Xyzyx (10:30 PM)

Elyse and the Aftermath (9:30 PM)

Young Beautiful In A Hurry (8:45 PM)

Stage 11 (8:00 PM)

Bella Novela (11:45 PM)

Solaz (12:45 AM)

Mon, December 12, 2011

7:30 pm

$0.00 - $10.00

This event is all ages

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Xyzyx - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
After 7 years of delivering high-energy, face-melting rock to the metropolitan city of Los Angeles, Xyzyx (pronounced 'ziz-iks'), is performing their last show ever at the legendary Troubadour, Saturday August 16th, 2014. Catchy rock melodies + 3 and 4 part harmonies + Uncontested Physical Animation = The Show You Will Never Forget. Xyzyx can be found on amazon, iTunes, Pandora, YouTube, and Spotify. Look for their final EP, ROCK THIS UP! to be released in later 2014. Xyzyx gives a mighty huge Thank You to all of their fans, friends, and family who have shared in their great journey. It's been a blast!

-Johnny X- -Adam Y- -David Z- -T-Love Y- -Paully X-
Elyse and the Aftermath - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Elyse and the Aftermath
Someone might call me a one-woman production company because on any given day you could find me playing guitar, fumbling around a piano, editing video, designing the website, booking, the band, making coffee (okay, soy lattes), but you get the picture. Supercilious sounding, maybe, but it's the truth and in truth lies strength.

I decided to make music, in an instant, at a Fleetwood Mac concert; and it's had a hold on me ever since. Music is the most balanced relationship I've known- the more I give, the more it gives back. When picking up an instrument, I took control of my destiny. I'm an audio geek, so I may or may not be cool enough for you or your friends. I've played a number of parts in and after college including waitress, insurance assistant, music teacher and nanny for Saudi Royalty. True story. Guess it really is time to start that production company;)

This is me -- real, curves, flaws and all. Classic girl with a hippie heart, who masquerades around in black latex pants and the occasional corset. The songs you hear I write myself and I recorded with three or four guys who have become lifelong friends. Our self-titled album, The Aftermath, was recorded on a shoe-string budget, passion and blinding determination. On a whim one night, I emailed my favorite mixer in the world and the next morning, I had already received a reply. The following week, I was sitting in his studio and he was mixing the album, smack between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks' respective solo albums. I finished paying for the album with the only Gibson guitar I've ever owned. Doesn't get better than the truth.

In the less than two years, we've been fortunate to license some songs, play with some great bands, including a few sold-out shows in Los Angeles and Orange County with pop band, Berlin (Take My Breath Away). It was there I met Dave Schulz (Berlin, Goo Goo Dolls), and he added the final piano, keys and synths to the album. The Aftermath, is now available directly through our website and on iTunes. We've toured over 2000 miles, playing SXSW (’09 & ‘10) and most recently the Southwest this past September. Our tour driver was someone who saw us play with Berlin, and took time off work to drive us across 7 states. Real dedication and the real story. The rest is the aftermath of what became of me.
Young Beautiful In A Hurry - (Set time: 8:45 PM)
Young Beautiful In A Hurry
Young Beautiful in a Hurry, is a band, dedicated to bringing you all-organic, free-range, thoroughbred rock/pop, with an infusion of glam, you haven't heard this side of the late 70s.
With influences ranging from the glory daze of Ziggy and Queen, Elvis Presley to Oingo Boingo, Aretha to Ray: YBH lays down the sound by all means necessary to pluck at your heart strings, get stuck in your head, add some junk to your trunk, and otherwise improve the quality of your life.
Stage 11 - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Stage 11
The up-and-coming L.A. based rock and roll band, STAGE 11, is a newly innovated group that's has been conquering West Coast venues with a diverse yet familiar sound that will have you singing along the first time you hear them. It's based around a group of four unique musicians who came together by chance, but complement one another with great simplicity to form a fresh and exciting new wave of music for the world to hear. Despite just being formed in November of '09, STAGE 11 has opened for the Crash Kings, accomplish two tours, released their debut album "Livin' Room Sessions" along with its feature music video "Rollin' On", and played at notorious venues all throughout the Hollywood area, such as; The Whiskey Go-Go, The Mint, and The House of Blues. With momentum moving their way and the passion to reach out to audiences across the world, STAGE 11 is a band whose allure of honesty and soul have subconsciously captivated their audiences with great attraction that leaves them wanting more and more…
Bella Novela - (Set time: 11:45 PM)
Bella Novela
In the summer of 2007, these three friends worked at a rock ‘n’ roll summer camp for teens, where they taught the musicians of tomorrow how to play and perform. Sneaking away from the campers at night to play music, Bella Novela was born. Inspired by western soundtracks of the ‘60s, the operatic arrangements of Queen, the guitar harmonies of Iron Maiden, and the pop choruses and disco rhythms of Abba, the band is best described as a “spaghetti western disco rock opera.”

