Little Daylight

Little Daylight (10:00 PM)

Young Rising Sons (9:15 PM)

Keta (8:30 PM)

Wed, August 20, 2014

8:00 pm

Adv Tix $12.00 / Day of Show Tix $14.00

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This event is all ages

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Little Daylight - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Little Daylight
What's in a name? There's little daylight at the start of a day, but equally so as it turns to night. Brooklyn's Little Daylight has incorporated this dichotomy into every element of their sound. Their penchant for contrast leaves room for percussion big and small, vocals at once intimate and soaring, gravelly guitars tempered by shimmery synths and whispering pads. From the pounding drums of "Overdose" that provide the foundation for frontwoman Nikki's sensuous lilt, to the stormy night drive of "Name In Lights," theirs is a world of lush pop where the song reigns supreme.

A three-headed hydra at work, Little Daylight fired the first shot in 2012, priming the world for their pop aesthetic through a series of official remixes for the likes of Passion Pit, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Freelance Whales. A fully collaborative effort, the re-works paved the way for their own originals to do the heavy lifting, as the band slowly unveiled their full artistic vision as both producers and songwriters.

The band started in the summer of 2012 when Little Daylight's Nikki, Matt, and Eric spent a month at an upstate lake house, sketching the ideas that would become their first singles. Since then, they have stayed true to their DIY approach, even creating the video for their first single "Overdose" themselves. A few days after Hurricane Sandy, Little Daylight took to the street with a team of friends armed with cameras. While Con Edison attempted to restore power, the band raced against the clock, shooting in darkened neighborhoods as Nikki danced in the shadows without a plan or pretence. The result was a clip that captured an infectious, after-hours joie de vivre and further communicated the band's singular perspective.

Little Daylight plans to maintain their hands-on approach, even as their music begins to reach a larger audience, thanks in part to tours with pop luminaries such as Charli XCX and Marina and the Diamonds. Rather than transition from their home recording spaces to a more lavish studio setting, they've opted to recreate the intimacy of the lake house. They'll spend the summer holed up in a Brooklyn carriage house where they'll be recording their debut full-length -- ready to emerge in fall of 2013 with another round of releases.
Young Rising Sons - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Young Rising Sons
Fueled by a fierce chemistry and brother-like camaraderie, Red Bank, New Jersey-based foursome Young Rising Sons deliver anthemic alt-rock that's uplifting and infectious but unshakably honest. As heard on their debut single "High," lead singer/guitarist Andy Tongren, lead guitarist Dylan Scott, bassist Julian Dimagiba, and drummer Steve Patrick give serious depth to their stylish, summery sound through fearless recognition of life's less-than-sunny moments -- a dynamic that inspired SiriusXM Alt Nation and tastemakers across the globe to greet "High" with lavish praise and BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe to name the song his "Next Hype" track upon its release last spring. With Tongren's voice showing a dizzying range and undeniable sweetness, Young Rising Sons' upcoming self-titled debut EP channels that spirit into songs marked by both supremely melodic hooks and a rare soulful intensity.

"Young Rising Sons" builds off the band's pop-perfect sense of songcraft with left-of-center touches like fuzzed-out basslines and deep electro beats. A blissed-out, whistle-laced track, "High" shows off Tongren's acrobatic vocal skills and gives a nod to the fact that, according to Scott, "as a band we were low for a long time, and now the highs are finally happening and it's a really cool feeling." Honoring Young Rising Sons' blue-collar background, songs like the piano-driven epic "Red and Gold" hone in on "that hunger to get where you want to be in life and knowing that you need to just grind it out and write your own destiny," as Tongren explains. The percussion driven, "King of the World" perfectly captures the joy and power of shaking off negativity, while the slow-burning "Turnin'" starts out tense and moody before bursting into its chorus and bridge's glorious gospel-esque harmonies.

Founded in 2010, Young Rising Sons came to be when Scott, Dimagiba, and Patrick (all New Jersey natives who had played music together throughout high school) saw Tongren performing an acoustic set at a New York City bar and approached him about singing for their newly formed band. "They asked me to jam with them and everything just clicked right away -- we were friends first and bandmates second," recalls Tongren, who grew up in Ohio and studied music at The New School. Bound by a love of melody-minded songwriters like Tom Petty and high-energy punk bands such as Green Day, Young Rising Sons struggled to find considerable success with their music over the next few years, but continued to push forward with their songwriting and playing. "We were really just going on faith and the fact that we're best friends and wanted to maintain that, regardless of whatever ended up happening with the band," notes Scott.

Then, in late 2013, mutual friends introduced Tongren to New York based producers Shep Goodman and Aaron Accetta, who were immediately floored by the scope of Tongren's voice and quickly got to know the entire band. "They all had such a great connection and we felt an instant chemistry with them too, so we started collaborating and guiding them to help take the band to the next level," says Goodman. "We love that they're making music that's got some heavy qualities to it, but in the end is so positive in a very real way," he adds. After signing with Dirty Canvas Music (Goodman and Accetta's New York-based production company) and recording a batch of new songs, Young Rising Sons released "High" along with an accompanying black-and-white, laid-back, sweetly playful video shot in their home turf of New Jersey. Following the post-"High" buzz, Young Rising Sons soon landed a deal with Interscope Records, then started working on their EP.

