Peter, Bjorn & John

Peter, Bjorn & John (10:00 PM)

Release The Sunbird (9:00 PM)

Sat, October 1, 2011

8:00 pm


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This event is all ages

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Peter, Bjorn & John - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Peter, Bjorn & John
Peter Bjorn and John is:
Peter Morén – Vocals, guitars, bass, etc.
Björn Yttling – Bass, vocals, keyboard, etc.
John Eriksson – Drums, vocals, percussion, guitar, etc.

Album Discography:
2002 – S/T
First full‐length release on small Swedish label, Beat That!, following a couple of self‐released singles and EPs. Mostly recorded in Björn’s apartment. Re‐issued with bonus tracks by Wichita in 2007.
2004 – Falling Out
Produced by Björn, recorded in The Hives’ Gröndal Studio in Stockholm. Released on small Swedish label, Planekonomi. Released in USA/Canada by Hidden Agenda in 2005. Re‐issued with bonus tracks by Wichita in 2007. “It Beats Me Every Time” was a small Swedish hit.
2006/2007 – Writer’s Block (Wichita/V2/Almost Gold)
Major label debut; first released in UK/Europe/Japan/Australia in 2006 and then in the USA and rest of the world in 2007. Produced by Björn and mostly recorded in his studio in Stockholm. For the first time, all three members wrote material, and both Björn and John sang lead on a couple of songs. Breakthrough for the band; the animated video for “Young Folks” paved the way.
2008 – Seaside Rock (Wichita/V2/Almost Gold)
Produced by Peter Bjorn and John. Recorded at the legendary Atlantis Studio in Stockholm where ABBA did most of their hits. Instrumental record paying oral tribute to the band’s heritage in small northern Swedish villages. Only performed once live at a fundraiser for Amnesty International in Stockholm. Only released on vinyl and mp3, and as a limited CD packaged together with “Living Thing”.
2009 – Living Thing (Wichita/Universal/Almost Gold)
Produced by Peter Bjorn and John. Recorded at Atlantis and Decibel in Stockholm and Sear Sound in NY. Influenced partly by 80’s synthpop, West African pop, and hip‐hop beats. Hip‐hop producer Mick Boogie did a remix album of the whole record with different rappers and DJs called “Re‐Living Thing” featuring, among others, GZA, Talib Kweli, etc.
2011 – Gimme Some (StarTime International/Cooking Vinyl)
Recorded at Tambourine Studios in Malmoe, Sweden. For the first time, the band took help from an outside producer, Per Sunding, from the 90’s trio Eggstone, an early inspiration for PB&J. He previously worked with The Cardigans and Bob Hund. A back‐to‐basics power‐poptrio‐format was used.

‐Performed “Young Folks” on Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, Jonathan Ross, Carson Daly and Transmission ‐Performed “Objects Of My Affection” on Carson Daly and Stina Dabrowskis show. Several performances of different songs on the Swedish morning show Nyhetsmorgon. “Lay It Down”, “Nothing To Worry About”, and “Living Thing” performed on the Swedish popshow, “Popcirkus”

‐Depeche Mode (Supported the North American leg of “Tour of the Universe” in 2009). El Perro Del Mar, Fujiya & Miyagi, Chairlift and a bunch of other bands have opened for Peter Bjorn And John throughout the years.

‐The band formed in 1999 and threw a 10 year anniversary US tour in November 2009
‐”Young Folks” was selected as NME Magazine’s second best song of the year in 2006
‐The band performed with Kanye West at the Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg
‐The band was nominated for a MTV Music Award in 2007
‐Once, the band played a Chinese restaurant and fell through the floor
-Björn is a succesful producer of acts like Lykke Li and Primal Scream
‐John has released 3 EPs with his alter‐ego, Hortlax Cobra, and is a member of the band Holiday For Strings
‐Peter has released 2 solo albums, one in English and one in Swedish, as well as an album with the band Tutankamon
‐John used to play classical percussion, Björn used to play jazz‐piano, Peter is still learning to play the rock‐guitar
‐The song “Young Folks” has been covered by James Blunt, Nena, The Kooks, Pete Yorn, Dawn Landes and many other artists, and Drake has covered “Let’s Call It Off”
‐The band has been honored with one of the legendary St.Sanders ”shreds” clips
‐The band has toured all around the world and played festivals like Coachella, Roskilde, Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Fuji Rock, etc.
‐A Danish troubador (whose baptized name is Peter Björn) threatened to sue the band for ”using his name” and causing unintentional traffic to his website; he mercifully dropped the case
‐Their songs have been featured in a number of TV shows like Gossip Girl, Parenthood, Melrose Place and Grey’s Anatomy; several feature films such as ”21” and the upcoming movie ”The Dark Fields”; and also several games and commercials all over the world

John Lennon, John Cale, John Cage, John Coltrane, Elvis Costello, AC/DC, Bo Diddley, Stone Roses, Suicide, Buzzcocks, Go‐Betweens, Stooges, The Fall, Smokey Robinson, Monk, J.Dilla, Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Bob Hund, R.E.M, OMD, NEU!, E.S.G, J.A.M.C, ELO, TVP’s, Db’s, ABBA, Studio, O’Jays, Johnny Burnette, Karen Dalton, Zombies, Tages, Jay‐Z, The Meters, Shangri‐Las, Guided By Voices, The Damned, Prince, Bob Dylan, Caetano Veloso, Broadcast, Moondog, Jane Birkin, New Order, Sonics, Green Arrows, Bear Quartet, Feelies, Taken By Trees, Luaka Bop, David Byrne in general, Stones Throw, Rough Trade,
Motown, Postcard, Flying Nun, Creation, Sun, Chess, food, films, books, art, dogs, hockey, friends, girlfriends, enemies, politics, tennis, big cities, small village, bandmates etc.

