Carla Morrison

Carla Morrison (11:00 PM)

Pilar Diaz (10:05 PM)

Francisca Valenzuela (9:10 PM)

Fernanda Ulibarri (8:30 PM)

DJ Pajaro

Sat, August 27, 2011

8:00 pm

$15.00 - $18.00

This event is all ages

adv tix $15.00/Dos tix $18.00

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Carla Morrison - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Carla Morrison
Carla Morrison is a Mexican singer who lives in Baja California Mexico, whose job is to create music with strings and pedals with loops, along with keyboard effects and electro-acoustic guitar, based on building their songs live music with layers of second to third and quarters voices of herself ... In their sound you can feel the melancholy and the feeling of a very innovative and avant-garde proposal as highly entertaining as it gives a lot of melody chipazos and happiness ..

In early 2006, Carla begins to interact with various cover bands of Rock in Spanish, at the end after 6 months decided to move to Phoenix Arizona (USA) where he studied several semesters in the Department of Music Comunnity Mesa College, a small branch of the University of Arizona. Within a short time gives up school and begins to expose the music media and form a band called Babaluca consisting of a trio .. one girl on guitar (Nicholas Petten) a drummer (Nick Kizer) and a keyboard and voice (Carla Morrison) and make up melodies and sounds that classify and bilingual indie band of the moment in your town .. at no time were interviewed by Univision television station chain seen as a Hispanic pride and soon pressed for prizes of Stylos the city of Phoenix Arizona, as "Best Indie Band of Arizona in 2008" and then share the stage with Girl in a Coma, Pastilla, Kinky to Babasonicos and are recognized and well received in the prestigious stages of the city of Los Angeles California where he soon Moises aka "The Dog" former guitarist for the band "Los Abandoned" who became his manager and also by interviewed and give a presentation called Alborde Acoustic Sessions Acoustic, Big Wednesday's and were interviewed by Latino Perpectuve and Phoenix New Times, among others .. Club Carla participated in the recording of the singer Lonna Kelley "Go Away Closer" where did all the choirs sopranos of most of the disc. And soon Babaluca is almost finishing his first album to get to the U.S. sale and publicizing his departure from the band Babaluca.

A prinicipios Carla in 2009 released their first EP as a soloist in Mexico called "Learning to learn" studies in Phoenix Arizona which consists of 6 songs written and produced by herself and recorded a bonus track where sings and lives up to the song "Swallows Bitter Liquor" by Ramon Ayala. Kicking off his solo career.

Natalia Lafourcade offered to help Carla to record and produce something at home, simply by virtue of declaring their fan ... Carla and Natalie met in December 2009 in Mexico City where he had the opportunity to play at the Teatro fru fru , with the show opening for the album's release in huhuhu Natalia Lafourcade. Was interviewed by radio alternative music's most famous and best known of Mexico City called Reactor 105.7 FM, recorded a session with Clickaporte in Ibero 90.9 as well as "The Loneliness" was selected as the song of the week on Itunes Mexico and USA . (Feb 2010)

Songs "The Solitude" and "Tears" were added to the series to OnceTV televisiba "I AM YOUR FAN," which will air in 2010 and will be used by the first 13 chapters in this series involved actors Ana Claudia Talancon, Martin Altomaro Oswaldo Benavides, Maya Zapata.

The latest .... Carla spent the month of April in Mexico City, finished recording a new album out in summer 2010 with Natalia Lafourcade, so too Leon (former member of Sin Bandera) will be the executive producer of the disc to help with the mastering of the disc in the city of New York. Carla also be part of the choir presentation of Julieta Venegas at the Vive Latino Festival 2010 in Mexico City, the festival's largest Latin American country.
Pilar Diaz - (Set time: 10:05 PM)
Pilar Diaz
Chilean-born and California-bred, Pilar Díaz is a talented singer-songwriter whose life highlights her many interests. Moving frequently between Santiago and LA as a child, she was taught guitar by her parents, both of whom were acclaimed folkloric musicians, and her voice was soon heard on various cartoons in her native and newfound countries. Accurately reflecting her adopted hometown of Los Angeles, she spent her teenage years going to punk shows in Hollywood, and her bedroom walls had as many photos of Victor Jara and Violeta Parra as they did REM and Bjork.

