Bernhoft (9:30 PM)

Brandyn Burnette (8:30 PM)

Mon, June 16, 2014

8:00 pm

This event is all ages

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Bernhoft - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
While touring the world over the past few years—and captivating crowds with his stunning looping power as a one-man-band act— the Norwegian retro-soul singer/multi-instrumentalist, Bernhoft found his music taking on a whole new level of meaning. “On the last tour it was very strange for me to come from a country that’s incredibly well-off and unaffected by the recession, and then perform in places where a whole generation is out of work and there’s a real feeling of hopelessness,” says Bernhoft. “I felt like I was trying to reach out and lift people’s spirits, but at the same time I was always aware that I was very much in a separate place from them.” On his new album Islander, Bernhoft explores that disconnect by amping up his groove-laced soul elements with frenetic tension captured through deeper and richer sonic textures. His guitar riffs, piano chords, and lyrics on Islander, embrace both heartbreaking raw emotion of reality and soulful positivity. Escapist yet challenging, Islander emerges as an album that dares to reimagine what’s possible in pop music.

To record the follow-up to his critically-lauded sophomore album, Solidarity Breaks, Bernhoft took to another island locale; England’s Isle of Wight, home to the legendary music festival of the same name. “Isle of Wight is just a magical place, almost like a time machine that brings you back about 30 years,” says the singer, noting that the island’s distance from electronic-centric London culture helped to foster Islander’s warm, organic feel. Working at Chale Abbey Studios (a vintage-equipment-packed facility converted from a former monastery), Bernhoft teamed up with producer Paul Butler—a member of beloved alt-rock band The Bees whose past production work includes releases by Michael Kiwanuka and Devendra Banhart.

Inspired by everything from Swedish pop to the trailblazing soul of Stevie Wonder and Sly Stone and the intricate folk-rock of Carole King, Islander begins by elegantly flaunting Bernhoft’s sweet, yet masterful, vocals on the lead single “Come Around.” “That song came to me while I was driving from San Francisco to L.A. and blasting the radio and just being reminded of what music can do to you, how much it can affect you,” says Bernhoft. From there the collection brings smooth, feel-good numbers like “Wind You Up” (a song whose kaleidoscope of rhythms includes Bernhoft’s deft beatboxing), “Everything Will Be Alright” (a funk masterpiece driven by slinky guitar riffs and vocal-group harmonies), “One Way Track” (a blissed-out dance track that blends disco beats and razor-sharp storytelling) and “No Us, No Them” (Bernhoft’s smoldering love-song duet with GRAMMY Award-winning R&B artist Jill Scott). Islander pushes deeper into emotional territory with the beautiful slow burn of “Don’t Let Me Go” (a guitar-drenched soul ballad) and the album-closing “I Believe in All the Things You Don’t” (a quietly stirring epic that warns against jaded cynicism with lines like “You cut your arms off at the elbows thinking all was lost/You couldn’t be more wrong”).

Describing himself as “still basking in a ‘60s and ‘70s sort of soundscape,” Bernhoft notes that he took a decidedly old-school approach to the recording of his new album. “We just went to the studio and belted it out for a solid month,” he says. “The vibe and the chemistry were so great that we just kept at it for long hours, which I think gave the songs a really cool intensity.” To that end, Bernhoft also snubbed in-studio perfectionism for a looser, rawer approach to performance. “There are lot of tools and technology that we chose not to use so that we’d have to limit ourselves to natural musicianship and musicality,” Bernhoft says. “Paul and I were very much in agreement that we’d much rather use a whole take and end up with a beautiful mistake than try to be perfect all the time.”

