Kicking Daisies, Jackson Guthy

Kicking Daisies (7:30 PM)

Jackson Guthy (8:30 PM)

Mon, August 15, 2011

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

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Kicking Daisies - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Kicking Daisies
Kicking Daisies may be a young band, but the quartet of virtuoso performers is taking over stages and studios with the skills of seasoned rock stars. The group has already established an enthusiastic following with music lovers of all ages, who are drawn to the band’s high-quality songwriting and explosively infectious energy. In just a relatively short time together, the teen pop-rock ensemble has shown they have the dedication to take it to the next level.

Hailing from Milford, CT, Kicking Daisies is fronted by 15-year old lead singer Duran Visek, whose vocal chops, guitar playing and natural frontman swagger are complimented by 14-year-old guitar hero Ben Spremulli, a heavy-shredding prodigy who leaves jaws dropped whenever he plays. The explosive two-girls/two-guys combo is completed with the rhythm section of 14-year old bassist Carly Kalafus and her big sister Caitlin Kalafus, who was named at 13 (now 17) at NAMM as America’s fastest female drummer, with more than two million YouTube hits and an endorsement with Gretsch Drums.

Kicking Daisies has rapidly gained a reputation for their energetic live shows, including incendiary sets at The Bamboozle festival at Meadowlands Sports Complex, where they were the youngest band booked to play, and a triumphant home state show at Connecticut’s Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival in July. The group’s high-profile concert appearances have found them playing on bills with legends such as Primus and Damien Marley as well as rising pop star B.o.B.
With songs like the hard-driving “Go,” the anthemic “Breathing,” and the reflective ballad “These Days,” the band shows a songwriting maturity comparable to peers that are twice their age. Undeniably hooky tunes like “Promises,” “The Big Bang Theory” (used for a series of webisodes chronicling their daily lives on, and “U Keep Me Shakin’” have already lit up the stage, and will soon be readied for release as well.

But regardless of all the hyperbole, the simple Kicking Daisies philosophy is best summed up by the band members themselves. “We love recording, we love to tour, we love playing music!” says Caitlin. “We all had to sacrifice to get here, we work really hard, and we want to stick together no matter where this goes.” And like all things Kicking Daisies, getting there is the fun part. Says Duran: “That’s pretty much the moral of this band: ‘as long as you’re having fun.’”
Jackson Guthy - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Jackson Guthy
Jackson Guthy is a 15 year old sensation, who unlike most at his young age has already earned the title ‘singer / songwriter’, with more than 50 songs to his credit for which he composed both the music and the lyrics. He started playing the piano at the age of 5 and has created a repertoire full of soulful songs. “My goal is to write songs about my journey through life.” says Jackson, “Hopefully people will relate to that and find meaning in my music”.

Jackson is making his mark on the pop scene after a big debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he performed his much buzzed about single, “LOVING.” The single is just a taste of Jackson’s upcoming expressive, pop-fueled LP “Launch”, due out later this year.

Jackson’s songs are teen anthems that today’s youth can relate to, from girls and summer fun, to the highs and lows of growing up, his lyrics cover it all. When discussing musicians that inspire and influence him, Jackson notes Bruno Mars’ sound and writing style, Justin Timberlake’s diversity and entrepreneurial spirit, and other artists from John Mayer to The Fray, “I respect them so much as artists. I don’t ever try to specifically fit into their molds of music, or directly emulate their sound, but I look up to them and you can hear their influence in my music for sure.”

At age 8 Jackson wrote his first song, “Don’t Walk Away,” in which he describes as his early take on love. “LOVING”, “Don’t Walk Away” and other songs such as “Spaceship” and “Make Up Your Mind” will also be featured on “Launch”. In these songs, you can hear that he has some life experience under his belt, helping his songwriting and musical stylings to evolve.

The close-knit Guthy family plays a vital role in Jackson’s career and acts as his true support system. “When I get frustrated or down on myself, my mom is always there telling me I’m too good to not push myself. She always knows how to talk me through the tough times.”

Jackson has taken his mother’s advice to heart. Practicing and perfecting his act, he is proving to be a talented stage performer. First proving his chops with his show stopping performance LIVE on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Jackson is now gearing up to wow audiences on the road.

“People underestimate how hard it is. It’s a lot harder and a lot more work than I thought,” says the singer. “It’s a real balancing act, between school, and music and family and friends. It’s hard now, but it will be worth it in the end. This is what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I have always worked towards this goal. Being a musician is all I want.” Jackson who is still in school, manages his academics with his music, family and social life by surrounding himself with a core group of people who support him. He credits his family and friends with helping him to manage his balance and keep him in check.

A Southern California native, when he’s not immersed in music, Jackson can be found skateboarding, surfing and hanging with friends.
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