God Is An Astronaut

God Is An Astronaut (9:15 PM)

Choncey Langford (8:15 PM)

Sun, August 21, 2011

7:30 pm


This event is all ages

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God Is An Astronaut - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
God Is An Astronaut
On March 20th 2015 “God Is An Astronaut” announced details of their 8th album to coincide with the Solar Eclipse across Europe. "Helios | Erebus" will be the bands heaviest release yet, capturing fully the bands intensity live while retaining the dark ambient passages the band are known for.

The album concept is Light vs. Dark and there are many palettes of both to be found on this 8 track album. The album was released on June 21st the longest day of the year to continue the theme of Light vs. Dark.
Choncey Langford - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Choncey Langford
Choncey Langford is an experimental electronic musician currently living and working out of Los Angeles, CA.

His influences include Long Fin Killie,OVAL, Tomas Jirku and Bobby Karate,US Maple,recently- psych funk,Owen Pallett, Piano Magic, ZORCH ethiopiques , kraftwerk, harmonia, whitelabel dancehall, IN NO ORDER—-These are things that inspire me. CAN,400 BLOWS,Long Fin Killie, KARP,Ivor Cutler,beer,Martin Kippenberger, This Heat,Berry Gordy,The Brill Building, Kool Kieth AKA Black Elvis, Mike ladd, Neo Rauch,polvo,freejail,the gifted ones,Steve Reich,Francis Bacon,Attilio Salemme, Lissitzky,Oscar Fischinger,Lotte Reiniger, GUAM, Radiohead, Damien Hirst, Recidivist,Virgin Enema,Lamplighter,Francis Picabia, nightmare ned, home movies, Herbert Bayer,THE SLITS,DDM,New Age Steppers, plentyface, chocolate, Lari Pittman,Cadavre Exquis(the game) UBU WEB. james ensor, richard dadd, XIU XIU,Dub,People like Jandek-but not Jandek per say.(just kidding-I love it.) Isolee,Wimbledon,bookmobile,Gastr del sol,the prefects,POLVO Bernard Purdie,Ray Johnson,The EX,ROVO,Derek Bailey,BOWS,Music AM,Yardbirds,nuggets,George Crumb,90 DAY MEN,microsound.org,radiohead (in case you didn’t know it -they are the new beatles) Gang of Four,Paul Rand,OOIOO,pluramon, 30 ought six, Dave Grubbs, The Red Crayola,Flin Flon,Hampton Grease Band,BRUNO PRONSATO, Gnarls Barkley,Bobby Karate,DJ Veins,US Maple,Ethiopiques,Smog,Circle,David Axelrod,proton radio,jeep beats,BBD,Vikter Duplaix, Attilio Salemme, Akron Family,Art Forum and all of it’s advertising, any thing genuine,Clyford Still,Bernard Buffet, Mary Blair,De La, unknown studio musicians,loose fur,storm and stress, tomas jirku, Old ass funk,King Crimson,3rd Bass,hip hop sketches, Th’ Faith Healers,Ganger,Swayzak,Sutekh, thee Milkshakes, Television,wire,Henry Darger,Big Business,Silver Apples, mixed tapes from friends,that one band called “the fall”, sarcasm,dry humour,Camberwell Now,limewire,Dave Chappelle, Frank Zappa’s “secret chord progression” ulan bator,the Grifters,box brown,RUINS,Zombies,Massive Attack, EBTG,old Tricky,RUN DMC, Gravediggaz,Fugees -“the score” Van Morrison,Small Faces,Stevie Wonder,mash ups, Tom Cora,jazz drumming,quickspace,kxlu,the Brand Library, Mark Robinson,audiobulb,Moonshake,TOO PURE,Shareware and those who create it. vintage coloring books,the viceroys, rockers,stevie wonder, vesalius, max weber, george grosz, raymond pettibone, soft machine,Coltrane ‘OLE’ ,dismemberment plan,15.60.75, emperors new clothes,cee-lo green,Outkast,Gnarls Barkley, Sick Bees, Ras Michael,circle,Benny T, Jim O’rourke,The River Seven, paradroid,Ekkhard Ehlers,warmdesk,Soul Fire Records,Seely, mice parade,RoxyMusic,Kyle,prince,mothers of invention,pan american, Shudder to think,Dino Felipe,the Spectacle,do make say think,T.Rex, ENO,Liars and things I have not yet heard. yet.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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