Lion Pride (Hunter Beard, Keddy Mac, & DUBRAW) feat: Mz. Milky

Lion Pride (Hunter Beard, Keddy Mac, & DUBRAW) feat: Mz. Milky (12:20 AM)

Ice Cream Fire featuring Eion and Kendra (11:30 PM)

Fountnhead (10:50 PM)

Jonezen (10:10 PM)

Gwendolyn Edwards (9:15 PM)

Tope (8:30 PM)

Fri, January 17, 2014

8:00 pm

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is all ages

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Lion Pride (Hunter Beard, Keddy Mac, & DUBRAW) feat: Mz. Milky - (Set time: 12:20 AM)
Lion Pride (Hunter Beard, Keddy Mac, & DUBRAW) feat: Mz. Milky
The group, Lion Pride, consists of artists DUBRAW, Keddy Mac, and Hunter Beard. The artists formed the group as a side project in early 2013 after the creation of their record label Lion Pride Music Group. After individually overcoming hardships and turmoil growing up in both Little Rock, Arkansas and Chicago's gang ridden south side, the three members turned towards music as both a form of salvation and a way of redemption from their previous lives.

Rarely has a group been so well rounded. DUBRAW paints a picture of the streets he knows all too well through powerful imagery and impactful raw rhymes. Keddy Mac tells his story's through conscious wordplay and clever punchlines. Hunter Beard uses both highly lyrical rhyme patterns and a rock background to bring the music full circle. Each artist has also enjoyed success as a solo artist through a culmination of radio play, record sales, as well as multiple magazine articles.

Lion Prides's live stage show promises an energetic mix of storytelling and catchy, infectious songs. Members of the group have been described as "born hustlers, whose motivation is inspiring" by LA Weekly and "the most promising unsigned artists in the hip-hop scene with the talent and potential to be the best thing that hip-hop has ever known" by Arkansas Free Press.
Ice Cream Fire featuring Eion and Kendra - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
Ice Cream Fire featuring Eion and Kendra
ICE CREAM FIRE is a male/female Pop Duo featuring a skilled MC & powerful female vocalist. They formed in 2010 when Philadelphia-raised & renowned Jazz singer Jackie Haydamacha began to write songs with MC/spoken-word artist Tim Kelly. Tim & Jackie, a couple since meeting in an acting class at Temple University circa 2004, began writing songs with composer Tamon Fujimi & recording in their East Los Angeles home. Beginning as a rock band, Ice Cream Fire evolved more Hip Hop & Electronic elements into their sound, before transitioning into a Pop duo. Together, they rocked shows across SoCal at legendary venues including The Roxy, Key Club, Viper Room, House of Blues, & headlined the Hollywood Fringe Festival. In 2012, acclaimed horror director Drew Daywalt asked them to make two Irish Drinking Songs ('Johnny Jump Up' & 'Finnegan's Wake') for use in his feature film, "Red Clover". When they're not recording at Battle Panda Studios in Van Nuys, they're working on new music in the home where it all started. Currently, ICF is collaborating with different producers including EioN & Knitewatch to record tracks for an upcoming EP & album.
Fountnhead - (Set time: 10:50 PM)
The Atlanta scene has long served as a platform for musical innovation and, in recent years, has helped define popular culture. Since the days of Organized Noise and the Dungeon Family, a new and eclectic musical offering has evolved the sound of hip-hop. Out of the uniformity and simplicity of the South’s current atmosphere, a burgeoning movement is developing in the ATL. The FountNHead, ATL’s own, is part of this movement, and is reawakening the musicality and nuclear elements of the discipline of not just expanded hip-hop, but of modern music.

Fresh off Vans Warped Tour 2013, The FountNHead is comprised of Jewels, Sainto and Nixon. Intimidating with her combination of beauty and cynicism, Jewels consistently unleashes a barrage of visionary lyrics and wit and is known for her dynamic stage presence. Sainto, on the other hand, with his cheeky rap delivery and gritty pop vocals, combines humor and sex appeal into an explosion of creativity and smooth-flowing lyrics. He also serves as guitarist and is marked by his electronic dance production. Nixon, the drummer and badass of the group, transitions from hard hitting gospel chops to contemporary hip-hop and rock and roll grooves with ease and serves as a beat maker as well. The three self-taught and self-disciplined members write and produce all of their music and incorporate themes of classism, coming of age, and self-awareness to cultivate a sound and content that is truly unique.

