That Noise, Kind Hearts & Coronets

That Noise (9:45 PM)

Kind Hearts & Coronets (10:45 PM)

Let Em Riot (8:15 PM)

Ghosts In Pocket (7:30 PM)

Fake Furs (9:00 PM)

Wed, December 18, 2013

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

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That Noise - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
That Noise
Misfits from outer space here to make you move.

For the last year, That Noise has been winning over the admiration and respect of music lovers worldwide, and with their latest release, a remake of the Kings of Leon's hit Sex on Fire, burning up college airwaves in the US and abroad, this dynamic group is well on their way to massive success. As buzzbandsla writer Kevin Bronson puts it: " L.A. quartet That Noise has taken a little of the denim out of Kings of Leon's ubiquitous hit "Sex on Fire" and replaced with a bit of latex". Numerous other listeners have also concurred: "I like it even better than the original, It's sexier!" Their masterful blend of Rock, Electro and Pop has taken on the otherworldly form of something which can only be described as "ELECTROCK" A seamless fusion of the aforementioned genres.

Within their arsenal you will discover Blistering guitars, Thundering drums, Melodic synths, Passionate lyrics and Electrifying performances. That Noise has been spreading seeds across the globe and igniting fires in the hearts and minds of those who wish to release themselves from the bonds of mental, physical and financial slavery. Their dedication was seen recently when they performed in 2010 Sundance film festival, SXSW, Vans 5th annual Battle for Warped Tour, SCU Band Slam sponsored by LA WEEKLY and Fords Gimme The Gig campaign. They are on a mission to eradicate mediocrity of thought and develop a new generation of soldiers dedicated to freeing minds and breaking down boundaries. Throw up your fists and MAKE SOME NOISE…That Noise.

In addition they are inspired by theories such as Aliens, and interdimensional beings.
Kind Hearts & Coronets - (Set time: 10:45 PM)
Kind Hearts & Coronets
Former Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti member Asa Ferry's chamber pop ensemble Kind Hearts & Coronets, are a modern-day psychedelic Cabaret. The seven piece band mix original melodies, enthusiastic harmonic choruses, Surreal lyrics, fantastic horns and Symphonic strings together in an orchestral, Baroque pop washing machine. Their last album Rampart Castle sold briskly through Amoeba Music’s Homegrown program. Shortening their name to just "Kind Hearts" this year, they are releasing their second full length album "The Lighthouse" in the beginning of 2014.
"The Beautiful, melancholy tones of the urban landscape mixed with organic textures and lighthearted, Kinks-heavy pop, as relevant a sound for these times as ever there was."- LA Weekly,
The amazing sound of a broken radio dial that only lands on the most epic periods of pop music in the last 60 years - Amoeba Record, Home grown program (favorite local artists)
Let Em Riot - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Let Em Riot is the brainchild of Southern California based ElectroPop producer Alan Oakes. Drawing on a wealth of influences spanning 80s SynthPop to LA Dreamwave, Let Em Riot produce catchy, danceable retro Pop that speaks to the listener with an emotional resonance rare in synth music. With an effortless Indie cool, Let Em Riot, whist at their core a SynthPop act, speaks to everyone who gets drawn into their hazy, nostalgic, music. Débuting in 2010 with their The App EP, Let Em Riot have slowly made quite a name for themselves amongst those in the know.

Ranging from upbeat floor-fillers to impassioned ballads, Let Em Riot draws on bitter-sweet nostalgia and new romanticism set amidst a hazy retro 80s ElectroPop soundtrack made contemporary with Indie sensibilities.

Like the soundtrack to the John Hughes movie of your life, Let Em Riot brings together lush, rich synthesizers and the kind of gently melancholy, tempered with optimism, that characterized the best 80s Pop. Perfectly packaged for today's vintage Disco dance floors.
Ghosts In Pocket - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Ghosts In Pocket
Ghosts in Pocket are a Southern California-based indie rock band that’s been playing and practicing, well, all over Southern California, since 2011. Though the band has never collectively lived in the same city at one time, they continue to find the hours between the day jobs where their music is made and played everywhere: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, the Inland Empire, and the High Desert. Recently, the culmination of this continued effort resulted in GIPs first full-length release in June 2013, appropriately titled Shadowbox for the collection of songs that range from several different styles and influences.

Though compared to acts like The National and The Killers, Ghosts in Pocket’s objective is to simply be themselves. To quote their bio:

“We want you to think. We want you to love. We want you to dance. We want you to drink. And if you’re doing all of these at the same time, well, life is good.
We want to rock your balls, even if you don’t have any.
We want you to wander to the front of the stage half-buzzed and sway from side-to-side until you blurt out, “F***, these guys are awesome!” It’s okay to vomit after you say it, just make sure you go outside. Bartenders and servers have enough to worry about – like keeping us flush with Sailor Jerry and Maker’s Mark.
All the usual business aside, GIP keeps their mission statement in mind: love each other and have fun. And they hope you do too.
Fake Furs - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Fake Furs
Fake Furs are musicians. Fake Furs are filmmakers. Fake Furs are friends. Sonny Wong (drums, etc.) + Laszlo Bolender (vocals, etc.).
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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