Jay Brannan

Jay Brannan (10:00 PM)

Terra Naomi (9:15 PM)

Lily Kershaw (8:30 PM)

Fri, August 1, 2014

8:00 pm


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This event is all ages

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Jay Brannan - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Jay Brannan
Jay Brannan knows people don't read long bios. He knows you don't care how many YouTube views he has, and he knows you don't care who he's worked with. So just come to the show.
Jay Brannanis an authentic solo singer/songwriter who loves
to sing, oves to travel, and writes from the heart. He has been playing his sweet & sad folk songs with a healthy dose of humor—
all aroundthe globe since 2006.
Terra Naomi - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Terra Naomi
Sometimes all it takes is one good idea to spark a revolution. That’s how Terra Naomi became YouTube’s first breakout music star when she launched her innovative “Virtual Summer Tour” from her Hollywood apartment in 2006. By “touring” online with daily videos shot live from her bedroom, Naomi scored an accidental viral hit with her song “Say It’s Possible” and ended up inspiring a generation of webcam singer-songwriters.

Naomi didn’t set out to be an Internet pioneer, but today she continues to forge new ground online as she explores different channels to bring her music to her fans, from weekly Ustream live broadcasts to Twitter-only releases. After a major label deal that proved to be an ill fit, Naomi has learned that she prefers the intimacy and immediacy of bringing her music straight to her fans.

At times she’s had to learn the hard way which direction she’d like to take her music career. It’s been a wild ride, full of contradictions and extremes – starting with classical voice and piano, segueing into drug addiction, veering over into rehab and songwriting, a move to NYC, a move to LA, independent tours, a major label album, a move to London and back to LA-and somehow this emerging artist feels like it’s all just beginning.
Born on a farm in upstate New York (“my parents grew carrots, and we had apple trees and cats – does that count as a real farm?”), Naomi poured her emotion into art and music, playing piano and French horn, and then went on to pursue a degree in opera.

“I love singing and knew it was how I wanted to spend my life, and I come from a family where you go to college, so I chose to pursue a degree in music, but I was also confused and self-destructive,” she explains. “I would stumble into class after being out all night, on the days I actually went to class. The stuff I learned was definitely not in the curriculum…”
Naomi’s sardonic wit is evident in her songs as well. Listen to “The Vicodin Song” or “Happy Story,” and you will feel the dichotomy. Her music is equal parts darkness and light, strength and fragility. Songs like “Everybody Knows” and “The Other Man” showcase heartache and longing, but there is always a sense of hope. Of course, some songs are all hope without the darkness, like “You For Me,” which has become a fan favorite. Several fans have even proposed marriage to their significant others while Naomi personally dedicated the song by request.
Lily Kershaw - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Lily Kershaw
Sometimes a song is more than just a song. Sometimes a song can be a mirror to the world, or to the hidden selves we are or want to be.

Lily Kershaw's debut album, Midnight In The Garden, explores emotional landscapes and heart clutching melodies that say the unsaid things we struggle to say ourselves. The album takes root in the titans of folk music…those classic songsmiths who weave tapestries of sound with fingerpicking and tales of often unspoken truths.

In song, Kershaw is an old soul, but in person, she's a kinetic 22 year-old, a "nearly life-long Los Angeleno," she says. She's ebullient and lively, quick with a joke and an infectious smile. Raised adjacent to the Hollywood machine, Kershaw offers an antidote to the long-mythologized Los Angeles glitz; she's authentic, and honest, self-effacing and, above all, she is herself. She may not tell you this, but she's conduit, a nexus of the experiences of the world around her. She feels the weight of the world, she says, but through song, she wears it as an emblem of who she is. Like the day-glow dreams of Los Angeles noir, she reveals the darkness that coexists with sunshine.

"It's all about death," she laughs, while describing her music. "I'd love to say most of my music isn't about death or heartbreak but, well, it is."

It comes as no surprise then, that in 2012, her single "As It Seems" provided the backdrop to the long-running CBS drama series, Criminal Minds. Her voice lilts and flows, as the guitar leans gently into minor keys, and she sings:

Well I knew what I didn't want to know,

and I saw where I didn't want to go,

So I took the path less travelled on,

And I'll let my stories be whispered when I'm gone.

The song caught fire, broadcast around the world. "People wrote to me saying, 'This is the song I want to play at my funeral,' it was unsettling at first," she says, "but it felt good to know that my song connects with people."

Almost a year later, her song "Ashes Like Snow" appeared on the show with similar effect, wrapping audiences up in the meandering piano and her skyward arcing vocals. It was a song born from serendipity, nearly ten years in the making. "One day when I was at my parents house," she says "I found this poem that I had written right at the time of the September 11 attacks, when I was just a young kid. I took some of those words and added the perspective from where we are today, in the long aftermath of war and struggle, looking back."

Kershaw is a compulsive creator, she jots down melodies and lyrics as she's wandering through her days. She sings melodies into her phone while sitting in traffic or secretly hums a tune into a voice recorder while out at shows, capturing any inspiration that she can channel back into her music. Her debut layers lush instrumentation over the stark skeleton of her sketches, sauntering between swaying somberness and playful uplifting anthems. Like the subtle beauty of a black rose, Kershaw's music shores melancholy with a sense of hope and catharsis. And like she sings, her stories — her songs — are whispers or echoes, messages in bottles, cast out into the world.
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