Standing out like a unicorn in an industrial wasteland, the band has made a name for themselves in the eclectic music scene of Long Beach, California, with their flamboyant, passionate, and unforgettable live shows. They’ve toured the country and appeared on two compilations featuring the best in Long Beach music alongside Mike Watt (Minutemen) and Crystal Antlers. They’ve shared the stage with Semi-Precious Weapons, The Like, Ida Maria, Gram Rabbit, Ikey Owens (Mars Volta), Matt Embree (RX Bandits), and Girl in a Coma.

Their recently released sophomore album, The Archeress, is a rock opera concept record about the last woman on earth and her battle for survival in a vampire and zombie-swarmed apocalypse. Completely funded by loyal fans in a successful Kickstarter campaign, the trio worked with producer Mario Quintero of Blackbox Studios in San Diego (Transfer) and challenged themselves to write twelve songs that flowed as a cohesive sound and story from the viewpoint of several different characters.

“There’s so much emphasis on singles right now that we feel the album has become a lost art,” says vocalist Jackie Ojeda. “We wanted to make a true album, down to having hand-painted, watercolor cover art instead of something computer generated.”

The Archeress blends all of the best ingredients of sci-fi and horror -- zombies, vampires, ghosts, space -- with cinematic arrangements, dance beats, and pop hooks. The result is an unabashedly melodramatic, epic rock album that drips with soul and emotion, and may be the first flesh-eating monster tale to bring a tear to your eye. It’s Dawn of the Dead meets Ziggy Stardust.

“It’s a bit grandiose,” drummer Jannea McClure adds, “but we figured it would work if we committed whole-heartedly to the theatricality of it all."

Bella Novela is a band on a mission to fill the void for those aching for something new -- an oasis in the desert landscape of disposable, automated Top 40 and lo-fi minimalism. Their songs quench the thirst for fist-in-the-air dance floor anthems, blazing a path with a refreshing new sound, leaving a contrail of sweat and sequins, melted faces and melted hearts.

"LONG BEACH TRIO BELLA NOVELA ARE READY TO BLOW UP: Jackie Ojeda, lead vocalist and ivory-tickler for Long Beach’s Bella Novela, definitely calls to mind the adage that dynamite comes in small packages. During the band’s performances, she belts out impassioned indie-metal anthems while pounding at her keyboard with staggering conviction. Backed by guitarist Jacob Heath, whose Latin-metal riffs ride with drummer Jannea McClure’s galloping rhythms, Bella Novela deliver a distinctive sound teeming with verve. Drawing on such epic performers as Queen and Iron Maiden, this trio are on a mission to make music that’s as big as it is explosive, all done with cinematic flair." - OC Weekly
Solaz - (Set time: 12:45 AM)
SOLAZ was founded by Alex, Singer/guitarist/composer and music producer. SOLAZ has been through many lineup changes, but now proudly counts on a solid lineup. SOLAZ has begun writing and recording the new album in Los Angeles after relocating to Los Angeles some months ago.

Recently, SOLAZ completed a four month tour of Peru and Chile in South America, where they finished their tour headlining the Jorge Basadre Stadium in Tacna; Peru. Their international multi-city tour brought SOLAZ the opportunity to perform not only in some of the biggest venues available in those countries, but also in the region’s most popular TV shows. SOLAZ has also visited many radio stations, received massive press in magazines, and newspapers, and performed to thousands of people all over the world. SOLAZ have even been guests on some major hit TV shows in the USA like NBC Universal's "Caso Cerrado"

SOLAZ’s new single, “Illegal”, is their latest offering. The significance of this song is that, they were exposed to a genre of music which was very new to them while on tour in South America. This influential genre is called Cumbia. Cumbia combines an infectious groove, with very catchy melodies. Never before, in the history of music, has there been a fusion of Cumbia, with the Rock idiom, especially when considering, that they sing this new fusion in English. It is through SOLAZ that we introduce to the masses a new perspective to this traditional style of music. "Illegal" is about uncontrollable lust and fantasies between a man and a woman. It’s the sensations that you feel when you see someone – the heart beat – the pulsing of your body’s rhythm.

Truth be told, this group is at the top of its game. They are rare in the industry with truly explosive music. “Illegal” is currently a digital release, but will be part of a full length album which will be released in Digital format and physical format in 2011. SOLAZ has 2 full length albums, “SOLAZ” and “Nexo” both of which are under the indie label Antares Records. Both releases are also available by contacting them directly via

When talking about Alex's leadership in SOLAZ it has been said “He has a guitar wizard’s chops and a songwriter’s sense of balance”, as stated by Guitar Magazine’s Editor ‘n Chief. Very early in their career, SOLAZ won the battle of the bands of the 1st Rock showcase in Weston; Florida, beating more than 30 bands. They were voted, Best Rock band of the showcase by club attendees and the voting board.

“SOLAZ’s ambition is to become a new generation act following in the footsteps of the great American stadium rock bands. We are looking to beat the odds and bring to the masses bands that will keep the dream alive for future generations of bands”, says Alex.

Currently SOLAZ is working with A & R Select in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, a record deal, publishing and/or placement opportunities. And on May 5th 2011 see SOLAZ perfrom live at the Whiskey a Go-Go, in Hollywood for a special Cinco de Mayo Live Performance.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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