Kidney Thieves

Kidney Thieves (10:00 PM)

8mm (9:00 PM)

Gemini Syndrome (11:00 PM)

The Shakers (8:00 PM)

Thu, June 30, 2011

7:30 pm


This event is all ages

Free to those over 21 with valid i.d. / $3 for everyone else

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Kidney Thieves - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Kidney Thieves
This is what set it off: Dream. I went to the edge of the Universe, sitting on the edge of Sun and Dark. There She was. I asked: “Why did you send me here?” She said: “Because you asked me to.”

…In comes “Trypt0fanatic,” a word I made up/jotted down a few years ago. It presented to me an image of light and dark intertwined, chaos and peace.

the best way to describe my definition of Trypt0fanatic is the state where Dream and Awake are not in harmony with each other. The Dream is the painkiller, the piece of the puzzle that guides us through Waking Life.

Tryptofan is an amino acid needed for our survival. It is responsible for inducing sleep, amongst other things. If we do not properly sleep, this can lead to disorder, depression. Which leads to me thinking about how people “sleep” with their eyes open. All you have to do is look around to see the metaphor.

During our writing of what would become Trypt0fanatic, it became apparent that all of the songs had a thread weaving thru them related to dream world, waking life, struggle between or connection of the two – or just Hello!? Wake up!!! The word Trypt0fanatic finally had a place to land.

We are not exempt from struggles in our every day life. Dreamworld lives in an entirely different atmosphere, weaving in and out of our minds, speaking to us, whether we want to listen or not. There is a powerful, compressed atomic-like seed in our dreams, that if planted in our waking lives is more powerful than we could ever imagine. The Seed of a Dream—so much hope, and yet so much frustration…

My thoughts swirled—could that Seed be planted into our Waking Life? This is a War in itself, the struggle happening beneath and beyond our dimensions, playing out through our existence. We see it unfolding through suffering and beauty in the World every day. And – we are having to adapt/survive at a faster rate than ever, it seems.

dangerously sleepwalking….blissfully dreamflying….

Trickster was the instigator, digging in the dirt and using the fire. ZerØspace was the tough love of delicate balance. Survival is not a delicate issue. Trypt0fanatic needs fire and balance, in that the power of Dream >>into >>Life guides the eternal process.

As I write this, I think, “I hope this doesn’t sound boring.” So it’s time to sum it up: If you liked anything about the past two albums, Trypt0fanatic takes it to the next level. We gave it everything and then some. There is a thread of humor throughout the record—which I hope translates to we have to take time to laugh at all of the absurdity, do our best to enjoy what we can, help when we can, and always, always stay beautiful, Freeky People, no matter what comes our way.

This is the time of our lives, let out the Freek inside.
8mm - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Somewhere in the heat of New Orleans you'll find that life is lived differently. It's a place of ghosts and celebration, a place where music hangs heavy in the air and all the music and all the souls that have ever played it there somehow remain, alive and buoyant in the humidity. The thickness this gives the air slows things down a bit, and when you breathe it in it soaks through your bones and settles in the marrow. There is an ethereal wave, a pulse really, that you can ride through the chaos. It becomes part of your blood and your eyes begin to change. You will never see this world the same. You will never feel the same about this city or this life. It has taken part of you and given something beautiful and painful back. This kind of enchantment is the reason that people are drawn to New Orleans. It's as if the city wakes and surges to the surface just enough for you to hear her heart beat, hear her breath.

The city itself is curved into the shape of a crescent moon by a dark and muddy river that would drown you as soon as let you swim in it. Moss hangs from ancient oak trees that look down on their dark reflections in cracked and wet asphalt. In this city, beneath their gaze, there was Juliette, her heels clicking, marking time on the make shift mirror. In this city, she met Sean.

Sean had moved from the post industrial age wasteland of Cleveland, Ohio to this haunting land of jazz funerals and brass bands with Trent Reznor and the band Nine Inch Nails. As Trent's longtime engineer, co -producer, and musical director, Sean helped forge the sound of NIN from studio to the stage. Finally having a home base for various projects, Sean and Trent set about building a studio in an old abandoned funeral home in the heart of uptown New Orleans. It was during this time that, being a mortal man, Sean succumbed to the whimsy and sway of a southern girl and met his muse in Juliette. After finishing mixing Marilyn Manson's epic "Antichrist Superstar", Sean left the NIN camp and followed up with Manson's "Mechanical Animals" During production of which Sean and Juliette moved to the land of stars, scars and broken dreams: Los Angeles.

