Eska Mexicano feat. 8 Kalacas

Eska Mexicano feat. 8 Kalacas (10:55 PM)

Left Alone (9:55 PM)

La Pobreska (9:00 PM)

Cafe Con Tequila (8:15 PM)

Happy Drunk Cartel (7:30 PM)

Fri, July 10, 2015

7:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

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Eska Mexicano feat. 8 Kalacas - (Set time: 10:55 PM)
Eska Mexicano feat. 8 Kalacas
8kalacas nace en el ano 2003 en Orange County CA [anaheim] con un grupo de amigos que empezaron a juntarse y aser ruido juntos , todo empieza como un hobby un pasatiempo sin imaginar que algun dia iban a tomar la música tan enserio, la banda se forma al principio por 8 integrantes de ahi el numero 8 ,despues viene kalacas fue una idea en ese entonces de memo baterista y uno de los fundadores de 8k ...ya como banda tienen su primer tocada alos 4 meses de estar juntos afuera de un café en Fullerton CA un evento sin flyer o nada de publicidad solo sabían que iban a tocar y era lo que importaba , su primer tocada fue todo una gran experiencia para la banda solo había 70 personas cuales iban a ver a la banda estelar banda skalavera una banda muy conocida en el movimiento del ska en California, a los 8 meses de vida la banda tiene una rutura bajista ,guitarrista y trombonista deciden abandonar la banda , fue muy triste para ellos ya que llevaban 8 canciones que después se convirtieron en un ep ..... pasando algunos meses memo (baterista) comenta a los demás sobre los nuevos integrantes un Nuevo guitarrista y un Nuevo bajista así la banda regresaria ala escena local con mas fuersa aciendo un tipo de ska mas rudo haora llamado en la escena del ska como ska-core , con integrantes nuevos y ambrientos de aser nueva musica se dedican a aser nueva musica y tocar en cualquier lugar posible como backyards gigs , fabricas abandonadas , pizzerias , 15 años , bodas , llevando su musica a todos los lugares posibles ... en el 2006 conocen a clemente ruiz un buen amigo y muy conocido en la escena del ska-core de los ángeles y hoy en día como ( EVOEKORE ) ,evore core les ofrece toca en un venue muy conosido en los angeles llamando THE ALLAN THEATER fue la primera tocada donde 8 kalacas aparece en un flyer oficial para evoecore media promotor del movimiento ska,skacore de los ángeles , logrando entrar oficial mente en la escena de ska de los California ... abriéndose las puertas en la ecena empiesan a recibir llamadas de promotores empezando a tocar por todo California , OC , y todos los alrrededores en el 2007 sale nuestro primer EP official (pan de muerto) con 6 canciones ese EP logra lo que un dia ellos imajinaron .en el 2010 realizan su primera gira por mexico tocando el la tradicional prepa fresno,pisando df,gudalajara y puebla.. 2011 llega su segunda gira por mexico mexico df y guadalaja tocando en el famoso festival ska-wars de Guadalajara jalicos.8 kalacas a llegado a alternar con bandas de fama internacional como ...EL TRI , Madita Vesindad , Panteon rococo, Rata blanca , Antidopin , sektacore , salon victoria , ska-p , 2 minutos ,cheap sex,the dickies,chencha berrinches la royal club ,nana pancha ,no moral,agent orange ,voodoo glow skulls,maskatesta,buck-o-nine,wisecraker,the toasters,liran roll,y todas las bandas de ska de california , ese mismo EP pone a 8 kalacas en barias copilasiones de SKA Y SKACORE en USA y en MEX evorekore vol:1 con adicto ,ska sin fronteras con pande muerto y en el 2012 crusando las fronteras asta elamania en un copilatoria llamado etchte ubersee records vol:6 con chorizo federal , ese mismo año sacan su disco homonimo bajo el sello de evorekore , ese disco rapidamente los llevo ala cima el movimiento ska ,ska-core de California con muy buenas criticas de los medios llenaron de amor,rabia,revolucion y Resistencia 15 temas que los han mantenido asta estos dias en las bandas mas importantes en la ecena de California en el 2013 sacan su nuevo single llamado r.i.p el fin que que fue un copilado para el famoso give'em the boot esta fue una version de bandas latinas llamado denle la bota,han llegado a tocar en los mas importantes venues de los angeles incluso asiendo un sold out en el house of blues de los angeles en el 2013 ..8 kalacas sige y vivira para sus fans mientras ellos sigan ahi 8 estara con ellos para siempre , .... lo que acemoses muy enserio con mucho corazon y con ganas de mandar un mensage de igualdad entre las razas de justisia al pueblo apoyando sienpre los derechos humanos disiendo y gritando muy fuerte NO alas fronteras NO al abuso de poder y YA BASTA al systema corrupto y que VIVA la MUSIKA!
Left Alone - (Set time: 9:55 PM)
Left Alone
The exuberant yet repentant punk anthem that launches Left Alone's 2006 sophomore Hellcat offering is the kind of no bullshit, honest proclamation that fans of last year's highly-praised Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts have come to expect. That lead-off number, dubbed "The Sinner", is the sort of joyous chant along that has earned the devotion of punk purists throughout the globe. But as Dead American Radio unfolds, it reveals itself to be a far more adventurous, diverse and rewarding song cycle than its predecessor.

