Fat White Family

Fat White Family (9:30 PM)

LA Drugz (8:30 PM)

Fri, May 15, 2015

8:00 pm

Adv Tix $12.00 / Day of Show Tix $15.00

This event is all ages

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Fat White Family - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Fat White Family
Fat White Family are the greatest young rock band in the UK and this probably extends to the rest of the world as well. For a band that only really coalesced as the Fat White Family in 2011, the six piece have already got several once-in-a-lifetime/ ‘OMG – were you there?’ gigs under their belt. One such show, in December of last year, the band rattled the walls of the legendary 100 Club in London, thus aligning themselves with the numerous legends who have trod the very same stage. The band summoned up the feral electric skronk blues of The Magic Band and The Birthday Party, the proto-punk pummelling of The Monks and The Modern Lovers and the twisted folk of Charles Manson and The Country Teasers. And as singer Lias Saoudi, clad in nothing but a pair of back to front, skin tight rubber trousers, was carried at head height off stage by a crowd of howling devotees, it was clear that something special had just happened...

This past year, Fat White Family were critically acclaimed in the press, as well as conquering SXSW 2014, CMJ, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and embarking on a hugely successful US tour. Recently among the nominees for Best Live Band and Best Video (for Touch The Leather), they are currently on tour in the UK as part of the NME Awards Tour with Palma Violets. The US tour will begin April 29th and includes Levitation/Austin Psych Fest on May 10th....

Their debut album, 'Champagne Holocaust' is out now through Fat Possum Records, and the band recently finished recording their second album, to be released later this year. The band also have their own label, Without Consent.
"....the most exciting young band in Britain..." Q Magazine

"Fat White Family have a knack for turning questionable taste into excellent punk rock." Rolling Stone/Hot List

The only band on this list I saw twice at CMJ this year -- and they killed it both times.....excellent, wild performers... great stuff."
Brooklyn Vegan/CMJ Highlights

"...refreshingly unique..." Bust

"...reminds me of long-lost groups like the Cravats and Marc Riley and the Creepers, as well as perennially loved cult artists like the Gun Club and the Fall....Don’t ever lose your ramshackleness and devil-may-care attitude, Fat White Family." The Stranger

"Fat White Family have this dirty energy to them that just takes over a room...f you cut loose and let them work their magic on you, it’s a grand old time. They put on my favorite show of the entire week." WeAllWantSomeone/CMJ review
LA Drugz - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
LA Drugz
“Why LA Drugz?” Frontman Justin Maurer repeats the question with a grin on his face. He pauses. “Well, Los Angeles is simultaneously a utopia and a dystopia. So we wanted a utopian sound with a dystopian name. Like if The Nerves were doing the soundtrack for Blade Runner or Day of the Locust. It’s also a tribute to The Plugz, the great East LA punk band, as well as LA Guns which is just a killer band name. The best music is like a drug and all great songs put the listener in a euphoric state. That’s what we hope to do. Write some songs that are like a high. A crack dealer recently moved into the apartment upstairs from me so maybe I shot myself in the foot with this band name.”
Maurer was born in Los Angeles. He came of age in the Pacific Northwest, cutting his teeth on local punk rock in small town Seattle. He was raised in a dysfunctional single parent household but before things turned terribly wrong, his father, a dental supply salesman and former musician, gave Maurer his 70s Remo drum kit to bang on in the garage when it was rainy out. His uncle John, who regaled him with tales of hitchhiking to see The Who, showed him a few chords on the guitar and he was well on his way. Maurer's mother is completely deaf and allowed him to throw punk rock shows in their basement. American Sign Language was his first language before English. Maurer began touring at the age of 15.

Maurer spent nearly a decade recording and touring the world as frontman in Clorox Girls before the band imploded after a disastrous 8 month world tour. He nursed his wounds and relocated to Madrid and London before settling in Los Angeles, where he was born. This full circle led him to cross paths with James Carman, drummer of South Bay punk pop band The Images.
“I loved his drumming and his singing and knew that I had to play in a band with James.”
James Carman was born and raised in the South Bay neighborhood of Carson - a working class neighborhood bordering Compton, Long Beach and San Pedro. Carman's father, a cab driver, met his mother while serving in the Navy, stationed in The Philippines. Carman's older brother was active in a local gang and in a revenge-based incident, a rival gang performed a drive-by shooting directed at the Carman family home. Carman had to change high schools when his older brother's gang rivals put a hit out on him. Carman's offense was being a younger brother of a prominent gang member. After serving prison time, his brother gave up gang banging, and this in part encouraged Carman to follow music. Strongly influenced by UK punk and power pop he formed The Images. Carman and Images gained the attention of The Buzzcocks' US management and they found themselves opening for the Buzzcocks on a west coast tour when the band members were 14 and 15 years old. Clorox Girls played with Images in San Pedro and Maurer was impressed with Carman's drumming and singing. They got along and agreed to collaborate together.

Andrew Zappin, lead guitarist of LA Drugz also plays in LA punk band Maniac with Maurer and Carman. Punk is incestuous. Zappin recently replaced Cezar Mora, original member. Mora quit LA Drugz to focus on his own band, Bad Machine. Zappin grew up in the Great Midwest and cut his teeth playing along to Cheap Trick and Dead Boys records. He was submersed in classic rock radio and would hole up in his room for days at a time trying to master the guitar licks of his idols. Zappin traded Ohio for LA when he was 19. He works as both a photographer and a writer when he is not tearing up the stage with Maniac and LA Drugz. Zappin drinks bourbon and dates Latinas.

The impossibly handsome Sharif Dumani plays bass. An LA native, he also plays in Sex Stains, People Talk and Exploding Flowers. He grew up in the LA punk scene and also branched out into 60s, psych and pop. Dumani recently replaced Johnny “JD” Reyes, original bassist, as JD and his wife recently had their 2nd child. Dumani and Maurer are both big fans of 60s LA greats Arthur Lee & Love, The Seeds, The Standells and more. They also share a mutual love for LA 70s and 80s punk and perhaps this unique blend of 60s and 70s garage, punk and pop shines through in LA Drugz music. Dumani is an avid record collector, music historian and archivist. He recently received a degree in history from Cal State LA, going back to school after decades of being a deadbeat musician. He works and lives in Highland Park but finds himself haunting Echo Park. Dumani digs walnuts and green eyed girls.
Is LA Drugz a terrible band name? Yes. Is LA Drugz a great band? Yes.
LA Drugz released the “Outside Place” EP on Portland independent label Hovercraft Records in 2013 and self released their “All Burned Down” EP in 2015. Their song “Outside Place” was featured in Hollywood indie film “The Lifeguard” starring Kristin Bell. The song plays during a scene where Kristin Bell and Meryl Streep’s daughter are recklessly driving a Jeep through a field in Connecticut. It’s on Netflix. Their song, “All The Time” was also featured on Showtime TV show “Shameless.” They are currently working on and recording new material and will be supporting South London nogoodniks Fat White Family on their westcoast tour in May.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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