Civil Twilight

Civil Twilight (8:30 PM)

Knox Hamilton (7:30 PM)

Tue, April 7, 2015

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

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Civil Twilight - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Civil Twilight
“What am I to build, if my hands are broken, if I’m not the chosen one?” sings Steven McKellar of Civil Twilight on “Story of An Immigrant”, over a lush, dynamic beat that evokes the sounds of his native South Africa while steeped in the band’s ever-evolving present. The foursome (Steven, his brother and guitarist Andrew, drummer Richard Wouters and Kevin Dailey on keys and guitar) are living proof of what happens when you stop worrying about being the chosen one and make music built on both the roots that grew you and the love that keeps you thriving every day. Civil Twilight’s songs embrace every corner of human emotion, balancing delicate, poetic lyrics with sweeping arrangements that touch all the senses: a phrase to make you think; a rolling drumbeat you can feel in your bones; a guitar vamp as illustrative as a picture; a shimmer of keys whose light can nearly be seen and heard. Produced by Ben H. Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Bombay Bicycle Club, Cut Copy), their third record on Wind-Up is built on this vibrancy, on the permanent dust of a Cape Town youth; on the connection that unites them all as brothers beyond blood and on their new home in America where they pull from the innate, thriving musicianship of Nashville, where they live. When you listen to Civil Twilight, from their self-titled debut, to 2012’s widely lauded Holy Weather to now, it’s easy to understand why the band has topped five million YouTube views and reached historic success with film and television syncs – because it’s music you can’t shake, that translates experience into moments and creates melodies that become imbedded deep under the skin. We’re all immigrants, in some way, and Civil Twilight’s singing our national anthem.
Here’s Civil Twilight in their own words, on their new album, the brotherhood of the band and why embracing the past is crucial to forming their present.
You seem to be in a more united, cohesive place than ever – and the new album really finds a balance between your past in South Africa and your here and now. What brought you to this point?
Steven: This record was like getting back to our roots – not just our musical roots, but also the spirit of freedom, and youthfulness. Shedding taking ourselves too seriously and learning to just have fun again, through a journey back to where we started, to what first turned us on. It was surprising what we found when we dove into that. We didn’t plan it but there is a lot of South African rhythm, tonality and imagery. You grow up with a richness that becomes embedded in you.
Knox Hamilton - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Knox Hamilton
Fueled by the similar staples within their collective musical taste, the members of Knox Hamilton blend laid back guitar riffs and catchy bass lines with rhythmic drum beats and soaring vocals to produce a sound that's as likely to make you want to visit the beach as it is to move your feet.
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