Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu (10:00 PM)

The Freeks (9:15 PM)

Moab (8:30 PM)

Sat, June 21, 2014

8:00 pm

Adv Tix $12.00 / Day of Show Tix $14.00

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This event is all ages

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Fu Manchu - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Fu Manchu
Originally formed in 1985 as a Black Flag-influenced hardcore punk band called Virulence, FU MANCHU has since become one of hard rock’s most celebrated names. The band released its first single “Kept Between Trees” in 1990 and in the years following, helped give rise to a celebrated style of heavy music tagged “stoner rock” alongside peers such as Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Sleep. Since its inception, the quartet has built itself a fanatical army of loyal enthusiasts all drawn to the group’s ridiculously catchy, unpretentious music, guitar-driven sound and carefree lyrics centered on “old muscle cars, choppers, vans, skateboarding and science fiction.” Over their career, the band has released 11 albums and has performed to sold out audiences all over the world.

“a transcendent distillation of Seventies rock heaviness and Eighties punk aggression…what Black Sabbath would sound like with suntans and a fleet of dune buggies at their disposal…the ultimate desert-rock ” - ROLLING STONE

“stoner-rock icons… unyielding, heavy-rock” - SPIN

“melodic smoke-soaked bluesy-metal” - THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Invoking the legendary thunder of Blue Cheer as well as the clanging cowbell boogie of Mountain, this quartet creates a near-perfect facsimile of circa-‘71 heavy rock. ” – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“flawless…(a) Frankenstein monster from the discarded body parts of Black Sabbath and less obvious influences such as ZZ Top, Devo and the Cars.” – MTV NEWS

“The amped-up sounds of four asphalt-tearin’, Vans-wearin‘ dudes engrossed in their perpetual search for the perfect wave and the perfect riff. The music of FU MANCHU may be loud and unruly enough to send your average pop geek ducking for cover behind a stack of Emitt Rhodes LPs, but it’s also as purely Californian as anything Brian Wilson ever recorded. ” – LA WEEKLY

“In the great scheme of things, FU MANCHU stands proud in the decades-old tradition of cock-rock, a lineage which includes the likes of Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Masters Of Reality, Quicksand, ad infinitum…a stiff dose of full-on hedonism to wash away the bad taste of bland alternative bands.” – THE ONION
The Freeks - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
The Freeks
The Freeks sophomore effort comes at you “Full On” and proudly proclaims, The Freeks are back for more! The Freeks return to the raw essentials of their punk rock roots and mix it with their stoner rock legacy to create a fresh blend of high-octane psychedelic punk rock’n’roll!

“This album can’t be recommended enough. The spaced jams are free and tight. The punk jams are tight but loose. The whole thing is fun!” – Heavyplanet.net

The energy and spontaneity of The Freeks highly acclaimed live performance can be heard on Full On thanks to the fact that the core 7 tracks of the album were captured on the first take! The band has recently delivered their blistering live show alongside acts such as Mudhoney, Fu Manchu and Honky.

Full On was pre-funded and launched via Kickstarter through an ever growing “Loyal Order of The Freeks” fan base. Several college and web radio stations have featured Full On in its entirety, uncut and uninterrupted. In addition, the young album has been awarded with enthusiastic reviews from various heavy rock publications and blogs.

“‘Full On’ is a spectacular offering!” – Vincebus Eruptum

“The incendiary rock’n'roll of the Motor City Five + the burning attack of The Stooges have left a burning legacy that few bands have ever managed to equal. But – and this is a big “but” – The Freeks have taken the banner and produced an album full of passion and high-octane punk rock’n'roll that many bands have tried before but never with such results as this.” – Black Insect Laughter

Led by Ruben Romano (founding member of FuManchu and Nebula) and supported by Hari Hassin on drums (Roadsaw), Tom Davies on bass (Nebula), Esteban Chavez on keys, and Jonathan Hall on guitar (Angry Samoans, Backbiter), the band has created an energized and timeless album in Full On that is crafting its own fiery and psychedelic legacy with every spin.

“VE readers know very well that the band of Ruben Romano (founding member of FuManchu and Nebula) is a favourite of this reviewer and I’ve been waiting for ‘Full On’ for a long time. I want to start saying that my expectations have been outdone.” – Vincebus Eruptum

The Freeks were conceived in 2007 when Romano contacted a handful of talented friends from across the globe including Jack Endino, John McBain (Monster Magnet), Scott Reeder (Kyuss), Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless), Lorenzo Woodrose (Baby Woodrose) and the Purple Wizard of Woo, Bernie Worell (Parliament, Funkadelic, Talking Heads) and collaborated to contribute to Romano’s musical ideas. Together, the freek alliance spawned a self-titled debut release supported by Cargo-Germany records.

Crawling out of a 3 year hibernation with new tunes, Romano has regrouped with his new band of Freeks and is delivering raw, unrefined, screaming fuzzed psychedelic rock’n’roll music that is dream bent with tension and laced with Full On passion.
Moab - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
With their Kemado debut full length Ab Ovo, Moab earned high praise for their seemingly effortless ability to meld Sabbathian influences with California desert vibe into a modern moody metal experience. Self recorded and produced, Ab Ovo clocked in at #25 on Decibel magazine’s top 40 releases of 2011. Said Decibel ” Ab Ovo compresses an entire universe of downtuned riffs into a taut 39 minutes, rife with analog warmth, huge hooks and astonishing instrumental interplay. Like its title (translated as “from the beginning”) would suggest, Ab Ovo feels both rooted in the past and startlingly fresh.”

2012 sees the trio refocusing their attention on recording Album #2. Again opting to self record and produce in their own warehouse/gear cave in Simi Valley, CA. Says guitarist/singer Andrew Giacumakis “We don’t know how to make records any other way. We’ve tried working with producers and paying for studio time, but we always seem to come back to doing it ourselves. We can take as much time as we like that way, tweaking and retweaking until magic happens…which can be expensive if you’re paying someone to watch you turn knobs.”

Speaking to the musical direction of the new album, drummer Erik Herzog states “We’re definitely trying to make a different record this time around, to move forward and challenge ourselves as album crafters. We’re extremely proud of Ab Ovo but we don’t want to do the same thing twice. Where Ab Ovo is more a collection of songs, we want this new record to be more of a singular work, sorta like a film, we want it have that kind of arc…so that you have to listen to the whole thing to get the sonic story.”
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