Hot Rod Circuit

Hot Rod Circuit (9:45 PM)

No Motiv (9:00 PM)

Helen Earth Band (8:15 PM)

Ladylike (7:30 PM)

Fri, November 4, 2011

7:00 pm

$0.00 - $17.00

This event is all ages

adv tix $15.00/$dos tix $17.00

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Hot Rod Circuit - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
Hot Rod Circuit
Hot Rod Circuit makes music for those times when you feel most alive. Whether that moment is during heartache or while driving down the road, Hot Rod Circuit? Vagrant Records debut and third full length, Sorry About Tomorrow, fits just about any moment it may be needed for.

Hot Rod Circuit have been around for 5 years, steadily winning fans since their inception in Alabama in 1997. The band relocated to the Northeast? indie scene in ?8, initially residing in Connecticut. While releasing two full lengths on Triple Crown Records, the band crossed the US countless times on tours with The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day, Avail, Hot Water Music and At The Drive-In. Playing 250 shows a year, Hot Rod Circuit fine tuned their live act and soon made the jump to Vagrant Records.

Touring incessantly made them a tighter band, and they took this cohesion into the studio. ?his is the first record we?e made that I? excited to listen to when I get home at the end of the day,?says singer Andy Jackson, adding, ?his is the first release I? truly proud to say I made? And it shows. Sorry About Tomorrow is a step forward for the band, combining melody and technical accuracy with stronger production by Brian McTernan, it is certain to garner them appeal in a more mainstream arena.

Classifying Sorry About Tomorrow into one distinct style is nearly impossible. There are elements of punk, rock and roll, indie, and hardcore all under the umbrella of pop. After only a few casual spins, even the most skeptical listener will be hooked on the moods and textures of Sorry About Tomorrow.

Hot Rod Circuit have already played 150 shows in 2002, and are heading out this fall to play another 30 with Dashboard Confessional and 10 headlining dates. The band will be the first to tell you there? no claims of grandeur in their music, just honesty and the promise of being the soundtrack to your next good time.

"seeing the band live is a life-changing experience"
- Alternative Press

"a stellar assortment of poignant hooks"
- Boston Phoenix

"a winning amalgam of punk and indie rock"
- Billboard

"HRC is earning it? reputation as a phenomenally energetic live band"
- Rockpile
No Motiv - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
No Motiv
Jeremy Palaszewski Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Max McDonald Guitar, Bass, Backup Vocals, Drums
Roger Camero Drums, Bass, Backup Vocals, Guitar

Often credited as one of pioneers of the "sadcore" genre, No Motiv's origins lie in the town of Oxnard, CA, a place where for many years dozens of hardcore bands ruled the scene. While No Motiv's early recordings had many elements of the "nardcore" sound and echoed the typical crunching guitars, breakneck speed drums, and the loud and agressive vocals of their predecessors, from the beginning it was clear that there was also another side to the band that set them apart from their contemporaries.

In the late 90's, the band developed a more emotional style and was signed to Vagrant Records, at a time before the wave of the popular "emo" bands came to the forefront of the roster. The band released what most consider their first proper full length album, "...And the Sadness Prevails". Most of the songs were portraits of love lost, childhood reflections, family dysfunction, and lyrics so hearfelt that those who listened would not dare lump them into genres like "punk" or "emo" or "hardcore", but rather a distinctive mix of all three.

After years of touring nationally and continuing to develop their sound, in early 2001 the band released "Diagram for Healing", and along with it, introduced a slightly poppier, catchier sound. The band managed to still incorporate the same feelings of heartache and despair from their previous effort, but also included a good mix of polished radio friendly songs, such as "Give Me Strength", which attracted an onslaught of younger fans.

At this point, the band was faced with an important decision: to continue writing and progressing their sound in an honest and creative manner, or churn out an album of manufactured pop punk songs to appeal to their newfound audience and mainstream media outlets. Fortunately for their true fans, most of the members of the band did not want to sacrifice their integrity for the allure of money and fame, and after a lineup shuffle, the band set out to record what would become the defining album of their career, "Daylight Breaking".

Taking matters into their own hands, the band recorded and produced this new album by themselves, and the result was something that took them into a darker, more experimental direction. Without a doubt, the songs are definitely No Motiv, but undoubtedly deeper musically and lyrically, and more complex and varied in style. Unfortunately, the album was not a huge commercial success for Vagrant despite their best efforts, and much the of the maturity of the material was lost on the band's youthful emerging fanbase.

The band went on several more tours after the release of the album, but soon realized that the strains of the road conflicted with their family lives and educational goals, and while they firmly believed in maintaing their creative and musical integrity, the band members did have obligations back home and families to support. During this period, they recorded what were to be their last songs, known as the "Winterlong demos". The songs were not completed, and to this day have never been officially released by the band, but these six songs are arguably some of their best work, especially "Once Again Sundays", which they played live several times during their final shows as a touring band in early 2005.

About No Motiv No Motiv is one of the hardest working punk rock bands, period. Formed in Southern California in 1995, No Motiv have polished their sound into a steady buzz of melodically injected punk rock with the grinding heart splitting lyrics to match. This combination of emotion and straight forward punk rock was showcased on their 1999 Vagrant debut And The Sadness Prevails? Now two years and ten tours later No Motiv have come full circle and returned with their sophomore release Diagram For Healing. Produced by Trever Keith (Face To Face), Diagram For Healing is thirteen melodic punk rock songs filled with nostalgia, longing, heartache and intensity. Much of the band's inspiration for this album came from long days? weeks? months? spent on the road. Notorious for their relentless touring since their inception, No Motiv have toured with Face To Face, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, MxPx, Good Riddance and Strung Out. No Motiv have etched a solid standing for themselves within the punk rock community the old fashioned way: hard work combined with long and arduous tours. "We want to make music for the rest of our lives and are willing to make the sacrifices that are needed in order to make that happen," says drummer Pat Pedraza. In addition to dates on the Vans Warped Tour and Blink 182 tour, No Motiv will hit the road this summer in support of their highly anticipated new record, "Diagram for Healing," with label mates Alkaline Trio. After that they will move on to the Vagrant Across America tour which will feature the entire Vagrant roster at various stops throughout the US.
Helen Earth Band - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Helen Earth Band
Abounding with complex rhythms, textured guitar melodies, intertwining harmonies, and atmospheric undertones, San Diego-based Helen Earth Band chase symmetry, pushing moments to their pinnacle, while also using space and restraint to broaden the dynamics within each song. The band's debut album, entitled "Our Own Ghost City," was released 11/24/2009.
Ladylike - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Brought together by a mutual passion for turtles, (sidenote: their shells are the equivalent of our ribcages,) anyhoo, where was I? Ah, yes, turtle forums, workshops, souvenirs, chatrooms, viral turtle videos, turtle podcasts, turtle chocolates, yes, such a passionate bond was formed that we felt a mutual need to express our common turtlevision through the art of song. Thus, Ladylike was born. Like a fledgling little terrapin waddling his way towards water, the journey begins.
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