Lauren Mayhew, Jensen Reed

Lauren Mayhew (9:45 PM)

Jensen Reed (9:00 PM)

Leah McKendrick (8:40 PM)

Natalie Wood (8:15 PM)

Wed, April 20, 2011

8:00 pm

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Lauren Mayhew - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
Lauren Mayhew
When you've been a member of a pop rock band that toured with Britney Spears and Destiny's Child (to name just two), interviewed Hollywood’s best and most famous entertainers on a nationally-syndicated TV show, and starred in one of the most wildly successful comedy movie franchises of all-time, where do you go from there? For multi-faceted and multi-talented LAUREN MAYHEW, the answer lies in a single word – UP.

Today, Lauren is one of the stars of the upcoming MTV series, Private High Musical (2010), described as "High School Musical with a wink and a nod to the 18-34 demographic." Ashton Kutcher chose Lauren as the voice of Britney for his animated series, Blah, Blah, Blah. She has started working on her solo material with some of the music industry's most talented producers, and she regularly performs to enthusiastic crowds at Hollywood's hottest clubs.

Lauren's new music, which she co-writes, has been featured on MTV's The Hills and The City, VH1’s Keeping with the Kardashians, and several movie soundtracks. Described as the next Joan Jett, Lauren’s sound is rock infused with dance/electrontic grooves. Her music has had dance floors rocking with its fun, L.A., celebratory vibe. "As much as I love acting, I have to say, that there is nothing like performing live."

Of course, nothing's stopping Lauren from succeeding at both. Her first national break came with a starring role on the soap opera Guiding Light, where she played Marah Lewis for two years. However, it was her role as front woman for pop quartet PYT that really thrust her into the spotlight.

Signed by her 13th birthday to Epic Records, Lauren started PYT with three of her friends, touring the world with 'N Sync, Destiny’s Child, 98 Degrees, and Britney Spears. "It was absolutely unbelievable; there is really no experience that is quite like it," says Lauren.

PYT's hectic travel schedule did not leave much time for acting, so she said good-bye to the cast of Guiding Light and headed out on tour with the group. The band charted two Billboard singles and was featured on soundtracks such as Miss Congeniality; Bring It On and Center Stage. Lauren appeared in major music videos with Mandy Moore and Faith Hill as well as two videos of her own with PYT.

She even performed at Super Bowl XXXV alongside Britney Spears, Sting, and Aerosmith. "The Super Bowl was crazy, and that’s by far the biggest audience I’ve ever performed for. There were 80,000 people in the stands alone."

After Lauren left PYT, she moved to Hollywood, where she has become one of Tinseltown's fastest rising stars. Lauren made her big screen debut in New Line Cinema’s Raise Your Voice, starring as Hilary Duff’s arch-rival Robin, a role that allowed her to transform into a cynical and malicious diva – quite a departure for fans who knew her as the sweet and bubbly host of talk shows like Real Access and Access Hollywood.

Her outstanding performance caught the attention of Universal Pictures, who immediately cast her in American Pie: Band Camp as "Arriana" the lust of Matt Stifler's life. She has guest starred on hit shows such as: CSI, CSI Miami, Law & Order, Joan of Arcadia, Medical Investigations, and was recurring on NBC's drama American Dreams, while attending college full-time. Now a UCLA graduate, Lauren can add another thing to her impressive resume.

LAUREN MAYHEW can be seen in the feature film FRAT PARTY by Overture Pictures, the upcoming series PRIVATE HIGH MUSICAL (60 Frames/MTV), and her music can be heard on many television shows and film soundtracks.

