SESAC-Planet LA Records Acoustic & Rock Showcase with: Djinn

SESAC-Planet LA Records Acoustic & Rock Showcase with: Djinn (10:00 PM)

Otto's Daughter (11:30 PM)

Kevin Never Talks (10:50 PM)

I Killed the Symphony (9:30 PM)

Chris Arena (8:00 PM)

Josh Damigo (7:30 PM)

Jimmy Lloyd (8:30 PM)

Gabe Kubanda of Letters Burning (9:00 PM)

Sun, May 22, 2011

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

SESAC-Planet LA Records Acoustic & Rock Showcase

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SESAC-Planet LA Records Acoustic & Rock Showcase with: Djinn - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
SESAC-Planet LA Records Acoustic & Rock Showcase with: Djinn
The power of imagination is the catalyst to all of mans progression but the mind needs constant nourishment to grow. Djinn is a Southern California rock band that is devoted to facilitating this growth through art in it's many forms. We are musicians and we are fans. We are photographers, writers, and thinkers. Our whole existence is for your benefit.
Otto's Daughter - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
Otto's Daughter
Otto's Daughter is what many call "The Perfect Blend" or "A righteous slab of cyber erotic pop-metal". Elements of metal, electronica, punk, pop and goth/industrial create the perfect balance between heavy and soft, light and dark.

Otto's Daughter was created by Singer/Songwriter Jacqueline van Bierk; with the addition of Guitarist Jim Robbins OD's sound has evolved from goth industrial underground to a femme powered, rock'n roll-techno; dance-metal assault; accompanied by a powerful, energetic and mesmerizing live show. JVB captures her crowd with her strong stage persona and powerful; in your face voice, beautiful yet dangerous.
Otto's Daughter released a limited edition EP this summer for their 2010 US summer tour. The EP "Living The Dream" will be released online in mid December 2010. Otto's Daughter is working on a follow up full length album to be released in spring 2011.
OD's music has been placed on MTV's RealWorld, VH1, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Melrose Place, Tyra Show, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90201 and Vampire Diaries as well as several indie movies and many more to come.
Kevin Never Talks - (Set time: 10:50 PM)
Kevin Never Talks
Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Kevin Never Talks has been touring the U.S. for about 5 years now. KNT consists of Kris James (vocals/guitar), Nick Thibault (bass), and Bryan Goodrich (drums). The band began in June of 2002 when summer slacking, drinking, smoking and playing/recording music led to some very good times and thus Kevin Never Talks was born. Out of that fateful summer, the band recorded their debut album titled, "................." and immediately began playing shows locally and were a big hit. April 2003 saw their second album released, "Say Something......Dammit!" Since then, KNT has been going full throttle and has rocked the stage day and night playing any available gig at any available time. In 2004, Kevin Never Talks signed a one year agreement with Almost Nowhere Records (based out of Sacramento, CA) providing their pivotal song, "How it Goes" (off their 2004 release "Livin' for the Summertime"), which was featured on the label's compilation CD and was found in Tower Record stores throughout California. The year 2004 also saw their first state-wide tour. In March of 2005 they released the "I'd Rather Be......" EP, and went on their second state-wide tour adding onto their already powerful fanbase. In Summer of 2006, KNT embarked on their first complete West Coast Tour hitting every region of California, Washington state, Oregon, and Nevada. When the tour was completed, they took no time off and immediately began work on their album, "THA GOODS". The year 2007 saw their album, "THA GOODS" released in July. July 2007 also kicked off KNT's West Coast Summer Tour 07' which hit all the states from the last tour. Along with their explosive live show, "THA GOODS" sales soared on tour as well as back in Los Angeles causing many label's and management teams to contact KNT with interest as well as scoring opening slots for such artists as Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley, and multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter The Dream. Starting off 2008, KNT embarked on a slew of shows all over California as well as being flown out to Miami, Florida to perform at an MTV Bash. As 2009 begins, KNT has just made Top 100 Hottest Unsigned Bands of 2009 in the nation in Music Connection Magazine. KNT stepped into the studio in mid-2009 to record a follow up to "THA GOODS". 2010 started off with a bang with KNT opening for Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony. They hit the road all over the western U.S. during the Summer of 2010 in support of their new album "Palm Trees & Smog". Look out for KNT playin' shows in Los Angeles as well as new tracks up. Watch out !!
I Killed the Symphony - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
I Killed the Symphony
I Killed the Symphony is a Post Hardcore/Electro band based out of California. The band consists of five diverse members fronted by Brittany Joyce Uncles recently with The Early Strike. After touring with other bands on Warped Tour, National tours and a South American tour the band all started recording in the LA area. Working with popular well-known producers, IKS has put together an Album. Some songs such as, Perfect Tragedy, Dead by Sunrise, My Funeral, Sweet Disguise and Execute 123 describe the feeling of the band. Experienced musicians and excellent melodic vocals make IKS a striking band you won’t soon forget. The screeching of tires on a hot asphalt driveway after a rocking show to cool down in a flowing river of wine and talk about the last thing you remember before you passed out or did you? What is it like to live after you have killed a symphony? Well, come along and find out.
Chris Arena - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Chris Arena
Arena has played to thousands of people all over Memphis, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. He quickly began making waves in the Philadelphia music scene since relocating there last year, sharing the stage with scene heavyweights like the Pawn Shop Roses and Bess Rogers.