The FountNHead’s pop sensibility and sarcastic social criticism create an avant-garde package with a fun and energetic live show that gets you up out of your seat and commands your attention. Building upon a diverse range of musical influences such as N.E.R.D., The Roots, Nirvana, Linkin Park, and Knarls Barkley, the group integrates a palette of sound elements that is contemporary and fit for the young adult of today but also begs diverse audiences to come out and play.

The FountNHead is set to release a new project that they have titled, Terrible 20’$ EP, which tells the story of three frustrated 20-somethings on a quest through a Peter Pan-like fantasy world of decadence, and underemployment while in pursuit of the American Dream. The group fluidly fuses Alternative Rock & EDM Hip-hop that bang the listener in the head from the first thump, and the infectious melodies leave an indelible imprint on the mind. As with many of their songs, they master the use of catchy hooks and beats to provide a palatable canvas for the depth of their lyrical content.

Stunted by the regular shit that can kill a band like dead end jobs, drug and alcohol abuse, run-ins with the law, and parting ways with A.M., their lead singer and best friend, Sainto has this to say: “All hell broke loose but we’re doper now because we got through it.” In true terrible 20’$ fashion The FountNHead is unapologetically moving forward from the past but with even more angst and originality. With their third fingers held high, the band is seasoned and has all the “reasons” to fight for their position in popular music culture.
Jonezen - (Set time: 10:10 PM)
“His talent is gonna break through a lot of barriers that could take him to the top. I wish him nothing but the best.” -Father MC

Chris Jones a.k.a. Jonezen is a talented rapper/ songwriter/ guitarist/ producer. He is fresh off the "Live From Rehab Tour" working on new material and hitting the road again in June for the "Cali Smash Tour" with dates into September.

Jonezens career has included performances with acts such as Swollen Members, Living Legends, Mixmaster Mike, Tech 9, and more. He has licensed his material for TV and Film, been nominated for the San Diego Music Awards Best Hip Hop Album, press in numerous publications, and was an invited guest performer for Source Magazine.

After several years on the road Jones learned the hard way and was told by a doctor following an arrest that may not live another year due to his excessive drinking. When Chris was at his lowest, his father came to see him. Chris says, “My Dad flew out from Detroit when I hit my bottom and told me it was rehab or no connection with my family. The look in his eyes when he left my apartment was literally what got me to decide to go to rehab.”

Jonezen refused to go to rehab unless he could bring his recording studio. While in rehab he started writing and recording songs that are available now via his mixtape Live From Rehab. He landed a distribution deal with Famous Records/ Fontana/ Universal.

Jeffrey Collins, President, Famous Records Corp., says, “His first release Buried By Six is not only an anthem for people to wake up from their ‘addiction’ but it’s also becoming a popular record that’s being played not only in clubs across the US but also across Europe & as far away as Japan. We’re looking forward to his release and work his next album”

Live From Rehab which is available for free download at The mixtape is a collage of change. Chris adds, “It has highs and lows just like what I was going through at the time while in rehab.”

His journey from rehab to recovery to renaissance rapper is evident on his new mixtape and his stories are woven intricately into his songwriting.
Gwendolyn Edwards - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Gwendolyn Edwards
Described as "haunting, soulful, and sometimes a little naughty," Gwendolyn is a published singer/songwriter, pianist and recording artist. Having grown up in a musical family, Gwendolyn started writing early but always had a fear of performing her own music in front of people. So she began her career in music by writing behind the scenes for various film scores and soundtracks.

But in 2009, as the result of a dare to conquer a fear, Gwendolyn began playing anonymously at open mics in Los Angeles. Within 3 months, she was booked at House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, and has been performing there and at other L.A. venues ever since. Today she just released 2 singles, Kiss Her Like You Mean It and In The Night, and is working on recording her 1st EP. She has formed a superb acoustic group, and the self-titled Gwendolyn Edwards Band performs her originals as well as covers across Southern CA. Gwendolyn was also just commissioned by the U.N. to write the theme song for the 2014 Amazon Reforestation Benefit concert, happening in Brazil.

Along the way, Gwendolyn developed her hobby as a musician and singer/ songwriter, and has published several original songs in movie soundtracks. Today she is working on recording her 1st EP, and has formed a superb acoustic group (The Gwendolyn Edwards Band) that performs her originals as well as covers across Southern CA. She was just commissioned by the United Nations to write the theme song for the 2013 Amazon Reforestation Benefit concert, happening this fall in Brazil!