While Sean was producing the Atlantic Records band "Kill Hannah" the request to add a female voice to a chorus led him to ask the lovely Juliette to add some vocals on the last day of recording. When Juliette started to sing, the texture and dynamic of her voice bewitched both Sean and his engineer "Critter". Inspired by her ethereal voice, Sean immediately set about to write the music for the song "Never Enough" almost as an experiment. He gave Juliette the music and asked her to write lyrics and a vocal melody to it. The resulting confessional story with the plaintive refrain "I'll never be enough for you" became a blue print for the tapestry of sorrow and beauty in the works that followed.

The two decided to become 8mm, a name that reflected the tone of their songs. The image of an old 8mm projector whirring in a clandestine back room called to mind innermost secrets and forbidden desires. The kind of thoughts we keep to ourselves, the hidden motives that drive our public lives. Very much influenced by the pulse and undercurrent of the haunted and haunting New Orleans and the bluster and underlying power plays that accompany even a simple "hello" in Los Angeles, 8mm has opened our diaries and shown us how alike we are.
Gemini Syndrome - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Gemini Syndrome
Bursting on the scene, comes Gemini Syndrome from Los Angeles. And by bursting that is no understatement. Although only officially a band since January 2010, they are poised to become the next big thing happening in music. Their spectacular live show, brilliant musicianship accompanied by Aaron Nordstrom’s melodic voice that still retains that metal edge, have raised the bar in the Los Angeles rock scene.

Rich Juzwick (Guitar) - Gemini Syndrome was borne out of Rich’s great riffs with an ear for arrangements and the development of the music.

Aaron Nordstrom (Vox) - His melodic harmonies prefacing clear legible growls are fantastic, and his tone, timing, and lyrics are what make him a truly talented vocalist.

Brian Steele Medina (Drums) - Incredible backbone and clean beats, that aren’t over bearing. A very visual drummer with great stage presence.

Mike Salerno (Guitar) - Brilliant guitar player whose rhythms set the tone for the harmonic flow of the music, and backing vocals that make the live show sonically full.

Alessandro "A.P." Paveri (Bass) - Talented italian born bass player that lends not only exceptional bass lines to the rhythm, but his unique bass style is also vitally important to the bands sound.

Gemini Syndrome is one of those perfect storms that come along in music every now and then, to create a package that works wonders. By no means is this is “local” band trying to make it in the scene. Produced by Mikey Doling (Snot/Soulfly/InVitro), even their live show lends credence to the fact that this is a polished product, ready to conquer. Their songs are hook after hook and are radio friendly tunes that connect with listeners, regardless of what genre they follow. That is the key; this is not a metal band or pop band or any one thing. They incorporate many influences to develop their own sound that crosses over musical genres. As well produced as they are, their live performance is every bit of what is on their recordings and so much more.

Bursting on the scene, comes Gemini Syndrome from Los Angeles. And by bursting that is no understatement. Although only officially a band since January 2010, they are poised to become the next big thing happening in music. Their spectacular live show, brilliant musicianship accompanied by Aaron Nordstrom’s melodic voice that still retains that metal edge, have raised the bar in the Los Angeles rock scene.
The Shakers - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
The Shakers
The Shakers were formed in 2009 when guitarist and music catalyst Chris Lee moved to Los Angeles to form a project to help him realize the music he’d been writing over the past year at that time. The project grew and evolved over 7 years and spawned 2 full length albums, 2011’s “Oh So Loud” and 2013’s “Rescue Team.” The group toured all over the East and West Coasts and have opened for the likes of Our Lady Peace, Everclear, The Motels, Semi-Precious Weapons and Warner Drive.

In 2014 the band was honored by having their album “Rescue Team” turned into a living breathing work of aerial astonishment at the hands of Jordann Baker Skipper, creator of Shapeshifter.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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