Simply put, Left Alone has concocted a stone cold classic album that artfully takes aim at corporate radio, suck ass emo bands and everything in between while incorporating elements of ska, cowpunk, pop contagiousness and old school punk. Yet according to Left Alone's guitarist, songwriter and mouthpiece Elvis Cortez, that variety which counts the efforts of saxophonist Noe, and the inclusion of Hammond organ and pedal steel wasn't necessarily a goal for the new disc.

"We were just picking up on different kinds of music and grooving on different elements," Cortez says. "My only goal was to do a record I'd be 100% happy with. Lonely Stars was recorded in like four days or some shit. This time we had a lot of time. Plus we had been on tour forever and had a lot of songs. Everything just worked out. Much like our band, it's just a bunch of weird shit that just all kind of goes together.

From a pensive heartbreaker like "Waiting For You" to the charged punk firecracker "Drunk Again", the flow of the record is somehow seamless thanks to the musical aptitude of Cortez, Noe and their rhythmic commando Ramrod (drums). With "La Pregunta," recent tourmate Patricia Day (of HorrorPops fame) joins Elvis on the quirky ska-inspired, Spanish-sung duet, while Rancid's own Tim Armstrong joins forces with the band for the upbeat, rock & roll road tale "City To City".

"I brought some songs over for Tim to check out and he really liked "City To City," so I asked him if he wanted to sing on it," Elvis says of his hit-worthy collaboration with Hellcat's founder. And he said, Yeah. So he wrote the verse he sings and he helped me arrange the song. He's so good at that kind of stuff. The guy is amazing in so many ways. It was a trip working with him.

If "City To City" is an instant classic that deserves to be an airwave favorite, Cortez recognizes that the likelihood that it and the other winners like on Dead American Radio like the reflective, energetic "Every Night" and the terrestrial (a.k.a. testicle) radio critiquing title track will be heard by the masses is slim. People think that bands get popular out of being good, and it's just not true, Elvis proclaims. I've always known it to be pretty much a money thing. It's like the rich gets richer and radio is the worst example of that. For a band it sucks because there's so much good stuff that should be on the radio but it never gets the chance because maybe their label can't afford it or just chooses not to buy into it. I've always felt that if a song is good enough, it shouldn't matter what label it's on, but that's not the way it works.

If corporate radio still sucks, Left Alone's frustrations with the medium haven't kept the quartet from excelling on Dead American Radio. It's funny because somehow these songs wound up being some of the catchiest I've ever written, Cortez marvels. And some of the songs ended up sounding like they could be at home on the radio. But I didn't sit down with that in mind. We just jam and then put the ideas together, it's never a plotted out thing with our music.

