Russian Red

Russian Red (9:30 PM)

Babes (8:30 PM)

Wed, October 15, 2014

8:00 pm


This event is all ages

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Russian Red - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Russian Red
During the last few years Russian Red has become one of the most renowned artists in the Spanish music scene. Russian Red’s singer, Lourdes Hernández, has an exceptional voice and an innate ability to communicate and captivate a variety of audiences. She broke through the music scene in 2008 and became THE indie phenomenon with her debut album I Love Your Glasses (achieving a Gold record in Spain) and soon began performing on the main Spanish stages (Primavera Sound Festival, FIB, Jazzaldia, among many others), and reaching audiences in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Costa Rica, Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc.

In 2011 she released her second LP, Fuerteventura (with Sony Music) thus taking a big leap forward in her career. Produced by Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai, David Byrne, etc.) and recorded with Stevie Jackson, Bob Kildea and Richard Colburn from Belle & Sebastian, Fuerteventura debuted at #2 on the topselling albums charts in Spain, where it stood for over 39 weeks, consolidating her position as one of the most outstanding and international Spanish artists. Russian Red rounded the year off taking home the MTV EMA Award as “Best Spanish Artist.”

Fuerteventura was not only a great success in Spain, but it also launched Russian Red onto the international scene, placing her in the international bands spectrum The album was released in 25 countries, selling over 40,000 copies. Lourdes played more than 120 shows around Europe and USA, Latin America and Asia (where she toured over 4 times), placing her tracks on top positions on local and international charts. She was the 4th international artist to record the MTV Asia Sessions, which was broadcasted in over 20 territories of the Asian region.

Her music has been included as part of commercials, TV series and movie soundtracks. She received a Goya Award nomination in the category of “Best Original Song” for her track in the film Habitación en Roma (2010) by Julio Medem and sung Disney Pixar´s Brave (2012) main sound track, among others.

Following Fuerteventura’s great success, Lourdes moved to California to record the songs for her upcoming album. After several months working at the studio, Russian Red’s brand new album, titled Agent Cooper, will be available in February 2014.

This third studio album was recorded at Sunset Studios, in Los Angeles, and it boasts some of the greatest professionals in the American music scene. Recorded and produced by Joe Chiccarelli, known for having worked with The White Stripes, The Strokes, Morrisey, My Morning Jacket, U2, The Shins, Brian Wilson, Beck and Mica, among others, the album features the collaboration of Mark Needhan (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, Bloc Party, Blondie, Chris Isaak) who was in charge of the audio mixing, and Emily Lazar as the mastering engineer (Vampire Weekend, Björk, David Bowie, Lou Reed).

This work implies a major development in the sound and artistic maturity of Lourdes Hernández. It is another step forward in her musical career and the confirmation that Russian Red is a true international artist.
Babes - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
“We’re horny. And we’re sad.”

We could stop right there. Singer/keyboardist Sarah Rayne makes it abundantly clear that the hormonally charged pop music of Babes is simply an extension of the hormonally charged people who make it – herself, along with birth brothers Aaron and Zach and figurative blood brothers Bryan Harris and Jeffrey Baird. And while their music encompasses the past five decades of pop music - from Brill Building to the grimiest Los Angeles punk basements - Babes recognize “horny” and “sad” as the two core impulses from which 99% of all great art is derived. Babes is a locomotive sex drive down a trail of tears.

The story of Babes is likewise populated by the weirdo archetypes of pop – high school dropouts, boho parents, mohawked punk rockers, shady Svengalis, chance meetings at crushing day jobs. Each member is a real life character in this bizarre story. Singer/producer/auteur Aaron styles in a quasi-Pony Boy look, while Zach sports a Freddie Mercury mustache. A member of a university orchestra, Bryan is blessed with encyclopedic knowledge of both aquatic fish and music theory. Meanwhile, drummer Jeffrey’s sex appeal amongst both men and women is the source of much pride amongst his heatseeking bandmates. Sarah is the “wild rat” of the group, Jeffrey explains, “We like the female element. I couldn’t dedicate my life to only a male voice.”

Pop provided a structure in the Leigh household that was otherwise non-existent. They’re a family of Los Angeles gypsies, born to ballet dancers and subject to moving literally dozens of times during their high school days – from Hollywood to Venice to Echo Park and back, as they’ve set up in their Mime School studio, a practice spot that doubles as a crash pad and impromptu movie gallery.

The Babes EP is the culmination of these experiences, combining punk irreverence with the kind of gold-standard professionalism you’d get from Oliver: The Musical. Sarah wants to stress, “We don't want to have the ‘band’ vibe, bands can be so boring.” The name itself embodies their joking, but not joking approach: “We just wanted something that fades away quickly and leaves you with just the music and visuals.” She muses her ideal crowd would be “1,000 people crying, I want everyone to cry.” They consider their fog machine as the sixth Babe, especially after it hazed out the entirety of Portland’s Holocene, a club with 35-foot ceilings. Their ambitions for their stage setup range from “300 puppies on stage” to “stuff on fire.”

And if you don’t believe any of this, the Babes hotline is open (470-Babes-77) – this inspired bit of old school/new school social networking has resulted in many fans texting and calling into the band only to find out they’ve underestimated Babes’ freakiness. Jeffrey claims, “We’ll respond, ‘hey, come hang with us.”

Even though it is clear that they put their blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids into their music, they broadly state “we don’t take anything that seriously.” Much like Todd Rundgren and Harry Nilsson, Babes are similar studio rats/space cadets who recognize that the absurdity of life is even more pronounced within the strictures and structure of classicist pop. Or, it just comes back to being horny and sad. “We feel like not a lot of people are talking about how life sucks and it’s lonely and it hurts …but once you realize that, you can say ‘now let’s just have fun.’”

Babes is releasing their debut, self-titled EP on Harvest Records on May 27th.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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