect with diverse listeners. Their unique ambient rock sound features powerful vocals reminiscent of U2 and memorable instrumental melodies, influenced by artists like Coldplay and Kings of Leon.

With the desire to bring encouragement and hope to audiences, CIRCLESiGHT stands behind social justice causes, not only through their lyrics and powerful music, but also through their actions. The band frequently works with organizations to help combat issues like homelessness and human trafficking and has partnered with groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Saving Innocence to raise funds and create change. Regularly performing for student audiences, CIRCLESiGHT also seeks to encourage youth and young adults to be the change that they want to see in the world.

With many years of experience performing and writing together, CIRCLESiGHT is bolstered by an impressive resume of shows, as well as plays and placements on radio and television. With a vision to make music that makes a difference, the tightly knit foursome is ready to keep rocking and empowering audiences.
The Workday Release - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
The Workday Release
The Workday Release is a solo pop / alternative project created by David Ottestad. Considering the complexity of his last name, Ottestad (pronounced “aw-test-add") decided to write and release music under the band name The Workday Release. He wrote and released his first album To the Beginning while attending BIOLA University in 2009. To the Beginning consisted of different variations of pop music, however, it was the acoustic song “Love in a Box" that gave The Workday Release momentum and a dedicated fan base. In 2009, Ottestad released a record under the side-project band name The Wandering Tree titled Farther from Familiar. This record, written in collaboration with the other members of the band, consisted of ambient, rock music. The Wandering Tree played a few shows before disbanding in 2010. In 2011, Ottestad released a new acoustic EP for The Workday Release titled Simple Distance and is currently working on a full-length.
Pink Furs - (Set time: 8:20 PM)
Pink Furs
Who are the Pink Furs?

Pink Furs!
Three young sisters...
Three Piece band...
"Young California" sound!

Writing their own original songs and they back it up with their shocking young talent on Guitar, Base, Drums and Vocals!

These 3 young sisters in Pink Furs have organically written, recorded and perform all of their very own material. They just wrapped up in Hollywood Studios recording their Full Length Album that was just released!

A trifecta of natural talent, explosive fun and keeping it real. Something universally relatable to everyone everywhere, “Pink Furs” is their name. It's with their talents combined with passion and hard work that Pink Furs brings the real deal to the table "LIVE" at such a "SHOCKING" young age.

Their voices can resonate with many voices around the world in very unique ways. This sister trio is not only tightly bonded but outrageously funny and extremely talented. Pink Furs delivers an incredible performance to all that see and hear their unique "Young California" sound!
The Iron Heart Band - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
The Iron Heart Band
Paris, 1874. The Paris Salon was a yearly showcase of the world’s greatest art. The artwork shown at the Salon needed the approval of the Academy, the authority on art at the time. It was a yearly offering and to be a part of it, artists were required to submit their art for approval. At the time, painting in a traditional, lifelike style with proper shadowing to depict drama were just some of the criteria needed to be approved. Considering the Salon was the "Mecca" on art - and if your painting did not make the cut - rejected art did not stand the chance of notice and could make and brake artists carer with the single stamp of rejection. At the time - a group of artists - later known as the impressionists - would gather at their favorite cafe to discuss their craft and the prestige of acceptance the Academy could bestow. The Impressionists however had a style of that was different from the art of wide acceptance. After the French revolution they began to see the world and express it through their art in a style that was said to be representative of the new awakening in France. The short, tiny bursts of brush strokes, the simple renderings of daily life as seen by these painters were not considered worthy of the walls at the Salon.

The young painters still held to their craft and continued to paint real life, in a way they saw beauty in.

With the help of a small few (including Napoleon III) an alternative show was put together. This was designed to showcase all of the refused art or any artist that wanted to show their work. This exhibition was an opportunity for everyone to see a new style of painting that would later go down in history as some of the greatest works of art ever known to man. This show would be known as "Salon Des Refuses". While there is not a perfect translation to English, “exhibition of rejects” is probably the best way to translate.

We couldn't have found a more fitting title for our first full length album. In a music scene we have witnessed dwindle since the early 2000's, an industry that has artists pay for services without results, a public with a shortened attention span due to the influx of content from our smartphones - is a combination of criteria that has made this journey a difficult one. If only we had the chance to show our art, like in the Salon Des Refuses, we could maybe, just maybe, build the audience needed to see the beauty in what we are attempting to do - make great art.

The Iron Heart is a hard hitting rock band from California. Formed in 2013 by Thomas Fine, Justin Altamura and Joel Fennie. The trio has always played music together through the years, and have now re-formed to create The Iron Heart.

With an energetic rhythm section and soaring guitars, The Iron Heart delivers a signature sound that has been described as "the new rock n roll". Thomas Fine's unique vocal style offers up honesty and passion. Justin Altamura's definitive bass sound gives the extra spice and also delivers world-rocking riffs. On the drums, Joel Fennie, unleashes a thunderous approach which gives the band a big, bold sound. Together they have created a sound that blends traditional hard rock with blues & punk influences.

Releasing their debut EP in 2013, The Iron Heart is poised to take the industry by storm. Described as "an explosive debut" the five songs included range from fast heart thumping rock to delightful what has been called "space-age hoedown".
Rocklin - (Set time: 11:40 PM)
"Rocklin" consists of three very gifted artists, Rocky Kuner, Eric VanThyme and Sammy Rivera. They play several instruments, keys, guitar, bass, drums, cajon, dulcimer and ukulele. They all attend The Orange County School of the Arts in the Commercial Music and Guitar program. Rocky is a part time cajon player for The Occasions, Sammy has another band called Railgun and Eric has a band called Transporting Planets.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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