Recently, two of his songs were chosen by filmmaker Alex DePhillipo for his documentary Dark Fall. His music also caught the attention of published poet Vincent Ancona, who wrote that, “Arena’s debut album features deeply honest lyrics, ethereal music and a wisdom well beyond his years which compels us to listen. He has crafted [something] that seeps beautifully into your consciousness…and stays there.”

Growing up between New Jersey and Memphis, Arena developed an early passion for singing and song-writing. His mother weaned him on a steady diet of Neil Young while his father, a pilot who spent long periods of time away from home, would teach him guitar licks whenever he was around. His grandfather, an active member of the New York jazz scene for over 35 years, passed down to Arena his sense of musical passion, diversity and a rare 1959 Les Paul.

Things changed, however, when Arena’s family moved to Memphis, TN when he was in high school. Nearly losing his father to cancer, coupled with moving to a city that, while renowned musically, was unforgiving and isolating for a teenager whose northern upbringing, set him apart from his peers, Arena struggled to keep his head above water.

Music and songwriting became lifelines and his only emotional outlet. The countless nights Arena spent writing and playing guitar paid off by the time he graduated from the University of Memphis two years ago and began working on his eponymous debut album.

His self-titled debut album, recorded at world renowned Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN (Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top) combines intuitive melodies with left field pop. Mixed by three time Grammy-winning sound engineer Tony Maseratti (WILL.I.AM. Jason Mraz, John Legend) features arrangements by Grammy-wining producer Craig Street (Nora Jones). The album, which also features the piano work of Rick Steff (Cat Power, Gin Blossoms, George Thorogood), fuses the intimacy of Nick Drake and the semi-sprawling sensibilities of Bright Eyes and Alexi Murdoch with atmospheric soundscapes and beautifully vulnerable melodies.

With a powerful new album in hand, and the muse by his side, the future seems to have no limit for Chris Arena.
Josh Damigo - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Josh Damigo
The history of popular music is full of stars who began their careers in the church only to find success in the secular world. Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke all began their careers as gospel singers before bursting out from the choir into mainstream success. Amy Grant began her career in the Christian music genre before finding pop stardom. If Josh Damigo has his way, he’ll add a different kind of chapter to the annals of church-bred musicians who find success in the secular world. While the above legends all found success in R&B and pop after learning about music in the church, Damigo is in the singer-songwriter mold. Born and raised in San Jose, Calif., Damigo grew up in a very strict household. Only allowed to listen to the KFRC, the local oldies station in the Bay Area, he found himself influenced by bands like the Beatles, The Beach Boys, and much of the old-time, lyrically driven style of music.

Damigo’s initial introduction to music was fairly ordinary: In first grade, his mother signed him up for piano lessons. “I absolutely hated piano because my teacher kept giving me classical pieces,” Damigo said. “I quit when I was in sixth grade.” He only quit piano, not music. “At 16, I taught myself to play guitar… Two weeks after that, I had my first show. I was playing at churches. I was mostly singing – I was a much better singer than a guitar player.” It was also at this time that he wrote his first song.

Flash Forward- Josh Damigo has now won multiple awards including San Diego H.A.T. Awards for Best Male Performer (2006), Best New Artist (2006), Best Male Singer-Songwriter(2006), and Best Male Vocalist(2006 & 2008). After more than 400 shows, Damigo has made a strong following for himself and is known as one of the hardest working musicians in Southern California.

Josh Damigo’s latest album, “Raw” (Released May 2009) won the San Diego Music Award for Best Local Recording in 2009. Damigo hopes to gain national attention, building on his already-strong resume. His shows includes performances with The Jonas Brothers Trio, Jason Mraz, Joss Stone, Jackie Greene, Kate Voegel, Matt Nathanson, The Zac Brown Band, Jon Foreman(Switchfoot), Carolina Liar, Josh Gracin, Daphne Loves Derby, The Format, Ari Hest, Sara Haze, Ernie Halter, Curtis Peoples and John West. He has been featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune, The San Diego Reader, The San Diego Citybeat, The Modesto Bee, the Fresno Bee, and North County Times, and was named one of San Diego’s Up and Coming Artists by the San Diego Troubadour. His songs can be heard on Clear Channel stations and College radio and is a regular on San Diego’s local music shows. He was the “Pick of the Week” on KPRI FM, has performed on the dozens of television stations and had the “Most Downloaded Song” in the month of April on the He was recently nominated for Best Local Recording by the San Diego Music Awards.

This year marks a new verse in Damigo’s Music Career: hitting the road and a dual residency in San Diego and LA! Keep an eye out for national tour dates and tunes to be recorded for a new release later this year, as 2011 promises to be the biggest year yet for Josh Damigo.
Jimmy Lloyd - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Jimmy Lloyd
Jimmy Lloyd is the Executive Producer and Host of "The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase" television program which airs on NBC in NY, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Chicago. Jimmy is also a very accomplished singer/songwriter who's style evokes the best of the genre; Dylan, Springsteen and Neil Young. Jimmy is a natural story teller and his songs are laced with powerfully introspective lyrics delivered with catchy melodies and strong hooks. Episodes of his TV show and his performances can be seen online at
Gabe Kubanda of Letters Burning - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Gabe Kubanda of Letters Burning
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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