Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig (9:15 PM)

Amy Stroup (8:00 PM)

Tue, April 8, 2014

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

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Katie Herzig - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Katie Herzig
After the critical and commercial success of her 2011 album, The Waking Sleep, and its subsequent packed-out tours, Katie Herzig will finally release her new record, Walk Through Walls, this Spring. A celebratory, love-struck album of sublime dream pop. Herzig has spent years playing festivals such as Bonnaroo and Summerfest and touring as a headliner and as support for Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, The Fray, and as a member of 10 out of Tenn. She has had her music licensed for innumerable film, TV and commercial uses. Including over 10 songs on Grey’s Anatomy and most recently her song “Lost and Found” was featured in the trailer for Disney's Saving Mr. Banks and in a commercial for Carnival Cruises. Herzig can be heard on RAC's new EP with their song collaboration "We Belong," currently featured on KCRW. Herzig has also co-produced songs on Ingrid Michaelson's forthcoming 2014 album, as well as writing and co-producing a single last year for Ruby Amanfu called "Bluff." To put Herzig in any sort of box is for it to be broken as she continues to outdo herself with each new release. Her live show is a dynamic full-band set that is as intimate as it is epic, what listeners have come to expect of Herzig, who will tour Walk Through Walls this spring with her band throughout the US.
Amy Stroup - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Amy Stroup
What's the other side of love? There's the love you see in movies. The love you're taught as a child will be your due when you grow up. Fairytale love. Brotherly love. But there's another side to it.

"When you actually live through something real, you realize there are a lot of aspects of love," says singer-songwriter Amy Stroup. "There's a lot of pain. It takes courage. There's something you have to fight for. Actually living a life with someone gets ugly."

And in that, there is beauty: Amy has been named one of Prairie Home Companion's "Top 20 Songwriters Under 30" and won a national Peacemaker Award.

Her new CD — "The Other Side of Love Sessions," in stores on June 28 — compiles the best songs from her previous digital-only EPs and bathes them in a new light.

"All these songs," she says, "explore different types of love."

There is the sweeping and yearning love of "Hold on to Heart Love," so affecting it has been featured in the hit TV shows "Brothers & Sisters," "Private Practice," "One Tree Hill" and "Army Wives."

There is the lilting, aching love of "Quiet Hearts," featured in "Greek," "One Tree Hill" and "Pretty Little Liars."

There is the driving, determined love of "Backed into a Corner," which you may have heard in Grey's Anatomy.

The searching quality of Amy's music can be traced in part to her inveterate upbringing. Born the child of religious parents in Boston, she spent much of her girlhood traveling. "There's the military families that move around and the church families that move around," she jokes.

Under the tutelage of her grandmother's best friend, she started learning classical piano in second grade. "Every time I learned a new chord, I would write a song to it," she says. And when she wasn't writing songs on piano, she was learning to sing in the Church of Christ, a denomination that prefers their music a capella. ("That's where I learned my harmonies. It's real pure.")

Vacations consisted of piling the family into the VW van and traipsing around the country singing, with a young Amy taking the alto parts. When they stayed in town or visited New York, the family would check out the Boston Pops, see James Taylor in concert or take in a musical (Amy has a soft spot for Les Miserables and the Phantom of the Opera.)

When Amy was entering middle school, the family moved to Texas. In seventh grade, she decided to take up the guitar. "My grandmother told me it wasn't ladylike to play guitar," she recalls. "I didn't care." She sat out back on her six acres of family land, figuring out the chord progressions to Bob Dylan records. She also taught herself half of Jewel's oeuvre from watching her on MTV Live. Dixie Chicks, Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin "were my soundtrack growing up. I was organic and self-taught." This rich stew of influences can all be heard in the music she makes today.

At Lipscomb University in Nashville, she studied classical guitar and marketing, which may not have been such diametrically opposed pursuits as they appear. "I knew the music industry was changing. The record deal was disappearing," she says. "The next step would be independent and musician driven."

And so it was: Upon graduation in 2005 she recorded an EP and in 2006 a full-length record, but they didn't quite sound like music she heard in her head. That breakthrough came with the help of producer Thomas Doeve, who runs Paper Swan studio out of his basement. The first sessions resulted in "Hold on to Heart Love," a song that captured exactly how she wanted her music to be heard: "Super-honest, underproduced. Organic." She recorded six more songs, then another EP. Then a third. All in her own name.

As word got out about her music, it was placed as background music for pivotal scenes in popular TV shows, and the occasional national ad (Wal-Mart, eHarmony). "It was unique and cool to have my music used in certain scenes to capture the emotion of what was happening," she says. Over the past 18 months, her songs have been featured in more than 20 different shows.

Those songs — and more — are collected in the "Other Side of Love Sessions," and released on CD for the first time. "The traditional label model doesn't work any more," she says. "We're releasing music differently. We're making iPhone videos and putting them on YouTube. Everything has been organic, grass-roots and hands-on."

Down the road, she says her goal would be to score a movie. But as her career charges forward, she's happy to take a breath a remain still in Nashville — "a great community for songwriters" — for a while. "I moved around so much as a kid," she says, "I've found the spot I like and I'm going to stay here." Maybe that's what the other side of love looks like.
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