In 2008 Bernhoft made his solo debut with Ceramik City Chronicles (a love/hate homage to his native city of Oslo) and—in touring in support of the album—quickly garnered a reputation as a must-see live performer, ultimately scoring an opening slot for blues-rock legend Joe Cocker. In early 2011 he released Solidarity Breaks, featuring the beatbox-infused, acoustic-guitar-laced single “C’mon Talk” (whose video has earned more than 7.3 million views). The following year, Bernhoft continued his breakout success by nabbing the Best Artist and Best Male Artist of the Year awards at the 2012 Spellemannprisen (Norway’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards). And in 2013, the singer broke through in the U.S. by flooring audiences at SXSW, appearing on NPR’s Weekend Edition, and making his late-night-television debut on CONAN. Soon after his new found American success, Bernhoft signed with Paradigm Agency’s label Big Picnic Records here in the States.

Solidarity Breaks has now racked up more than a quarter-million sales worldwide, a feat largely accomplished on the strength of Bernhoft’s awe-inspiring live show. With Bernhoft wielding his loop station to weave in lush layers of harmony and magically reproducing the sound, feel, and energy of a complete band, his live performances proves to be both stunningly complex and beautifully simple in its emphasis on pure-hearted vocal performance. In building such an intensely intimate atmosphere onstage, Bernhoft envelopes his audiences in the same joyful mood that imbues the soul of Islander. “As I was writing for Islander a lot of the lyrics had references to boats and water and bridges,” says Bernhoft. “It’s almost like I was saying, ‘Hey, come on board, I’m gonna take you for a ride, and hopefully for the next hour you can forget about your troubles.’ That’s the kind of album I most want to make; one where the songs are in good spirits, and maybe they can help give you a new sense of hope.”
Brandyn Burnette - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Brandyn Burnette
Barely into his 20’s, St. Louis-bred singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette has called countries, coasts and couches his home, penning hundreds of songs with many of today’s top writers and producers: MDL, Busbee, Sean Douglas, Tom Meredith, Ari Levine, Kojak, Diane Warren, Emanuel “E-Man” Kiriakou, Jon Bellion, Evan Bogart, Martin Johnson, Lauren Christy, Kara DioGuardi, The Futuristics, Cook Classics, Sean Douglas, Sam Martin, DJ Frank E, Halatrax, and more.

After teaching himself to play the piano at 7 years old, Brandyn turned to the guitar, where he has been writing and performing songs since he decided to commit to music at the age of 13. His first song was an ode to his older sister as she was leaving home for college called “Memories,” and by the age of 16, had already amassed a catalogue of over 80 songs.

The third-generation pop and soul wordsmith has drawn inspiration from his diverse and musically-inclined background. At 18 years old, his father, O’Bryan, was discovered by Soul Train’s Don Cornelius and signed to Capital Records in the mid-80’s as a solo R&B and soul, even penning the theme song for the popular TV show. His biological great uncle John Folks was a part of the Jamaican mento group the Folkes Brothers, who made history in 1960 for having co-written and performed along with Grandfather Mico Folkes, the first #1 worldwide ska and reggae hit, “Oh Carolina.”

After high school, Burnette attended New York University, where he was on a full scholarship for Musical Theatre and Acting. He wrote and recorded his first demo tape in his dorm room, which was eventually discovered by current manager Ric Aliberte, leading him to a publishing deal with Sony/ATV in Sweden. He began playing shows all over the city, with his hard work and persistence ultimately paying off in 2011 when he was signed to Warner Bros Records. As work and opportunities began to build, Burnette made the difficult decision of leaving school to pursue his music career full time. In 2013 he co-wrote “Don’t Say Goodnight” by Nashville trio Hot Chelle Rae, and collaborated with MKTO on their debut album.

Burnette will release his debut EP The Couch Surfing Chronicles later this year. Led by the tongue-and-cheek single “Thanks For Nothing ,” the EP is an homage to the years he spent crashing on the sofas of friends and family, and the life lessons that come with being in a constant state of motion. According to Burnette,”my whole life has been adapting to new situations. Each chapter has helped me reach the next level of my emotional and artistic development. I would take the qualities and experiences I loved about a certain place or time with me, leave others behind that didn’t fit, and start over as a newer, better version of myself, finding my own lane among those influences.” As life continues to unfold for Burnette, so too will his music, and if The Couch Surfing Chronicles is any indication, this is only the beginning.
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