Malacates Trebol Shop

Malacates Trebol Shop (10:00 PM)

Kill Aniston (9:15 PM)

Leo Machado (8:30 PM)

Fri, July 8, 2011

8:00 pm


This event is all ages

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Malacates Trebol Shop - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Malacates Trebol Shop
To taste an abundant sample the diversity of Latin music you just have to play a Malacates Trébol Shop album, but to really get a full load into it: You must see them play live.
Malacates Trébol Shop is a Latin Rock band that fusions a variety of spicy rhythms that range from Ska to Rock, Reggae to Bolero, and other Latin rhythms. They are the current most acclaimed band in Guatemala, presenting themselves up to crowds of 15,000 people each week, not only in Central America but also in Spain, Switzerland, Zurich, cities around the United States of America and Mexico. They’d released 4 albums since 1997 with thousands of copies sold and many hundreds of downloads.
They’d played in concerts with international artists like Carlos Vives, Juanes, Aleks Syntek, Jaguares, Rabanes, Bacilos, Inspector, Maldita Vecindad, Calle 13, Inner Circle, Elvis Crespo, Fany Lu, Fonseca, amongst others.

The band started like any other band does: Just as a group of friends in an abandoned warehouse (not a garage) to rehearse some tunes, but mostly with the commitment to compose their own. That’s how their debut album “Paquetecuetes” was finished in 1999 and sold 30,000 copies just in the first year of promotion. This release featured songs like “Pa´que te acuerdes de mí”, “Mojado”, “Por ésta noche”, and the top single “Ni un centavo,” which still plays frequently in Central American and Hispanic stations around the globe.

This success led to PEPSI choose Malacates Trébol Shop as part of their Summer 2000 advertising campaign “Pide Más” along with Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams and Aleks Syntek, where they released another hit single, “Morena”, and did their first (top of the line) international tour; which consisted of 15 “PEPSI concerts” around central america, three of them with Mexican Pop King, Aleks Syntek.
Their sophomore release “Si!” hit stores on 2002. Malacates included “Morena” in it and other songs, which have become part of their usual live set list like the mild-joy driven “Quisiera”, the uplifting catchy ”Canción dentro de mí” and the power-ska- head banging “Mariachi Funky Disco.” This recording gave them a three-year tour around Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and Costa Rica.
“Solo éxitos… (dicen)”, the band’s 2005 album included radio hits from the previous two albums and 8 new songs. Two of them, the cumbia-alike “Tomame”, and the melancholic ballad “Déjame Llegar” shined on the Top 10 Lists of radio stations all over Central America.

Gallo, recognized as of the best beers in the world, made by Cervecería Centroamericana, choose Malacates as one of their featured artists of a non-stopping tour since 2004 on major cities around the country playing in central parks, arenas and clubs, in front of up to 15,0000 people at a time, on free shows, as part of Gallo’s promotional campaigns.

Ever since, Malacates has played in international music festivals in important cities around the world like Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Mexico D.F. San Cristobal de las Casas Mexico and Olten, Zurich and Stuttgart in Switzerland, where their music has been not only well-received, but also acknowledged as a Cultural manifesto from Central America. Ubersee Records in Germany featured “Otra Botella más” in a Hispanic music CD compilation, featuring artists around the Americas as an example of their consistency.
Malacates released in 2009 their fourth album, “¿De qué sirve querer?” with a Production Dream-team including producer KC Porter (Ricky Martin, Fabulosos Cadillacs and Santana) and mixing engineer Thom Russo (Eric Clapton, Audioslave, Babyface, Juanes, Jessy & Joy, Elly Guerra and Maná)
Videos for the songs “¿De qué sirve querer?” and “Todo se pagará”, were shot in Guatemala City by Argentinean video-clip star producer Matías Penaccino (Pastilla, Moderatto) and Kenji Katori (Belanova) as the photography director, in where imagery and the real world combine to support the songs´ lyrics and music.
Malacates Trébol Shop is not only a voice of the Central American Culture; they are most definitely a sample of the Culture’s modern legacy itself.
Kill Aniston - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Kill Aniston
has been compared to several contemporary English bands, such as Cold Play and Snow Patrol.

Comprised of three established musicians, KILL ANISTON, got together in 2004 while taking a break from other projects. The result of their collaboration is a unique, full bodied sound, like none other.

In 2004, KILL ANISTON recorded their first studio record ‘Canciones Que Casi Olvido.’ ‘Canciones Que Casi Olvido’ is comprised of 10 tracks of vocals, acoustic guitar, strings and piano. The result is a very simple, clean, melodic disc. With only 1000 discs released in Mexico, we are eagerly anticipating the U.S. rerelease.

‘Los Divorciados’ followed. The seven track EP produced by Roy Cañedo and mastered by Andy Vandette (David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys and U2) tells a love story from beginning to end. The result is a heartfelt, beautiful collection of tracks.

‘Biográfico’, KILL ANISTON’s latest Mexico release shows just how far the trio has grown as individuals and as a collaborative effort. Tracks such as ‘Afortunados’ transcend language helping ‘Biográfico’ rise to the top of the Latin charts.

KILL ANISTON has appeared live at Vive Latino 2007 & 2008, Festival Extremo 2008 and several other festivals throughout the last few years. In 2008 KILL ANISTON made their first appearance in the U.S. playing venues in Chicago, Texas, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Indio and San Diego California. KILL ANISTON returned to the U.S. in 2009 at the request of fans, and continued to build their fan base across international boundaries.
Leo Machado - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Leo Machado
Born in Managua, Nicaragua, Leo Machado gets to the world via Los Angeles.
His music, (even against his will) is the result of 70's Latin Pop influence and the passion he feels for the New Latin Alternative sounds.

Leo Machado’s favorite subject is "that woman". Being in despair for her. The ensuing melancholy. But mainly, loving her and her exquisite attributes. Like a volcano eruption, his songs rise to surface wholehearted and with interrupted strength. Born and raise in Managua, "crooner" Leo Machado arrives with guitar in hand and a backpack full of dreams. Combining his unique flair and style with artful song writing that is rich in culture and influence (from Los Angeles Negros to Led Zeppelin), he creates a sound that is as diverse as the city of Los Angeles itself.
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