Knoup & Kelly

Knoup & Kelly

Katarina Gleicher (8:00 PM)

Sixstep (10:35 PM)

End of Ever (9:45 PM)

Garrett Lee Robinson (11:25 PM)

LeLe Rose (8:50 PM)

Sat, May 17, 2014

7:30 pm

$0.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

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Katarina Gleicher - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Katarina Gleicher
Sixstep - (Set time: 10:35 PM)
SIXSTEP is a comprehensive rock ensemble from California.
Formed in 2004. There have been personnel changes over the course of time and these are noted on the recordings; anyone who is attached to such nostalgic sentiments can find the information within our discography.
End of Ever - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
End of Ever
Where do you find the End Of Ever? Whether your search takes you to the hypnotic ambience of a Sunset Strip night club or the psychotropic sanctuary of stereo headphones, you’ll find End Of Ever right where you need it most: between your ears.

E.O.E., the LA rock band’s robust, five song EP, heralds the emergence of four young artists driven to excellence by a shared passion for creating inspired, approachable music. Infusing elements of trip-hop, jazz, rock, and pop, End Of Ever’s songs are the vibrant product of the collaboration of musicians influenced by a multitude of music genres.

From “Don’t Go” to “Why Did You Come Here?” the EP is an emotional journey of longing, doubt, resolution and decision. Vocalist Dahni Piro’s sultry voice rises above a tsunami of haunting melodies created by keyboardist Richard Parizer, bass guitarist Jason Hammond, and percussionist Jesse Shadis.

Shadis, who produced the band’s EP along with bassist Hammond at his Everrok Records studio, is impressed by the group’s diversity, versatility and work ethic. “The songs have so many generations of influence intertwined in them, because everyone’s musical interests are so broad. People of many cultures and backgrounds will find things they like in these songs.”

End Of Ever formed in 2009. The band’s members have had a life-long love affair with music. "


“End Of Ever provides a wonderful sonic blend of the minimalist indie touch and airy melodies of artists
like Sia, Dido and Portishead, giving them a wide genre appeal.”
Ben Stidham
A&R and Music Licensing

“End of Ever mixes ear pleasing,smooth, female vocals with driving melodic piano playing, moving rhythm section and spacey guitar to create a powerful sound appealing to the masses.”
Greg J Monty
A & R / Worldwide Radio
Garrett Lee Robinson - (Set time: 11:25 PM)
Garrett Lee Robinson
Garrett Lee Robinson is a Los Angeles based band that encapsulates the artistic elements of Indie and smashes it together with the driving beat of good old Rock 'n' Roll. Uniting various musical influences, Garrett Lee Robinson blends high-energy sing-along melodies with intimately revealing lyrics to emerge with their own distinctive sound.
LeLe Rose - (Set time: 8:50 PM)
LeLe Rose
A multi-lingual original music and dance artist, Lele Rose began her career at the young age of four when she sat down at the piano and started playing tunes by ear. Early on she was trained in classical piano, ballet, tap, jazz, and vocals. At a young age, greatly influenced by Michael Jackson and Madonna, Lele combined the classic with the new and moved into piano rock and hip-hop dance. She refined her hip-hop dance skills at the Broadway Dance Center, NYC.
Lele wrote her first original song "Bliss" during summer 2009 while still a student at Virginia Tech. 'Bliss' features Lele's deep sultry voice, complex chord progressions, an upbeat tempo, and fearless character. It is about escaping through Lele's music and arriving to the blissful kingdom of no fear, no worries, and where dreams come true. The song became the theme for Lele's debut album, 'Bliss Kingdom'.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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