Today, Gwendolyn is combining her business background with her talents in music and acting to co-produce the music-driven Rock and Roll feature film, “The Bridge”.
Tope - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Dream It Alive. A Dream beyond struggle is worth witnessing. So why not contend to see your dreams come alive? Perseverance keeps that dream visible, clear, sharp, and defined. Knowing what it means to be tenacious through adversity helped define Tope as an artist. February 18, 1989 was the day Temitope Falowo was born; Nigeria being the soil he grew on. His parents knew that their children needed a promising future, so at the age of one, Tope and his family moved to America. Tope and his family settled in a city in southern California called San Bernardino. While Tope was growing up, his parents developed conflicts with each other. These conflicts turned into fights between them, which led to his father beating his mother. He felt helpless and couldn’t do anything but watch and cry as his mother was beaten. Soon after Tope made a promise to himself to never inherit his father’s ways as a man. Then came the heartbreaking divorce at the age of twelve. The divorce between his parents had a big impact on him and he needed a way to release all his pent up emotions but didn’t know how. His cousin, Brandon Johnson showed him how to put his feelings on paper and turn it into music. Satisfaction quickly grew into Tope’s heart, letting him know that his thoughts and emotions can be heard. Witnessing his mother persevere through the hard times as Tope was growing up made him feel honorable that the blood coursing through his veins is his mothers. His mother’s perseverance to support her children in a new country inspired Tope to never give up on his dreams. Tope’s mother could’ve broke down and gave up, but she didn’t! His mother taught him to be strong in difficult situations, to not be intimidated by others and to not let people clutter his thoughts or emotions.Without a father in his life, Tope was able to surround himself with good friends who helped him along his journey. The determination instilled into Tope’s blood made him want to send a message to the world; that you can overcome your struggle and that the struggle will help you become a better person. Tope wanted a better future for himself so he moved to Los Angeles to work his way into the music industry as a hip-hop artist. He currently attends California State University Northridge. Through out the years Tope has grown lyrically, mentally and spiritually, keeping in his sights his dream to spill his passion over the world. Tope's style would be described as live and artistic. He wants people to listen to his music and feel good about themselves, or life in general. He's not prone to one genre of music, which makes Tope very talented. Tope is here to make a statement, to let the world know that nothing will keep him from seeing his dream beyond the bounds of the horizon.
The Portland rap game couldn't stay below street level forever. Word is starting to spread about the talent the Rose City boasts, and the one name that keeps popping up on people's lips is a rapper known simply as Tope.
A good deal of that attention is due to the respect that Tope has earned for the years he's committed to the scene. Starting in his teens, he's been a fixture at local hip-hop showcases and freestyle jams. He eventually started a pair of groups, Living Proof (with Seattle-based rapper Prem) and the well-respected crew TxE with Epp and Calvin Valentine (aka G_Force). Tope has also been providing production help and dropping by for guest appearances on tracks by artists including Abstract Rude, Myka 9, TiRon, Planet Asia, Kev Brown, Scarub, LMNO, Waajeed, and many more.
As any restless and talented artist would, Tope has been stepping out on his own, releasing solo albums that have only burnished his talent even brighter. His latest effort Until The Next Time We Meet (released in March on Amigo/Amiga Records) is the culmination of all the hours he's put into honing his lyrical and production abilities, all the connections he's made, and his pure love of hip-hop.
This soulful collection features some crackling production work by Tope himself as well as Trox, Stewart Villain, Devonwho, Tony Ozier, LAWZ SPOKEN, and his TxE cohort Calvin Valentine. He connects all sides of musical personality together by inviting his bandmates Prem and Epp to drop verses on "Life Of The Party." A little R&B flavor is sprinkled in thanks to local singers Michele Wylen, Caitlin Cardier, and Reva Devito. And the whole thing is tied up tight by Tope's storming lyrical flow and witty wordplay.
Until The Next Time We Meet – and all of Tope's work to date – have helped bust open plenty of doors for the young talent. He was placed at #6 on Willamette Week's Best New Bands of 2012 list, joining the likes of Radiation City, Onuinu, and his collaborator Reva Devito, as well as #2 on The Deli Magazine's Emerging Artist List of 2011. He's also been asked to share the stage with a bevy of hip-hop greats including Talib Kweli, Dom Kennedy, Blu, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Shabazz Palaces, Dead Prez, Nappy Roots, Digable Planets, The Coup, Spaceghostpurrp and more.
Portland and the Northwest community have already shown lots of love and respect for what Tope brings to the table. Now it's time for the rest of the world to take notice.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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