V-ROX Showcase: MUMIY TROLL plus special guests

V-ROX Showcase: MUMIY TROLL plus special guests (9:20 PM)

Benji Hughes (8:15 PM)

Chicano Batman (7:20 PM)

DZA feat. NON of Shadowhuntaz (10:30 PM)


Sun, November 23, 2014

7:00 pm

$0.00 - $100.00

Sold Out

This event is all ages

For those lucky ones who got Meet & Greet tickets: - Please come to the Troubadour main entrance at 6:15pm promptly - You will be met by one of the staff members who will escort you inside to meet the band before the doors open to the public, so you will have a chance to talk to the band, take pictures and autographs

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V-ROX Showcase: MUMIY TROLL plus special guests - (Set time: 9:20 PM)
V-ROX Showcase: MUMIY TROLL plus special guests
Home Port: Vladivostok, Pacific Russia

Band lead by Ilya Lagutenko is famous in ex-CIS/Russia for their influential music, successful DIY indie marketing approach, unparalleled performances and constant love of adventure. They recorded their new album during an around the world sailing voyage on an ancient Russian sailing ship. The voyage brought the band to mental hiatus, but Ilya had a unique chance to find collaborators at every port, in which they went ashore from Japan and China to South Africa and USA. Truly imaginative and HARD-WON sound bringing the Russian Taiga, Asian Urban Jungles, Pacific Surf and African sunsets all together.
Benji Hughes - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Benji Hughes
Originally from North Carolina, the singer/songwriter/force-of-nature/enigma that is Benji Hughes has released one critically-celebrated album (A Love Extreme), contributed songs to several movie soundtracks (including Walk Hard's Let's Duet) and stands poised to release four completed and anxiously awaited albums in the very near future. When asked about his work, Mr. Hughes has this to say:

We live in an amazing time. We live in the most amazing of times. Imagine having a time machine. Now imagine having a time machine that could travel into the past.
Suppose that if instead of traveling back far enough to be eaten by a dinosaur, you chose to visit times of man.
If you were to choose times in the past when women and men were possibly able to understand and communicate effectively with a time traveler from one of their possible futures- and if you were to ask any human creature like this from the past- when - if they were given the choice- they would choose to live- what do you think the answer would be?

the answer is now. now is the only time anyone could be alive. if you are reading this- you are alive.

congratulations !

Benji, excited to share his songs with the world, is about to embark on a two-week run with indie-rock royalty Rilo Kiley. The dates take him and his band (Keefus Ciancia, Jonathan Wilson, Barbara Gruska and Gus Seyffert) from New York, through DC, the Carolinas and Texas to Los Angeles.

A highly original wordsmith, Benji can tap into the highs of love, find humor there, but also embrace the lows with melodic pieces that stir the soul. From the uplifting tracks "So Well" and "All You Got To Do Is Fall In Love" to the darker "Even If" and "You Stood Me Up" his lyrics tell a well crafted story regardless of the underlying mood. Benji's natural songwriting skills and musical depth are what brought him to New West. A casual acquaintance of the former house painter suggested he send some recordings, unsolicited, to a long time friend of New West who played the songs for label President Cameron Strang. The relationship and story built from there.

A Love Extreme was recorded in Silverlake, CA in collaboration with Keefus Ciancia, a top LA session musician and producer who regularly works with the likes of T-Bone Burnett, Cassandra Wilson and Everlast. Also integral to the album was multi-instrumentalist Gus Seyffert (Inara George, Sia). Benji & Gus recorded several of the tracks including "Waiting For An Invitation" and "All You've Got To Do Is Fall In Love" in Gus' living room with the bulk of the album being recorded at Keefus' Silverlake studio.
Chicano Batman - (Set time: 7:20 PM)
Chicano Batman
Chicano Batman’s music emanates from the soul, shaped in the womb, manifested from colorful tapes and scratched up records. In 2008, the band was founded in the sprawling Latin American infused metropolis of Los Angeles. The members of the original trio were raised on Spanish language ballads from the likes of Los Angeles Negros, Leo Dan, and Los Bukis. They’ve also been heavily inspired by the classic oldies anthems and the Brazilian sounds of Caetano Veloso. Just six months after their formation, the band recorded their debut full-length album, Chicano Batman, which was released on Unicornio Records in 2009. The album was an instant hit, establishing Chicano Batman as a band that knows how to skillfully fuse the old with the new. In 2011, a fourth member was added to the trio, and was instrumental in decorating the lavish rhythmic melodies heard in the band’s second vinyl release, Joven Navegante, EP. In the present, Chicano Batman continue to use the “old school” as a launch pad to express their living spirits while endlessly seeking to capture the essence of many musical styles and aesthetics resulting in a global sound that is both ‘throwback’, and cutting-edge.
DZA feat. NON of Shadowhuntaz - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
DZA feat. NON of Shadowhuntaz
Sasha Dza is an electronic music producer from Moscow, Russia. As one of

the first in Russia to begin experimenting with a new form of instrumental

hip-hop, he has been perhaps the most prominent face of a genre that is swiftly carving out its own niche in the world beatmaking scene.

He is the founder of the well-know Russian musical community How2make Crew, which has organized crazy parties in the most unusual places, staged what could be the world’s first successful “hip-hopera” and toured throughout Russia and Europe.

After being selected to participate in the 2010 Red Bull Music Academy in London, he signed record deals with Error Broadcast and the Bristol-based label Black Acre. A cassette-only version of his now-legendary beat tape Five-Finger Discount was released by Error Broadcast last year, and Black Acre has issued a 12” featuring Sasha, fellow Moscow musician Mujuice and L.A.-based rapper Non Genetic.

For such a short musical career, Sasha has proven himself to be extremely prolific, producing countless tracks of his own on a daily basis and doing remixes for a variety of artists — from American and Russian underground rappers to the British heavyweight Hudson Mohawke.

Dza was also prominently featured in last year’s extensive feature about the new Moscow electronic scene on the famous American music site Pitchfork.com. electronics
Saburov aka SAB, co-runner of Hyperboloid Records with Pixelord and Acid Mafia, releases internet bass tunes from the producers all over the world, defines the sound of NOW, and is a well known promoter/dj in Moscow and big russian cities. A recent statement by Saburov gives some indication of what to expect when everybody gets together: "In my opinion there's nothing to do in a club if you don't have big bass speakers and subwoofers." A long-time advocate of grime, garage, and other resonant styles, Mr. Saburov makes sure the noise endures - over the years and across the border.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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