P L a N E T S

P L a N E T S (10:15 PM)

Jail Weddings (9:15 PM)

Magic Wands (11:30 PM)

Gateway Drugs (8:30 PM)

Fri, May 23, 2014

8:00 pm

$5.00 - $10.00

This event is all ages

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P L a N E T S - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
P L a N E T S
The band underneath your bed, P L a N E T S, are a tricksy bunch.
From their 4D performances smashed full of choreo-punk demon dancers,
ghostly beasts and shadowy puppetry, to their haunted trip of a debut
album--this band born in the woods and raised in Alhambra, CA smolders
and burns.

Vibrating along with modern day musical auteurs such as Fever Ray and
echoing ambitious rock acts like The Who, while drawing inspiration
from the twisty television dramas Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone, P
L a N E T S will tangle you up in some sort of war dance in the woods
where nothing is sacred except sweat, blood and the pursuit of

"Live, the 20 or so members make darkly compelling psych rock
reminiscent of 'Red Right Hand'-era Nick Cave." --LA WEEKLY

“The garage band rowdiness of Iggy Pop or The Ramones with the
theatricality of early Genesis, when Peter Gabriel fronted the band
costumed as Magog or The Slipperman.” --EXAMINER

“P L a N E T S comprehensive and astounding number of artistic
mediums created a show to enthrall all the senses. From
'Thriller'-esque dancers crawling up on the stage to dramatic werewolf
theatrics, they put on the show of the night.” -KSPC

#TheDarkWoods #Psychopathedelic #BadHand #ShadowPop #GhostRock #WeHaveRobot
Jail Weddings - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Jail Weddings
If Brian Wilson claimed his unfinished masterpiece Smile was a teenage symphony to God, then Jail Weddings long anticipated debut full-length, Love Is Lawless, would be more of a middle-aged symphony to God that screams towards the sky cursing his very name.

Jail Weddings debut full-length album, Love Is Lawless, takes the pleading, wide-eyed romance of 60's pop-vocal idealist tantrums to subterranean levels never previously seen in this genre. A shadow has been cast over the fleeting Utopia of modern love, where we still wear such out-of-date traditions as marriage and monogamy like shackles on a chain gang. Who better to have cast this shadow then Jail Weddings - a soul-stricken modern day Wall Of Sound rock and roll behemoth, comprised of ten (yes, ten) grown men and women who at least have the guts to admit they have still have the emotional stability of an eternally wounded teenager?!?!

Fronted by Gabriel Hart (the explosive frontman and mastermind behind the now defunct LA noir punks The Starvations), Jail Weddings is often described as "Nick Cave fronting The Shangri-Las." The band has carefully crafted these thirteen songs over a three year period (since their actual inception in the summer of 2007), to be released on the still skidding heels of two sold out singles and 2009's critically acclaimed EP, Inconvenient Dreams.

Sure they may siphon from the 60's pool, but do not confuse Jail Weddings as any kind of mere throwback act. The sphere of influence is vast, from the grandiose Scott Walker-esque soundscape of the album's existential opener "How Am I Alive?" to the E-Street Band gone to Hell epic "I Thought You Were Someone I Knew," to the Sparks meets Meatloaf bombastic melodrama of "What Did You Do With My Gun?" the band proves its sound is unique as it is limitless. Though vastly theatrical in its scope, Love Is Lawless is sprinkled with moments of quieter reprieve as well, like Hart's folksy "One of These Days?" where he and his vocal bookends (Katya Hubiak and Jada Wagensomer) simply gather around one single acoustic guitar. "Eavesdroppin'" finds Hart and band arranger Brad Caulkins (of LA based band Fool's Gold) drunken busking free-jazz under a brooding vocal, before the impending "Staring At the Stars" suddenly sneaks up from beneath, making the album explode back into high gear till its unnerving, determined conclusion "The Impossible."
Magic Wands - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
Magic Wands
Up and coming indie duo Magic Wands have released their anticipated full-length debut, Aloha Moon, on April 24 via Bright Antenna/ILG. Early praise comes from SPIN, who declares their first single “Space” “…a sexy and
propulsive stunner.” The band will make several appearances at SXSW prior to kicking off a tour. Stay tuned for details.

