New Beat Fund

New Beat Fund

New Beat Fund (acoustic) (10:00 PM)

Armors (9:15 PM)

Little Wolves (8:30 PM)

Thu, August 20, 2015

8:00 pm

Adv Tix $13.00 / Day of Show Tix $15.00

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New Beat Fund (acoustic) - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
New Beat Fund (acoustic)
New Beat Fund birthed when a piggy bank with the words "New Beat Fund" encrypted on it was catapulted into the facade of a corporate building. No joke. Somewhere in that transaction it became apparent a jar full of "fuck you's" and "I owe you's" would no longer lend it's help to an artist. So we started our own fund; no debts to the bullshit, just a direct deposit from your's truly and the people who vibe what it is we're doing. And what exactly are we doing? We're letting our music run free, streaking down the beach, nuts hangin' in the Cali breeze, smokin' Cali trees. We shimmy shimmy to the sounds of the Timby, some Red Chili, Slim Shady, and one Foxy ass Lady. Reppin' real music flowin' from an honest place. Keepin' true to who we are, how we're feeling, what we're seeing around us and the way we react to it. Everything New Beat Fund is done 100% by New Beat Fund. Burnie Baker, Fat Snapz Lalib, Buttonwill McKill, and Silky Johnson. No need for specificity. So vibe some tunes, whether you're coolin' with your gurl or partying with your friends, this is for you. Have a good time, that's what we're doing. Thanx for donating. Peace. NBF $($)$
Armors - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
ARMORS could be best described as an abstract mural of
awkward millennials from all corners of Southern California.
Their debut single “Parasite” was released in January and
was followed up by “Old House” in February. Both singles
received an overwhelmingly positive response from Los
Angeles radio station KROQ as well as numerous blogs
such as We Found New Music, BuzzBandsLA, and Free
Bike Valet. These songs were the products of late night jam
sessions in a small home studio with Adam Castilla of the
Colourist handling the production. Says bassist Kody Buxton,
“we learned a lot whilst recording these songs—a lot about
our individual selves, and a lot about being in a band. For
example, we figured out how to fit three dudes on a single
love seat comfortably, as well as how to branch out and play
music we normally wouldn’t.”
Little Wolves - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Little Wolves
Little Wolves is the project of longtime collaborators and Los Angeles producers Samuel Jacob and Ronnie Watson. The duo, who started writing music together in 2010, are set to release their debut digital two-song single featuring “Home” and "Lost My Mind" on June 16th via Red Bull Sound Select. Both tracks were produced by the famed Andre Anjos, the visionary behind Remix Artist Collective, better known to the musical world as RAC. RAC rose to international prominence with reinterpretive remixes of songs for The Shins, Kings of Leon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Washed Out and others. Little Wolves fresh new sound of lush 80's synths, psychedelic guitars, pulsating bass, and heavy beats is married perfectly with RAC’s fusion of rock and dance music sensibilities.

Turn up, Detune, Drop in.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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