Voxhaul Broadcast, Ocean Grove

Voxhaul Broadcast (10:15 PM)

Ocean Grove (9:15 PM)

Robert Schwartzman (of Rooney) (8:30 PM)

Sun, October 23, 2011

8:00 pm

$12.00 - $14.00

This event is all ages

adv tix $12.00/dos tix $14.00

Facebook comments:

Voxhaul Broadcast - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
Voxhaul Broadcast
"The live shows reflect the passion that has etched them a reputation as one of SoCal’s best live bands… Musical influences range from classic soul to Manchester swagger to the grit rock of the Pixies. Marry this with smart but unpretentious lyrics and some catchy beats, and there’s something seriously going on here.”
- Nic Harcourt, LA MAGAZINE

“L.A.'s own Voxhaul Broadcast are a band to watch… creating hook-filled anthems of love and longing.”
- Jason Bently, KCRW

“Fast-rising soul-pop quartet”
- LA Times

“Even in an era of overnight sensations, Voxhaul Broadcast’s career trajectory has been astonishing of late.”
- Paul Rogers, LA WEEKLY

"I f***ing love this track by Voxhaul Broadcast… Someone sign them!"
- Chris Martin, NME RADIO

“The band sport of very soulful take on ‘classic’ rock and from the sound of this totally drivin’ new song have some stylish swagger and hooks galore. There’s a lot of well deserved buzz on this band.”
- Bruce Warren, WXPN

"With Dennis' natural rock star personality—he genuinely made ladies swoon when he crept into the audience at the end of the band’s set—and their cock rock tendencies, it would not surprise me if Voxhaul Broadcast was huge by this time next year.”
- NY PRESS (show review)
Ocean Grove - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Ocean Grove
Some men were born to be heroes.

Some men were born to be legends.

Some men were born to be more than just mere mortals.

And then there is Ocean Grove.

John, Greg, Jack, and Ryan.

Four men.

Men who are just men.

All born from humble roots, they rose as one to overcome their modest beginnings.
Robert Schwartzman (of Rooney) - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Robert Schwartzman (of Rooney)

Welcome to my new website. I’m very pleased to announce the release of my first solo album, Double Capricorn. I started recording this album in the summer of 2007, originally for a project called SoloBob. But after sitting on the material for 4 years, I got sick of it; I needed something fresh. I also felt like it represented a certain time and place and mood and I needed a new perspective…after all, this is my first album away from the band (Rooney) I’ve been apart of for the last 11 years. I came to a place where I needed another outlet for my songs…space and room to try something new, alone. I’ve always loved working alone. I find it very inspiring and liberating. It’s not that working with my band is the opposite of those things; it’s just different. I write as I record and I like time alone to let a song come together. I’ve always written alone and recorded my demos, but when you bring the songs in a band environment, they take on a specific shape based on people’s styles and habits. Everyone has a certain taste, sometimes all similar, sometimes different, so you have to be mindful of managing everyone’s opinion. It’s all part of the process of working as a band and I enjoy that process, but it was time for me to step aside and make an album on my own.

The sounds and songs you hear on Double Capricorn were recorded in my home studio in Los Angeles. I played all the parts and spent most of my time alone while I worked. My friend Joel Plotnik (Castledoor) was kind enough to lend his drumming skills to the songs “Someone 2 Love” and “I Know Why.” I had a great time working on this music and I feel very lucky to be in a position of making music independently and sharing it directly with my fans.

I did feel confused at times with how I wanted to finish my album, after spending so much time listening to the SoloBob songs. I couldn’t decide which songs fit and what the right direction was. I also felt unsure about using the name SoloBob for my first solo project. I still like the songs I recorded in 2007, but those songs belong to the SoloBob project and I intend on releasing those songs one day, separately.

My friend, Kunchok, is a Tibetan Monk and now, a member of my family. He lived with my family from 2007-2010 while he attended UCLA for a doctorate degree in public health. He is the first and only Monk to receive a doctorate degree in the United States. He is an incredibly kind person and extremely inspiring to be around. He has helped me through hard times and I’ve learned so much from him. He returned to Tibet the summer of 2010 and I wasn’t sure when I would see him again. Thankfully, we were invited to perform in Beijing that following October and he came to visit me. We were invited a second time to perform in Beijing and after the concert, I went to visit Kunchok in Tibet. I was almost going to cancel the trip to Tibet at the last minute because I felt pressure to return back to LA and finish my SoloBob album. Kunchok encouraged me to not put the trip off and I’m happy I didn’t because it was the trip to Tibet that gave my album a purpose and helped me find my way.

Kunchok started an organization called the Tibetan Healing Fund, which helps woman and children in rural villages receive medical care. The organization built the first birthing center, a homelike hospital that provides quality care to woman and educates woman on prenatal care. Kunchok spent years slowly raising money and was able to build the center for $90,000 dollars. I was so impressed with this and I knew I could help him raise enough money to build another center.

My experience with Kunchok in Tibet showed me more than I ever was able to see or feel or understand. I felt like I needed more out of my work and this is why I’ve decided to donate all the profits from the album sales of Double Capricorn to the Tibetan Healing Fund. It brings me so much happiness to take something I love to do, write and record music, and use that music for an important cause like the Tibetan Healing Fund. So little goes such a long way for this cause. Thank you all for your time and interest in this project. My goal is to raise enough money to build a new birthing center and it’s going to take all of us to make this possible.

Hope you enjoy the music. Take care.

Robert Schwartzman
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

All lineups and times subject to change