It's amazing then, to consider that this big, bombastic sounding record was produced on a modest budget before mastering. A testament to Cortez's skills as a producer, he says the band just took our time and did what we always wanted to do. We did the drums on reel to reel analogue and dumped them into Pro Tools. I borrowed a Gretsch and a bunch of Les Pauls and different amps and cabinets. And Ramrod got a new, high end drum set and all of this equipment and we focused on the sound as much as the songs and it really worked out well.

Of taking Left Alones music to a new level, Elvis acknowledges, We could do the whole hardcore thing, and I started with it, but I'm more about melody and textures. That's everything for me. We feel really good about this record. The whole band is excited. I can finally say that from start to finish, I feel so complete with this thing. It feels like we hit it out of the park. When I listen to the record we made, I'm like, Fuck yeah!

If defying convention seems to be protocol for Left Alone, Cortez confirms this notion when he speaks of a recent House of Blues gig in L.A. with Hellcat labelmates Tiger Army. We both had pedal steel guys! the frontman laughs. It's like totally out of context for punkers with Mohawks. The soundman was like, You have a saxophonist, a pedal steel player and an organist and you're a punk band with Mohawks? What are you guys doing?

But despite the group's willingness to try new things, the men of Left Alone are still ardent punk purists a disdain for a certain popular rock subgenre. Hence the delightful, revivalist kick in the ass known as I Hate Emo.

On the 2004 Warped Tour it started for us,Elvis confesses. It was like attack of the clones. Emo bands they look the same, they play the same, they talk the same. So the song started as a punk rock song called Fuck Emo. And the chorus was like, Yeah, I said it. I said it. And then we did the Warped Tour Barbecue and all these emo bands would look at me like I was an asshole. And maybe I was.

I guess with me, I don't give a fuck what music looks like or how it's packaged,Elvis says, in spite of his band's own eye-catching Boombox-centric album cover. As long as its good and genuine, it will shine through and people will catch on. If you play your shit with balls, and truly have some balls, it will shine through.

Summing it all up, Elvis Cortez decrees, We're no Hot Topic band. That's for sure.
La Pobreska - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
La Pobreska
La Pobreska was formed in 2004. With a mix of Hardcore/Ska and many more influences. We are a band that talks about Politics, government and real life issues. We just Release our First Full Album " Estamos Unidos". We are currently working on our second album. Hopefully ready to come out by the end of 2013!


BOLOCHOS 303 W. 8th St Downtown Los Angeles 213 595 5977

BAZAR COYOTL 4154 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles 213 493 3079

PRO ROCK 705 N. Anaheim Blvd Anaheim 714 926 8001

BLACK ZONE 2317 W. 1st Santa Ana CA 714 836 5139

YURIS RECORDS 3801 Tweedy Blvd. South Gate 323 566 1606

NO REGRETS 810 Long Beach Blvd Long Beach 562 901 1904

AMEOBA 6400 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles 323 245 6400

BLACK TOPIC 2609 Clarendon Ave. Huntington Park 310 494 1867


Cafe Con Tequila - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Cafe Con Tequila
Cafe Con Tequila was formed in the year 2005 in Lincoln Heights, Ca by Francisco Rodriguez (drums) and Luis Fematt (guitar). Most of them met in high school and got together to form this band. The band's first year has to be their toughest since there were tons of changes in the line-up that led to not having a singer, but luckily things started falling into place. Now the band is going into their 5th year of playing and about to release their first full-lenght album in 2011, and have earn recognition across southern california to play alongside international bands such as Inspector and Sekta-Core.The band is stronger than ever now and looking to expand their music to different cities and why not, countries. A westcoast tour is beign planned at the moment aswell as a Mexico tour. So keep your eyes and ears open they might be coming to your city real soon! A message from the band : Thanks ALOT to everyone for their constant support, we wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you! Were writing new music for all you guys so expect it soon!! A big shout out to all our fellow musicians from the L.A Ska/Reggae scene! Lets keep the music alive!!! This page is updated more often than our myspace page so keep a look out for show information, bands news ect! THANK YOU!
Happy Drunk Cartel - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Happy Drunk Cartel
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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