Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood (10:00 PM)

Gothic Tropic (9:15 PM)

Alex Calder (8:30 PM)

Fri, June 19, 2015

8:00 pm

Adv Tix $18.00 / Day of Show Tix $20.00

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Surfer Blood - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood’s 3rd album 1000 Palms comes out May 12, 2015 on Joyful Noise Records. The band have performed on five continents, toured with heroes like The Pixies and Guided By Voices, played on the Jimmy Fallon Show, at Coachella and giant festivals throughout the world, while also occasionally plugging in their amps at all-ages house parties. Surfer Blood are also the cleanest and nicest band in existence!
Gothic Tropic - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Gothic Tropic
Los Angeles' Gothic Tropic introduces some hard edges to the playful world of pop. The brainchild of Cecilia Della Peruti, Gothic Tropic keeps the vibe effervescent, punchy and psychedelic, with a unique lead guitar style inspired by 70s heroes Television and Wire as well as female rock nobility

like Blondie and Fleetwood Mac. Most recently tipped by The Guardian as an artist to watch for 2017, Gothic Tropic's music has been attracting international media appeal. After working in the studio with LA movers and shakers including Ryan Adams, Della Peruti cut her teeth as a touring player for Børns and Charli XCX. Della Peruti has won sponsorships with leading gear manufacturers and is currently featured as one of six guitarists in Fender's

American Professional Series campaign for 2017 alongside Charlie Bereal, Duff Mckagan and Dhani Harrison.
Alex Calder - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Alex Calder
Edmonton, Canada is is better known for its oil exports than its songwriters. However, 23 year old Alex Calder is taking a strong step in towards this changing. Shifting to Vancouver saw Alex pairing with fellow Edmontonion Mac Demarco (that's Alex as the female lead in the "Only You" video) playing in Makeout Videotape, scraping by, sleeping on couches and washing dishes. A move back to his mom's in Edmonton was when Calder began to write and record his own material honing his craft only ever showing close friends his work.

A strong love for classic 60's/70's guitar pop (Beach Boys, Beatles) as well as soft spots for Prince and Hall and Oates display his self proclaimed 'fascination with pop music'. While his influences certainly shape his work it is his natural ear for melody and movement, which make Calder's work both fluid and engaging. His knack and ambition both in his song writing and production provide a solid foundation for Calder's music to drift in an out of psychy realms.

'Suki and Me' has an air of mischief as it is tardily pushed along by it's bass line, (apt for someone who's perfect evening involves unlimited pinball and Bud) while avoiding the temptation that often comes with self-recording/producing to over layer his work. There are no over drenched chorus or walls of sound, instead leaving space for melody and texture to be neatly co-existent. Alex has found the sweet spot between slacker pop jangle and snug rhymtic production to create reassurance his songs have a are going somewhere.

To call his music lazy would be misdirected however, the sense of dragging is delicately addressed in almost voyeuristically in Lethargic. Intimate handclaps and shakers make it easy for one to visualize the living from which it came as Calder's questions what to do with his time both literally and existentially.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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