Plain White T's

Plain White T's (9:15 PM)

Jessarae (8:15 PM)

Genevieve (7:30 PM)

Mon, April 13, 2015

7:00 pm


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Plain White T's - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Plain White T's
At last… it’s official… we have a new album! We’ve been talking about this thing forever, and we are finally ready to put it out! American Nights will be released 3.31.15! But before it comes out, we wanted to share it with you guys first, in a very special way.

Here’s how we’re gonna do it!

You’ll be able to pre-order American Nights on CD or vinyl, PLUS any other exclusive items like t-shirts, signed CD’s, art prints, along with some fun experiences [brace yourselves]. We also have a ton of studio footage that we shot, and pics from the sessions we want you to share with you now.

So come along for the ride, (literally in Tom’s ’65 mustang) come hang out with us on tour, (be a roadie for a day) go have a Big Mac with Mike (in Aurora) …. and join us for a ton of other cool experiences and exclusive packages we are excited to share with YOU!

This is how music is supposed to be happen, just us and you guys. Now let’s enjoy this together!

Here we go!
Jessarae - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
In his writing, playing, and performing, 18-year-old Jessarae (Jez-uh-ray) reveals a true, old soul in a young man’s body. Jessarae takes his place as an unrelenting talent whose guitar playing and songwriting can be felt in your gut and in your soul. His music offers a raw, melodic, sometimes acoustic, garage rock that recalls seminal influences from Damien Rice to My Bloody Valentine. Juxtaposed with a uniquely broad and meticulously controlled vocal range and confidence, Jessarae's developed sound is a reflection of his near decade of experience in creating and performing. He has shared the same stage with such acts as Stevie Wonder, Seal, Plain White T’s, Five for Fighting, John Legend and the Roots, Gavin Rossdale, and Matisyahu, as well as performing dates the last two years on the Warped Tour. Look out for a new EP later this year.
Genevieve - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Genevieve is a born singer. As with contemporaries like Sia or Thom Yorke, Genevieve has that rare capacity to channel the physical aspects of her singular voice - the warm clarity of her notes, the wide spectrum of her vocal range, the inventive tonal subtleties - into pure expressive meaning. And like Bjork or Fiona Apple, her voice is so much bigger than her slight frame that, as it pours out of her, she both shapes it and is herself transformed by it into an almost otherworldly character onstage.

Rich in texture and multi-layered harmonies, Genevieve’s debut EP Show Your Colors is a triumphant collection of songs that focus on the power of celebrating one’s true self. “I am an emotional being in a world of duality,” she says, and set out to reflect this message within the musical landscape. “I wanted a lot of sonic imagery, a blend of organic and synthetic elements with colorful tones and textures. “

It’s a big step forward from where she started, touring the country as the singer in the rock band from Chicago, Company of Thieves. After two successful albums and multiple tours with the likes of OK Go and The Hold Steady, the band ended in 2013; at that point, Genevieve wasted no time getting to work on new material.

“I started writing whenever I could,” she says. Walking the tightrope between her day job as a waitress and her driving need to create, “Computers became my allies. They allowed me to record on the train, in airports, in car rides, basically wherever I could find a free moment.” This intensive process brought her into the studios of some of the biggest producers on the planet: Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson), Ted Bruner (Kesha), PJ Bianco (LP) Boots Ottestad (Robbie Williams), Jason Gilbert (Christina Aguilera), and Mike Green (Paramore).

After more than a year of flying back and forth from working in Chicago to recording in the studios of LA, she felt the “call of the ocean and the spark of divine collaboration” encouraging her to make a change, so she finally packed up and moved to a house in Hollywood full of sun, plants, and (of course) a ghost.

As Genevieve’s songwriting and voice have expanded into a new confidence, so has her sense of self, and it’s time, she says, “to step out, time to be seen and heard.” On Show Your Colors, you can hear the character of Genevieve emerging right before your ears, as a singer, as a woman, as a beacon of empowerment, and as an independent artist with a singular voice poised to change the musical landscape.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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