She graduated from CalArts, where she majored in classical voice (specifically opera), was a member of a Bulgarian women's choir and Balkan music group, participated in a gamelan ensemble that toured Bali, and led a popular campus band with Ryan Francesconi, who currently serves as Joanna Newsom's musical director. During and after college, Díaz worked with Danny Elfman on numerous soundtracks, and her vocals appear in films like Spiderman and Sleepy Hollow. With her rock band Los Abandoned, a bilingual new wave outfit whose debut album was lauded everywhere from the LA Times to Perez Hilton, she performed on Conan O'Brien and KCRW, gigged with Sonic Youth and Neil Young, and played before a crowd of 40,000 in Mexico City. (Alexis Rivera)
Francisca Valenzuela - (Set time: 9:10 PM)
Francisca Valenzuela
23 years old singer, songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in California, until moving to her current hometown of Santiago, Chile at age 13. She is currently launching her second album called “Buen Soldado” (Good Soldier/ Independent, March 2011) which was produced by Vicente Sanfuentes (Sr.Coconut, Gepe, Matias Aguayo), Mocky (Feist, Jamie Lidell) and Francisca. Her songs range from piano pop rock, to some more jazzy, or even folkly tunes. Her lyrics refer to social or political issues, personal stories, intimate reflections, humor and love stories.

Her first album, “Muérdete la Lengua” (Bite Your Tongue/ Independent, November 2007) contains 10 songs in Spanish and 2 songs in English. It was written and composed by Francisca Valenzuela and produced by Mauricio and Francisco Durán of Los Bunkers. The album went Gold in her country Chile, and allowed her to tour all over the country and the globe -from the World Expo Shanghai 2010 and 2008 LAMC Festival in NYC to a Homage to Chile in Pompeii to Vive Latino Mexico 2010 – and was highly praised all over Latin America and more. As National Public Radio (NPR) Music in the US highlights: “with a voice reminiscent of Fiona Apple and killer piano skills, Valenzuela raised eyebrows with her debut album , Muérdete la Lengua (“Bite your Tongue”)”. Rolling Stone Chile named it 16 in its 50 best albums of 2007; American Latino TV awarded Francisca the 2009 "Favorite Latino TV Newcomer Award"; her 5 singles rotated on MTV and she was selected in the 2009 "15 x 15: artists to Watch" campaign, among other acknowledgements.

“Buen Soldado” (Good Soldier, Independent / March 2011) contains 12 songs in Spanish, all written and composed by Francisca Valenzuela and produced by Vicente Sanfuentes (Sr.Coconut, Gepe, Matias Aguayo), Mocky (Feist, Jamie Lidell) and Francisca Valenzuela. In January 2011, the first single "Quiero Verte Más" ("I want to see you more") hit radios in all Latin America. Club Fonograma reviewed it as “this piano led single sparkles the second it starts and it is beautifully executed by Francisca´s soulful sensibilities, after all, she is the most glamorous artiste in Latin Pop". The album will be was just released in stores in Chile, and will be available in the rest of the world in the next months.

Francisca was recently invited as the only national artist to perform in Shakira´s Popfest, in Santiago Chile. She opened the Lollapalooza Festival, in its first international version in Santiago, Chile, performing in one of the two man stages. In addition, she was the only artist invited to sing with U2 during their tour performance in March in Santiago: Francisca joined Bono on the stage, to sing "One Tree Hill".

She has collaborated and performed with numerous artists such as Latin Bitman, Mocky, Beto Cuevas, Inti Illimani, Los Bunkers, Los Jaivas, and Café Tacuba among others. She has also made music for cinema and theatre and participated in international tribute albums for Violeta Parra, Inti Illimani, 31 minutos and Joan Manuel Serrat.
Fernanda Ulibarri - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Fernanda Ulibarri
Born and raised in Mexico City, Fernanda moved to the U.S. in 1999 to study Music at the renowned Berklee College of Music, where she earned a Bachelor on Music Synthesis and Classical Composition. Upon graduation she moved to NYC where she worked mostly in recording studios, producing jingles, performed in numerous musical projects and composed songs for cartoons such as Go Diego Go! She also had the opportunity of being a Pro Tools instructor at The Institute of Audio Research. In 2008 she moved to the West Coast and started working as a tour musician for GRAMMY® award winning Mexican Pop Star Julieta Venegas. After the tour, she worked in what today is átOma and started a career as an actress.
DJ Pajaro
DJ Pajaro
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