Magic Wands first garnered attention with the release of a noteworthy EP, Magic Love & Dreams, which quickly drew praise from publications like Nylon who applauded their “sparkling, psychedelic-pop gems.” The band honed their live chops, solidifying their fanbase touring & playing shows alongside The Kills, The Horrors, The Raconteurs, The Black Keys, The Virgins, Black Kids and as well as appearances at SXSW, Noise Pop and Lollapalooza.

Their debut full-length, Aloha Moon, is a cosmic dance through a universe where voices echo, keyboards shimmer and guitars splash like giant waves on a distant planet's shores. Having ambiguously dubbed their sound "lovewave," each track is distinctly different yet all share the common theme of spaced-out tropical dreams, which isn't surprising when one considers the disparate locations where Aloha Moon was made: San Francisco Bay, a cabin in the hills of Echo Park Los Angles and under the stars of the Palm Desert at night. Some of the tracks on Aloha Moon were mixed by acclaimed producer Dave Sardy (LCD Soundsystem).

2012 promises the release of Aloha Moon worldwide via Bright Antenna Records as well as more tours of the US and abroad with a full live band. Look for Magic Wands at SXSW this year performing on Thursday, March 15th.

Here is what the press said about Magic Wands:

“ ‘Space’ is the first single from the band's debut full-length, Aloha Moon, and it's a sexy and propulsive stunner. Dexy and Chris Valentine build an atmospheric and cutting guitar soundscape that beautifully foreground's the former's compellingly stoic vocal. It's just a really cool song, suggestive of the darker side of '80s pop and brighter side of falling in love.” – SPIN

"It's the classic story: Boy meets girl on MySpace; girl gives boy a luminescent heart lamp; boy and girl start a band and score opening slots for the Kills and the Horrors. Magic Wands is Chris and Dexy Valentine, a husband and wife to-be who make sparkling, psychedelic-pop gems with names like ‘Teenage Love’ and ‘Kaleidoscope Hearts’." – Nylon
Gateway Drugs - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Gateway Drugs
Gateway Drugs are a Psychedelic Rock Band from Los Angeles cloaked in magick and esotericism.

They christen their music as “Drug Pop” lifting the “Pop” taboo, stating that they are experimental chaos wrapped neatly into a formulated pop package.
A four piece group consisting of three siblings and life long friend, who’s relationship is sealed in blood. They are multi-instrumentalists switching instruments on stage and in the studio.

Liv Niles - Cancer - Lead Vox - Guitar - Bass - Theramin. Liv participates in Dolly Parton look-a-like contests. Liv loves to crash parties and Maserati’s.

Noa Niles - Sagittarius - Lead Vox - Guitar - Keys - Noise. Sang in the choir as a kid. Noa lives on a Native American Elvis Impersonator Reservation. He enjoys bubble baths and acid.

Gabriel Niles - Capricorn - Lead Vox - Drums - Guitar - Bass. Gabriel got kicked out of Elementary School for dating all the girls in his class. He volunteers at Senior Citizens Bingo Night . Gabriel enjoys Bondage and Oprah.

Blues Williams - Sagittarius - Vox - Bass - Guitar - Banjo. Blues grew up in Pennsylvania drinking Mountain Dew and Dancing to The Cult. He was abducted at the age of 7 by multi-dimensional beings. Blues enjoys Ice Cream, and Christmas Lights.

Gateway Drugs sound is a sonic explosion of amphetamine country, teenage melancholy, and psychedelic punk. With song content ranging from heartbreak, prolific messages, and adolescent rebellion.

With their first debut album on the way Gateway Drugs has been intoxicating the L.A. music scene with their home grown demos and videos as seen on BRGRTV. They played shows with the like of The Black Ryder, The Icarus Line, and L.A. Witch.

"We aren’t just another 60 psych revival band, we’re something different. We’re not safe.” - Gateway Drugs
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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