Saint Motel

Saint Motel (10:00 PM)

Y Luv (9:15 PM)

Irontom (8:30 PM)


Sat, August 2, 2014

8:00 pm

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This event is all ages

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Saint Motel - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Saint Motel
With sophisticated savvy and singularity, the Los Angeles quartet Saint Motel has built a formidable reputation on the back of inventive indie pop and wildly-fun live shows. Mixing raw energy and rousing rhythms, Saint Motel’s aural catharsis is pure bliss with a twist of cynical humor. According to A/J Jackson, singer and creative force behind Saint Motel, the band recently has expanded its repertoire to include “new elements that I would describe as tropical, Latin, big band, retro, that I don’t think would have applied to our earlier music.”

This is the way of Saint Motel, not to be held down by stagnancies, but to continue a natural progression. Once the listener is pulled in by the pulsating and joyous melodies, delight can be found in the surprisingly avant-garde lyrical subject matter. Voyeur is lush with stories that reveal themselves through thematic twists and turns with a narrative voice both subversive and sincere. With themes ranging from the lure of plastic surgery, to the dangers of honest feedback, to the taboo bonds of friendship within the Heaven’s Gate cult, we end up with tongue-in-cheek notions strung together by honest motifs, delivered with charm, often leaving the song’s meanings open to interpretation.

Jackson admits “while all the songs are based on what many would call ‘absurd’ subject matter, many of the songs have various levels of subtext that I hope the listener will decipher with repeated listens. “And so, what might be easily perceived as sexy with one listen, with another might seem mean-spirited or flatly perverse. That is the flair of Saint Motel’s rapturous pop and the graceful dichotomy of its existence.
Y Luv - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Y Luv
Since forming, Y LUV has racked up some impressive tour stats playing alongside Capital Cities, Tokyo Police Club, Penguin Prison, The Knocks, and Robert DeLong among others. In 2012, the band was selected by fellow Voodoo performer AWOLNATION to perform live on the main stage at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans which led to playing non-stop in 2013 with highlights including Glastonbury and Bonnaroo.

Bringing a unique sound that's been compared to U2 and Kings of Leon with a psychedelic touch, the unsigned indie outfit has accumulated over 460,000 Spotify plays on their latest single, "Driftin".
Irontom - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
A game changer in today's music landscape, the sophisticated and sonic kick-ass of Irontom is a must-hear. This is a five-piece band out of Los Angeles that, like its young members, has boisterous energy to burn. After searing itself on the L.A. music scene and SXSW with tight shows that put boldness and bravado back into rock, the band’s out with a new 4-song recording, The Nitro EP. Produced by industry heavyweight Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures), The Nitro EP blends stadium-worthy bombastics with smooth art rock finesse, all brought together with plenty of memorable hooks. It’s all part of the band’s increasing sophistication, which has matured since their late 2012 debut, The Loose EP. The Nitro EP’s songs--particularly their declarative and hypnotic “What Will Happen To All The Indie Stars”--marry classic songwriting chops with detailed harmonies and depth. The whole package is surprising from a group (keyboardist Daniel Saslow, bass player Dane Sandborg, and Dylan Williams on drums) that is so young--bravura guitarist Zach Irons is but 21, and singer-frontman Harry Hayes is only 24. Get in on L.A. buzz band Irontom early--as their name suggests, these young men are heavy talents whose ballsy sound is setting them apart from the pack.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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