The Kin

The Kin (10:15 PM)

Finish Ticket (9:30 PM)

Oh Honey (8:45 PM)

Fri, March 28, 2014

8:00 pm

Adv Tix $12.00 / Day of Show Tix $14.00

Tickets available @ doors (8pm)---CASH ONLY

This event is all ages

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The Kin - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
The Kin
One night a little over a year ago, two young men burst into New York City’s Lower East Side mainstay Katz’s Delicatessen and held the joint up. Sort of. Brothers Isaac and Thorald Koren, musicians who, along with drummer Shakerleg, make up New York City band The Kin, were looking to rob ears, not wallets. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a musical robbery!” shouted Isaac as he strode in with Thorald on his heels strumming a guitar. The duo launched into an original song, “Downtown Train,” for the restaurant’s patrons, winning them over with their energetic performance, rich harmonies, and sheer nerve. By the end, the Korens had the restaurant’s unsuspecting patrons whistling and clapping along — no easy feat as anyone who’s ridden a NYC subway and tried to ignore a spectacle unfolding in front of them knows.

The Kin have launched several of these “musical robberies” over the last year, including at the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Soho House in Los Angeles, and even at a French airport. “We’re looking to surprise people and give them a musical experience,” Isaac says. “Or maybe we’re just adrenaline junkies, because it feels like a drug the body is releasing when we make that connection with other human beings based on our music. Even if it’s just for a split second, it’s a rush for everyone involved.” The Kin will launch the first chain of musical robberies as they support P!NK on her US tour this Fall. They will also release a musical robbery video for their own ‘Get On It’ tour in Australia and NZ this month, where they are #2 on the charts with a Gold record.

The Kin have captured their impassioned delivery and gritty pop-rock sound in the studio, working with legendary producer Tony Visconti (best known for his work with David Bowie and T.Rex) to record the songs that will make up the band’s major-label debut five song EP, ‘GET ON IT’, to be released by Interscope on October 8th this year. “The question becomes how do you bring to life something that is so explosive live,” Thorald says. “It’s like taking a picture of a full moon. It’s so big, how do you get it all in the frame?”

One way has been to showcase not only Isaac and Thorald’s dual lead vocals and familial harmonies, but also the raw power of Shakerleg’s stick-free, bare-knuckle percussive stylings, which the Buffalo, NY, native honed through years of trying to get the attention of apathetic commuters while performing on NYC subway platforms before he agreed to join native Australians Isaac and Thorald in The Kin. “Tony really put a magnifying glass on Shakerleg’s sound, as well as on the guitar and bass, and encouraged the right vocal attitudes,” Isaac says. “We’ve always wanted our albums to feel like what we’d hope to feel if we sat in the audience ourselves and felt the energy coming from the stage. Tony knows how to hear the pieces of a sound as it’s forming. You can hear it in the work he’s done with Bowie and T.Rex — just that raw moment when something new is being created.”

That The Kin are drawn to telling such tales feels authentic given that each band member’s life has been personally altered by discovering music. For Thorald, inspiration struck at age 11 when he saw a teacher’s daughter play the guitar. “It was never about listening to records, it was all about playing and realizing it was a haven — an escape,” he says. “It was also the first time I realized that something I did could have an effect on someone.” Isaac got the bug when a high school friend asked him to join his band. “Seeing 250 kids jumping up and down, it was this feeling of freedom,” he says. “I started teaching myself how to play piano and write lyrics. It was hard because so much has been done before but you try to reach into your own heart and hear the music in there. That’s the place I like to write from.”

Shakerleg began playing drums in junior high but got derailed at age 17 when he saw a video of Buddy Rich. “I started crying while I was watching it,” he says. “Like, ‘This guy is so good, I’ll never get there,’ so I moved to New York to become an actor. When that didn’t pan out, I took a job driving hookers around.” Not surprisingly, Shakerleg did not have a future as a chauffeur. Needing a way to make cash, he took his hand drum into the subway and was soon earning $300 dollars a day, a fact he apprised the Koren brothers of when they approached him about joining the band. “We had to figure out a way to pay him the first year,” Isaac recalls with a chuckle. “But I don’t think we truly became The Kin until Shakerleg joined. For the six years before that, we played with great musicians but it always felt like we were putting together an ensemble. Whereas now it feels like we’re a unit. He’s helped us make sense of being a band, of being The Kin.”

This year, The Kin will launch their music to the world, on tour with P!NK and on their own international ‘Get On It’ tour. Tune in each week to their website and social media feeds to catch the weekly #MusicalRobbery and tour diaries. ”I like the idea of peeling back the layers and sharing our experiences in such a way that everyone in the room becomes ignited themselves,” Thorald says. “To inspire people to express themselves back is absolutely our mission.”
Finish Ticket - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Finish Ticket
Finish Ticket is an alternative/indie pop band from the Bay Area. "They released their debut EP, Life Underwater, in September of 2009. The band has been receiving radio play since December and was recently named one of the top 10 local bands to watch out for in 2010 by Aaron Axelson who hosts Live 105's Radio Soundcheck. Finish Ticket was also showcased in late 2009 as one of the top five bands of the present San Francisco music scene." --East Bay Express

"The entire album is just a well-polished pop rock offering that is ready to dominate the airwaves." - The Owl Mag

"A+ indie rock and roll...reminds, for us at least, of some of the genre’s greats." - BlahBlahBlahScience

"The perfect balance between melodic hooks, blues-tinged guitar riffs, and vocal parts... with such a melting pot of genres at play in their work, it’s safe to say they bring a little something for everyone” - PureVolume

"Finish Ticket’s ‘Doctor’ boasts an enormous cinematic chorus that evokes feelings of nostalgia and timelessness, a la ‘Johnny B. Goode,’ or something by the Four Seasons" -

"Lush musical landscape...killer melodies and harmonies" - Pure Grain Audio

"Finish Ticket offers a sound that is broad and touches on everything in between the rock and pop realms." -BuzzBandsLA
Oh Honey - (Set time: 8:45 PM)
Oh Honey
Nowadays, "Oh, Honey" is not just something muttered under your breath at the bar. Instead it's something worth singing out. In Brooklyn - ironically enough - honey farms seem to be on the up, especially for the residents of Williamsburg. Not just a way to make ends meet, the honey produced by these farms is worth commenting on, actually it's worth singing about. Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard decided to load up the succulent bandwagon and begin their own abundant crop venture. In searching for their niche as honey farmers, the duet discovered the mellifluous blend of their inner voices outside, wrote a few original songs, and never looked back!
Mitchy, now a hardened, troubadour songwriter, and Danielle, a whimsical forest wanderer, comprise the duo, Oh Honey has declared a reason to celebrate for the light-footed traveler through music. Meeting through friends, talking over a cold summer beer, buzzing like the honeybee, their music is sweet and harmonious. Where we all want to feel the warmth of someone else, feel a icy beer in the belly, and find a place to hang our hat, thus Oh Honey is born to relieve us of worry and command that everything will be okay.
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