Sean Healy Presents:

Sean Healy Presents:

Chris Molitor (10:40 PM)

Se7en Reasons Why (9:50 PM)

City Waves (8:10 PM)

The Broken Lyre (7:20 PM)

KG Bird (11:30 PM)

Fri, December 12, 2014

7:00 pm

This event is all ages

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Chris Molitor - (Set time: 10:40 PM)
Chris Molitor
Chris Molitor has had his share of adventure. With his passion for people, he has traveled the world listening to other's stories. Now he has a few of his own he'd like to share.

A dynamic performer in his own right, Molitor's highly anticipated debut EP, Danger, was expected to turn heads with his indie acoustic style and memorable lyrics, and that is exactly what it has done. He has had his hands in many pots over the years- from champion college athlete, to T.V. host, but perhaps none have thrilled him so much as having an opportunity for his music to be heard. "My greatest hope is that people are able to connect with this", says Molitor. "It captures moments in life that everyone can relate to, whether saying goodbye to friends, love, or knowing that when everything is falling, tomorrow will be better".

With his explosive passion for music, and a humble maturity that surpasses his years, everything about Molitor is distinct. He is a compelling and evocative artist that is sure to engage audiences. Produced under the helm of Jeff Alford, Danger offers relevant lyrics and a sound that is a nostalgic blend of John Mayer, Matt Wertz, and Matt Costa. Molitor provides audiences with an experience that resonates long after the music stops.

Molitor's music has taken a huge leap in momentum since his move to California in the spring of 2011. His music has captured the attention of many and his fan base continues to grow rapidly. The anticipation for Molitors second EP is contagious, and people are eager to hear his new sound.
Se7en Reasons Why - (Set time: 9:50 PM)
Se7en Reasons Why
From the splintering of JetSet Rejects comes something way out of left field going 90 off the rails. Se7en Reasons Why.
City Waves - (Set time: 8:10 PM)
City Waves
City Waves is an indie/ Surf band from Los Angeles, CA featuring Pablo Funes(bass/ back up vocals), Jonathan Funes(back up vocals/drums).Brandy Avila (lead guitar/vocals) . Some of our major musical influences are: Blink-182, Drowners, Aquadolls, The Drums, Arctic Monkeys, Tijuana Panthers, San Cisco, and The Black Keys.
We've been featured on radio stations like Indie104 and Radio KSCR.
The Broken Lyre - (Set time: 7:20 PM)
The Broken Lyre
KG Bird - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
KG Bird
Following a personal tragedy, brothers Chris and Tim James found solace in playing music together—Tim on guitar and Chris on drums. Now, ten years later, the brothers James have switched roles and recruited bassist Ryan Parmenter to create KG Bird. Pulling from legends like George Harrison, Silver Jews and Creedence Clearwater Revival, the three-piece creates lush freak folk laden with experimentation while maintaining pop sensibility.

The trio played together in the now defunct Echo Park-based rock outfit, Cue the Moon, and for the past year have been on a recording spree. While playing gigs around their hometown of Los Angeles, the three-piece discovered the epic nature of Will Nicoll's (Steel Toed Slippers) guitar skills, and after just a few practices quickly recruited the 22-year-old prodigy. But a four-piece wasn't quite enough for the project, so they swooped up his bandmate, Matt Moss, to play drums while Tim transitioned to guitar and picked up the talented Aya Kawaguchi to helm the keyboard. As a six-piece, KG Bird creates intricate, melodic folk-rock while successfully bending standard structure and arrangement.

"The best thing about KG Bird's folk music is how it doesn't settle for just being folk music. The sextet — anchored by former Cue the Moon bandmates Chris and Tim James and Ryan Parmenter — can play aching balladeers one moment and tortured indie-rockers deftly playing the loud/soft dynamic the next. Their debut EP "Morning Weather" shifts from moody and dark to brash and furious seemingly at the drop of a Will Nicoll guitar riff, and expansive song structures treat predictability like the plague." - Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.LA

"On their debut EP Morning Weather, Los Angeles-based KG Bird nods towards classic vintage sounds while binding it together with their spin on modern folk-rock that is just in time for the approaching summer. Simply put, it's a fun effort. But what sets KG Bird apart from the rest of the pretentious guitar-twang bands is their old-school charm that's transparent in each song.
Led by siblings Tim (guitar) and Chris James (guitar/vocals), KG Bird opens with "Pull The Mask Off." It's simple in structure, but grabs your attention with infectious guitar hooks and steady beat. The vocals also have a certain inflection to them that gives it a warm rockabilly tone. "Suffer Tiny Whales" slows down the pace with its bluesy chord progressions that builds towards a frenetic swirl near the five minute mark. Closing out the EP is the trio of "Morning Weather," "I'm a Child," and "Parlor," which evoke the folk melody style of the '60s/'70s akin to The Zombies with a dash of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie." - Ace Ubas, The Owl Mag
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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