With plans of devoting the rest of the year to touring and creating their full-length debut, Young Rising Sons are continuing to come up with songs that expand their sound and mine their many eclectic influences. True to the band's brotherly vibe, Young Rising Sons take a decidedly collaborative approach to the songwriting process, with Tongren and Scott serving as the main melodists and lyricists but all four members contributing ideas. While that all-for-one-and-one-for-all mentality forms the core of the band, just as essential to Young Rising Sons is instilling their songs with a certain down-to-earth optimism. "We all got into music because of the way it makes us feel, so now that we're in the driver's seat we're going to try to make other people feel good and passionate," says Tongren. "We really believe in that give-and-take between us and the listener," he adds, "and we want to do what we can to help people harness that hopeful feeling and create something for themselves out of it."
Keta - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
With a sweet, soulful voice and fresh, yet timeless songwriting style, 16 year-old singer Kêta is positioned to be a powerful new force in the world of pop. Signed to Evolve / Capitol, this Indiana-bred artist landed a record deal from the first batch of songs she had ever written and recorded — a dreamy brand of deeply melodic dance-pop that merges magnetic beats with organic instrumentation. Making her live debut by opening for fast-rising UK singer/songwriter Sam Smith on his recent West Coast tour, and set to release a debut EP this summer, Kêta seems positioned to take the music industry by storm.

Written in collaboration with Mike Mac (a Producer/Songwriter who’s also worked with artists like Sean Kingston and Iyaz) and L.A.-based Songwriter/Guitarist Jordan Baum, Kêta’s debut EP features deep-reaching lyrics, masterly vocals and strong lyrical sensibility, featuring the hypnotic lead single, “Wooden Horses.” With its blend of infectious beats, cascading guitar, and irresistibly wistful lyrics (“And if it’s only in my dreams, then I can’t wait to fall asleep”), the track perfectly captures Kêta’s intricate and beautifully layered approach to songwriting. With soaring vocals and graceful harmonies, “Wooden Horses” reveals the power of Kêta’s stunning, sophisticated-beyond-her-years vocal work.

"Music has always been my passion. I’ve never thought of doing anything different with my life,” says Kêta. Born into a very musical family— Mom is a classically trained violinist and vocalist, Dad plays guitar - and both sisters are also singers — Kêta first brought her vocal performance to the stage as a little girl, singing for audiences at local civic events, county fairs and church services. But at age ten, Kêta’s singing ambitions were derailed when a case of Lyme disease triggered a fast and drastic decline in her health. Misdiagnosed for a year, Kêta entered an advanced stage of the disease and a challenging health crisis. “My life was all doctor’s appointments, tests, needles and experiments with different medications,” recalls Kêta. “I remember lying in bed thinking that I needed to rethink my entire life and who I was going to be.” Thanks to successful treatments and her own determination to overcome her disease, Kêta began her recovery at age 12. As she regained more strength and health back, she returned again to music, learning to play ukulele and guitar and by 14, made the trip to Orlando to take part in a week-long talent showcase.

Soon after the showcase, Kêta was contacted by an Artist Developer, who connected her with Mike Mac and Jordan Baum. Without ever having met the duo—or attempted songwriting—Kêta began collaborating with Mike and Jordan in Skype-based songwriting sessions. “We just had an instant chemistry,” says Kêta. “You’d think those first sessions would’ve been awkward, but we finished a song the first time we talked.” Once they’d written nearly a dozen songs, Kêta flew out to L.A. to record in a Santa Monica studio. After a short stint back at home in Indiana, Kêta flew back out to LA again, this time to shoot a music video. While in LA, she met with and signed with her manager and in a matter of weeks had scored a record deal.

Despite her novice status as a songwriter, Kêta has achieved a singular sound and sensibility right from the start of her music career. A refined vision has guided even the earliest stages of her songwriting as she draws from inspiration from the music she grew up on (“everything from the Supremes to Elvis to Rachmaninoff to Fugazi”) as well as from newer influences like the atmospheric alt-pop of Imogen Heap and Kimbra’s dance-infused indie-rock. “I gave Mike and Jordan as much insight as I could in terms of the sound I wanted my music to have,” she says. “It was important for me to be really exact about the kind of art I wanted to make, and it ended up 100 percent spot-on and completely what I’d envisioned.”

Another key factor in Kêta setting herself apart as a singer and songwriter: the intensely inspiring mix of honesty and optimism that informs all of the songs on her debut. “My music is driven from things I’ve personally gone through. My goal is always to recognize the negative to bring out the positive, because I believe that life is what you make it,” she says. Noting that writing prose went a long way in helping her deal with her illness, Kêta now keeps a notebook on hand to record an ever-growing list of lyrics and song concepts for the music she will create next. “If I could just live in a studio and make music all the time, I’d be on cloud nine,” Kêta says. “For me, to go from being in such a dark place, where the dream of making music seemed so out of reach to me, where I felt as though my music was taken away from me to where I am now, getting music back and doing it on such a huge scale, it’s just so exciting and amazing."
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