Forebear (9:30 PM)

Figs Vision (11:20 PM)

Lavashark (10:25 PM)

Via Echo (8:40 PM)

Dreaming Bull (8:00 PM)

Thu, January 8, 2015

7:45 pm

This event is all ages

DJ Hot Tub Jonnie

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Forebear - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Originally known as Wise Cub, which formed in 2011. Scott Goldbaum (lead vocals, guitar), Molly Rogers (viola, keys, vocals), Mike Musselman (drums), and Nick Chamian (bass) seamlessly went through their evolution to Forebear a year ago. Taking cues from cinematic and classical influences, Forebear creates and molds a surreal listening experience with solos that are sometimes brooding, sparse statements; and other times lyrical, fleeting phrases.
Figs Vision - (Set time: 11:20 PM)
Figs Vision
The relationship between Jordan Spoliansky and Gunner Sixx is a story of beauty and bewilderment. Self-described as 'survivors of gross misguidance, and moreover, as brothers deeply entwined in parallel living’. Perhaps the band's explanation of who they are provides more confusion than clarity. What is abundantly evident, however, is that together they make emotional and outright mystical pop music, joined as one under the nom de Figs Vision.

The musical matrimony of Gunner and Jordan was spawned by a motorcycle accident when they were only 14 years old. As they were riding dirt bikes in a harsh LA rainstorm, Jordan lost control and effectively launched his bike from a muddy bank, down a steep hillside, and into a deep crevasse. After much discussion on how to retrieve the motorcycle, the two boys got a long rope, anchored it to a rebar stake, and slowly descended into the ravine. As their feet splashed down into the watery basin of a deep mossy cave, they quickly noticed traces of human inhabitance - a smoldering fire, some loose articles of clothing, a heap of garbage, and even a rocking chair in relatively good condition. Someone was living in this cave. As they continued deeper, almost forgetting about the lost bike, the boys met a man who they came to know as Fig, whose vision birthed what has become the mission of Jordan and Gunner’s natural lives.

Such was the creation of Figs Vision, whose music and collective sounds fuse the infectious pop of Prince with the attitude of the Talking Heads. Their songs are delivered in melodic grooves and a raw grit distinctly their own, as evidenced in their self-produced debut LP Mother, released in July 2014. Since then the band have been honing the live Figs Vision experience to match the colorful intrigue of their music. With a passion to perform and reform, the band are dead set on fulfilling their destiny, and with new songs coming out in 2016, the next chapter in their journey is about to begin.
Lavashark - (Set time: 10:25 PM)
Via Echo - (Set time: 8:40 PM)
"Blending elements of 90's guitar rock and 80's dance jams, Via Echo is honing their unique brand of lush, expansive, and edgy passion-pop. Currently in the studio with Wil Anspach (Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors, Frank Ocean) the band is recording their sophomore EP, stylistically aligned with bands such as St. Lucia, the 1975, and Young the Giant."
Dreaming Bull - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Australian Nic Capelle and LA mexicano Gabe Rowland finally join forces to bring you blues, Gospel-Delic project 'Dreaming Bull'.
Having signed to Atlantic Records, Gabe's credits range from playing shows with the likes of Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, Dave Matthews Band and Ozomatli, to tours with Al Green, Nirvana, Fiona Apple and Ziggy Marley in LA bands like The Peak Show, Momma Stud and Guadaloop.
Partner in crime, Nic Capelle has come off the back of a 6 year stint with self named London project 'Capelle', having supported Daft Punk, Kaiser Chiefs, The Klaxons and touring Germany in the World Cup NRW Music Festival, three major American tours and most recently showcasing at New York's CMJ Music Marathon.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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