Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper (10:00 PM)

Cassorla (9:15 PM)

Runaway Saints (8:30 PM)

Fri, October 3, 2014

8:00 pm

This event is all ages

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Blitzen Trapper - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Blitzen Trapper
VII is the seventh record from Blitzen Trapper and their first release for Vagrant Records. Its twelve tracks teem with vivid tales of longing, flight, desperation and redemption, all set in a sonic landscape at once familiar, but also strange and new, like a dream. Without a doubt the culmination of all the group's best work, VII sounds a lot like America.

Blitzen Trapper was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2000 by a group of native Pacific Northwesterners, who played around town endlessly to skeleton crowds and gave away an impressive stream of garage recordings on CDR for years. Then came the Blitzen Trapper record in 2003, and Field Rexx in 2005. But it wasn't until 2007's self-released Wild Mountain Nation made a big splash that they finally hit the road, setting the stage for Furr's release the following year. Powered by its title track and by the G-funk-inflected "Black River Killer" that record became an unlikely hit and the group suddenly found itself on network television and in glossy magazines and astride colossal festival stages. So they released more music, toured the Western world incessantly, got to work with the likes of Wilco, Stephen Malkmus, Guided By Voices and Belle & Sebastian, and slowly became the band they'd always dreamed they would be. Blitzen Trapper are frontman and songwriter Eric Earley, Marty Marquis, Brian Adrian Koch, Michael Van Pelt and Erik Menteer.

VII opens with "Feel The Chill," a southern adventure complete with a woman in her underwear, deer hunting, and of course drowning at the local bar. Earley takes us down a crooked bend so dark and gloomy you can smell the heat and feel the humidity oppress you. "Each song starts from a small place, a headwater like remembrance and then widens into a song. For instance, that old wreck of a shack buried in evergreen and murky darkness at the bend in the road up on Jackson Hill where we used to drink, never failed to give me a chill driving by in the old Impala for it's implacable mystery," Earley notes.

Tracks like "Thirsty Man" speak of love in a Dylan-esque fashion where Earley reveals "love like rain falls in the wasteland and slips thru the fingers – for love is a thing that cannot be held, only felt and released." "Drive On Up" is a soulful, almost bluesy rendition of small town tales of quirkiness. "It seems you're always driving on up to something," Earley amuses, "into the mountains to see a girlfriend above the reservoir where she lives in a single wide with her mom and a cougar stalks us at fifty yards through the brush, she says to bang sticks but never look it in the eye."

VII moves effortlessly from track to track, allowing Earley to paint the colorful pictures that play in our head while singing along. "...There are those songs I keep writing over and over again, Ever Loved Once with all its regrets and tragic lost love, Don't be a Stranger its hopeful cousin but they all still point to the same worn out place in the heart of old E. Earley. And hey, we all have that place, that worn spot on the heart like the chew canister circle on the back pocket of blue jeans, or that one shred in the green felt of the table where you ground the stick in too hard... May these songs minister in ways mysterious and eternal, or at least maybe make you shake a hip."
Cassorla - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
overheard somewhere:
With a lot of artists it's easy to nail a clever one liner on the head, like a "so-and-so meets so-and-so." Which is certainly not a bad thing; working within a familiar sound is an art all its own. But it's not so often you stumble upon something compelling that doesn't fall so neatly into that sort of classification. Sure, you might want to draw comparisons to someone like the Dirty Projectors, but Cassorla's whimsical songwriting, backed by skilled and thoughtful musicianship, is distinctly unique. The songs seem to effortlessly wind between hooks, bouncing drums, and sharp, accented guitar licks, while the poetic lyrics walk a line between weighty reflections and satire. Did I mention they're all really f'ing good at their instruments..........
Runaway Saints - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Runaway Saints
Runaway Saints are the new guys in town, but the road here was long and winding. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island the band (Johnny Gates, Jamie Jarbeau, and Matt Scanlon), traded in the traditional next step of college, for a van and trailer and hit the road, writing, recording and beginning to build a touring base for themselves.

Knowing they were serious about this dream, the guys started eyeing Nashville and sent a random email to producer Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift). By the time Nathan wrote back, the guys were making the 18-hour drive to his house to play a set for him in his living room. Shortly after that trip, they were making another one back to Nashville, but this time there was a moving truck involved.

Fully taking advantage of what Nashville does best, the guys settled in and began writing. Most days were being spent co-writing in the publishing houses on music row or jamming with friends at home studios around town. Taking what they learned in Nashville, the guys made a few writing trips to Los Angeles, and came back with more songs and a sound all their own.

Runaway Saints have been very active on the road in the past year performing alongside artists like Rod Stewart, Jonny Lang, Moon Taxi, Johnnyswim, Ryan Cabrera & Secondhand Serenade. The band are currently in pre-production for their debut album, which they plan to release early next year. The band has recently relocated to Los Angeles.

Their debut single "Brooklyn Nights," is available on iTunes now.
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Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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