Peter Bjorn and John have been called a lot of things in their time. But one thing they have not been called is ‘Supertramp’. This is both a tragedy and a blessing, as the Swedish Rockers and the British conceptual progressive art rockers have next to nothing in common. It is a little known secret that Björn, John and Peter (who shall from now on be referred to as Peter, Björn, and John), met in the summer of some time ago, in the small fishing village of Bysthållare on the west coast riviera of their native Sweden. Their bond: instant. Their style: Jazz.
Peter is a semi‐qualified pirate, with only 4 more plank walks remaining before his graduation to Private Pirate. He has a ship, called ‘Spongebob’ moored in The Pirate Bay, in Sweden.
Björn is a musical misfit in sheep’s clothing, and can recite on demand the full lyrics to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, in reverse, while holding a piña colada. Just ask!
John was famed in his local shopping mall for only using escalators to ascend to the next floor. To this day he still demands motionless stairwells to motorize his journey upwards. He has spent many weeks standing and shouting on the bottom step of any one of the 1005 staircases that adorn his apartment.
Nobody could have guessed what the future held for these 3 professional chat show hosts. Despite numerous visits to psychics, prophets, wizards, and fishmongers, not one person guessed that they would be the authors and performers of the 3rd most successful song (featuring whistling) of all time. Yes, the beautiful ode to childbirth ‘Young Folks’ came a mouth watering 5 points behind winners, ‘Wind of Change’ by the Scorpions, and the alternate theme tune from Magnum PI.
This mild success catapulted them into a spotlight the size of a small car’s headlight. And caught like rabbits, they had nowhere to turn. The boys stuck to what they knew and churned out album after album of forgotten classics. Scouring the globe playing to audiences of literally hundreds. With various guest appearances from Kanye West, Perry Caravello and Bruce Willis, the live shows reached new mesmerizing highs, culminating in the fateful Altamont Fiasco which spelled the end for the worldwide security organization known as the Hell’s Angels.
Their latest album, the thrillingly titled, Gimme Some, is their latest, vain attempt at pop magnificence. Another shot at the cake. A kick in the back of failure, and then running away before it gets a chance to kick you back. And you know what? In my opinion (my being you), they have achieved such a wonderous feat. Let’s get physical!
Release The Sunbird - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Release The Sunbird
When Rogue Wave’s Zach Rogue boarded a plane for Bloomington, Indiana in the summer of 2010, he wasn’t even sure he should be going. Following years on the road with his band, Rogue Wave, Rogue was itching to do something different, but wasn’t sure what. On a whim, he booked time at a studio called Russian Recording, run by his friend Mike Bridavsky in Bloomington, and bought himself a plane ticket. Bringing a couple acoustic guitars with him, as well as the fragments of a few not-anywhere-near-finished songs, Rogue knew he was moving forward without any real sense of what he was moving forward towards.

The result of these sessions turned out to be some of the most remarkable music Rogue has made to date. He titled the project Release The Sunbird, and released his first album under that moniker – entitled Come Back to Us– on Brushfire Records on July 26th, 2011.

Release The Sunbird is a side project, but it’s not. Release The Sunbird is a solo project, but it’s not. Slapping a label on it to make it easy to categorize is tempting, but is ultimately doing a disservice to the incredible record Rogue has made. Come Back to Us is glowing from the inside out, the edges of the songs blurring in hazy focus, lifted by beautiful harmonies, meditative phrase repetition and lilting melodies. These songs are not the sort of cast-off melancholia or ambient electronic experiments in which other artists indulge when they’ve escaped from their band for a moment. Come Back to Us is sun-kissed, joyful and simply one of the most lovely albums you will hear this year.

But let’s take it a step back for a second – the time leading up to Rogue’s trip to Bloomington had helped to establish him as one of independent music’s most reliable musical voices. His records with his band Rogue Wave were critically acclaimed, allowing them to tour with the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Jack Johnson, Spoon, Nada Surf, The Shins and more. Their albums – two of which were released on Sub Pop, two of which were released on Jack Johnson’s very own Brushfire Records – saw their songs scattered across the film and television worlds, appearing in Napoleon Dynamite, Heroes, Weeds, Nip/Tuck and more. Following a lengthy touring cycle for Rogue Wave’s most recent album, Permalight, Rogue simply wasn’t sure where he wanted to go next, until he decided Bloomington would be it with no plan, not very many songs and a great deal of hope.

The sense of possibility that accompanied Rogue into the recording process is evident on Come Back to Us, the recording of which ultimately became a community effort amongst the many musicians in Bloomington, IN. Drummer Pete Shreiner, bassist/vocalist Kenny Childers and vocalist Kate Long helped to bring out new sides of Rogue as a songwriter and vocalist, infusing his voice with a familiar intimacy. With lyrics that explore the vagaries of love, loss, memory, and the deceptive simplicity of hope, Rogue’s new songs are presented with an essential quality, as if every captured sound is ultimately serving the song. Sometimes these sounds are string squeaks, bent notes, or a breath here and there, and often it is the sound of the room itself, a space full of friends playing together. Whether bolstered by warm organ hums on opener “It’s All Around You” or lingering in the sparse spaces of “A New You,”whether simmering in the tension of “Paper Allies”or the delicate lightness of “Always Like the Son,”Come Back to Us is a re-introduction to an artist whose musical voice you thought you already knew.

In the tradition of artists like Lee Hazelwood, Emitt Rhodes, Levon Helm and more, Rogue has made a record that’s engaging for its fluidity and openness. This might be the best kind of musical departure a successful songwriter can hope for: a new showcase for talents he might not have known he had in the first place.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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