Annie Bosko

Annie Bosko (9:35 PM)

Danny Schnair (8:55 PM)

Céleigh Chapman (8:15 PM)

Sat, February 28, 2015

8:00 pm

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Annie Bosko - (Set time: 9:35 PM)
Annie Bosko
Two voices — one given, one earned. Singer, songwriter and performer Annie Bosko has married the two, recognizing what so many others fail to see — that a powerful and beautiful vocal instrument is, in isolation, incapable of taking her where she has every intention of going.

Opportunity certainly knocks for talent like hers, as opening or backing vocal slots with Darius Rucker, Adele, Josh Groban, Dierks Bentley, Big & Rich, Josh Turner and more confirm. She has performed the national anthem at the NBA All-Star game, recorded for one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, sang demos for some of the biggest hits on the radio and even did a turn on television's top singing competition. All of those accomplishments fall short, however, for a true music maker with the loftiest ambitions.

As she readies the release of her first EP, her artistry and vision have crystallized in songs including "Crooked Halo" and "Fighter." Themes of strength, empowerment, vulnerability and self-determination run throughout. And they're understandable, given her past, as well as her deep-rooted need to create and perform.

Annie's father is a third-generation farmer and she's the middle of five children, but it was not the classic story of the musical family." It was like, 'Oh my God, we have this freak singing child. What do we do with it?' They were scared getting into entertainment too early would mess me up."

Her first taste of the business was singing for a Disney soundtrack at the age of 14, but an affinity for songwriting pulled her toward Nashville. "I'd read the liner notes on albums I loved by Deana Carter, Trisha Yearwood, Brooks & Dunn, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, whoever. They were all in Nashville, so I knew I had to get there at some point."

Moving cross-country, Annie sang demos and tried to work into writing appointments. Seeing so many artists take their shots through TV competitions, she auditioned ... and advanced. "I made it to 'American,' but not 'Idol,'" she jokes, not so subtly brushing aside the harshness of that reality. "It was a strange process and disappointing," she admits.

"I've always run against the grain," she continues. "So I realized I have to get to the public. The artist is the captain of the ship, and taking that wheel was hard. But everything from music to pictures to the band is a representation of me, and so my fingerprints have to be on all of it."

And so it is with her new music, led by the stomping, feisty single "Crooked Halo," which she wrote with Danny Myrick (Jason Aldean's "She's Country", Craig Morgan's "International Harvester") and Danelle Leverett (Big & Rich's "That's Why I Pray," Kelly Clarkson's "The Sun Will Rise").

The ballad "Fighter" may be the song that best expresses her determination. "It's sort of a ministry to people, because everyone is fighting in their own way," she says. "The idea was to really let this song be a banner that we can all carry in those times when we need it most."
Danny Schnair - (Set time: 8:55 PM)
Danny Schnair
A tinge of darkness and bound by love
Céleigh Chapman - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Céleigh Chapman
As the back door swings open to the dark smoke filled bar room, bustling with roughneck patrons looking to take a load off, no one lifts their head as a 5 foot 2, 12 year old girl is ushered in. She moves through the crowd quickly and heads for the front cocktail table closest to the bandstand, pulls out the cold folding chair and takes a seat. Sipping a cup of water and quietly awaiting she talks over her song choices for the night with her Dad. As the bandleader straps on his guitar he nods her direction, that the time has come.

Céleigh Chapman grew up singing country standards in the juke joints of Bakersfield, California. Performing for every jam session, and in every public area she possibly could before she was even in high school. Her start in country music was her first public performance of “Home On The Range” in the third grade, which would later lead her to selling out the Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace before she was 18.

“I think how fortunate I am to have been raised in a city with such a rich country music tradition. There were nights when some of the older guys I was playing with would nudge me, remember I was like 12, and say ‘ hey that’s Buck Owens watching you sing.’ or ‘That’s Red Simpson you’re playing with.’ I knew it was a big deal, and I was honored, but I couldn’t really process those moments. It isn’t until now in my 20s when I’m reading Buck Owen’s recent biography that I get a little emotional, and I think ‘Wow. i got to have a little tiny itty bitty glimpse into that scene. How lucky.’

Céleigh paid her dues, and cut her chops in “Nashville West”, before actually heading to Nashville and showcasing for labels at 15.

It’s been over 10 years since Céleigh made a solo record, as she was focused on College, playing with her band COYOL, and songwriting with a variety of collaborators for various projects. When it came time to finally head into the studio again, there was a missing piece… “It was really important to me to think about the songs I used to sing on the bandstands back in my hometown. So Kris my producer and I really focused on bringing that energy and feel back again. I cannot wait to play these songs live! My passion is performing, so that was always in the forefront on my mind when we were creating the sound.”

Her voice has been described as polished, bright, angelic, and yet at times haunting and raspy, ballsy and badass. Her ability to cover a wide spectrum of genres, while imbuing songs with meaning beyond their lyrics continues to entice a wide variety of collaborators.
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