Currently, Lauren can be seen as the new ring announcer/national anthem singer for WWE’s SMACKDOWN! and ECW. She performs to packed arenas of 20,000 plus all over the globe, and, in addition, is televised to 150 million plus fans in practically every country on the planet. She is using this momentum to start a wave of performances for her original music in clubs, on TV shows, and in live venues across the US.
Jensen Reed - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Jensen Reed
Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Jensen Reed forges a new artery through the vapid musical landscape with the fusion of eclectic instrumentation, heavy-hitting drums, swift vocals and big choruses. A small-town boy at heart, Reed grew up in North Carolina and brings the power pop musical quality (Ben Folds, Merge Records, etc.) that the Chapel Hill community is well-known for. While in high school, Reed entered into his school’s talent show with his friend in front of 500 people. This was the turning point in his musical career, and led him to play in several bands in high school and college. In 2002, Reed formed the group Plan B with a friend from high school.

Plan B was an eclectic blend of melody, hip-hop and rock n roll, and became a Raleigh/Chapel Hill mainstay for five years. They recorded their successful album Chlorine Dreams and played numerous energetic shows including outdoor festivals for over 5,000 people. With Plan B, Reed generated a huge following with very dedicated fans who still closely follow his musical career.

In April 2007, Reed decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue his music career on his own. “I had had a growing feeling that we were spinning our wheels in a place that was too small for our music and I couldn’t take it anymore,” says Reed. “I always felt torn between what we had built in North Carolina through hard work, money, time and passion; and actually giving ourselves a real shot in a big city.” Reed drove across the country with his solo 5 song EP Waiting In Line, ready to make moves in Los Angeles.

Over the past year, Reed spent countless hours in the studio with Christian James Hand producing and mixing his debut album, Forget About The Cameras. The result is a diverse blend of pop, hip-hop, and alternative music that blurs the lines of classification, yet retains fluidity and consistency throughout. At times, dark and introspective, the album still seamlessly exudes an inspired and uplifting impression. Lyrically insightful, Reed weaves the words of a journey an artist believing in himself embarks upon.

Reed’s talent as a live performer, combined with his unparalleled work ethic, have led to an impressive resume of shows. Throughout, he has gained elevated levels of respect amongst patrons and fellow artists and shared the stage with acts including Little Brother and Dilated Peoples at such venues as The Roxy and Key Club. Reed has also obtained cinematic and television acclaim, having two of his songs featured in the Academy Award-nominated film The Messenger (2010), starring Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster, as well as a song placed in the Emmy-nominated show Friday Night Lights (2010).
Leah McKendrick - (Set time: 8:40 PM)
Leah McKendrick
I was born performing. As a child I could force myself to cry on command to get my brother into trouble. One day my Dad informed me that entertainers get paid. I was astonished. Are you for real? Done. He failed to mention that entertainers don’t ALWAYS get paid.

I was born in San Francisco but I couldn’t wait to move down to LA, which I decided I would do at about age five. I sang, I danced, I acted…. I recorded a demo in LA, competed in Vegas, played Rizzo in Grease at school, taught my own hip-hop dance class, worried my parents…

I have to say that it didn’t really begin until my senior year of high school when I started doing gigs all over the Bay Area singing and dancing. I was no longer performing for crowds who knew me. It revealed a whole new world to me- a much bigger world.

So I was off to college to study theatre on a scholarship! I went to Chapman University in Orange County where I would do the class and rehearsal thing during the week, and record and perform on weekends. I sang for industry people, did songs that were pitched to movies, worked with a ton of pros...

Before I knew it, I was at Capitol Records who led me to someone that would change my life, Roy Hamilton III. His resume included my idol, the King of Pop: Michael Jackson. I was quickly humbled.

At school, I lived it up. I wrote plays, I directed, I choreographed, I starred in shows and films, basically did the college thing until (finally) I graduated Cum Laude in 2008.

I moved to LA and performed alongside Deborah Gibson in the pop/rock musical, “The Flunky,” played Fritzie in the critically acclaimed Musical Theatre of Los Angeles’ production of “Cabaret”, starred in the independent thriller “iCrime”, screamed for dear life in the horror film “Shadow of Cthulhu”, sold my first song to Paramount in Korea and continued writing and recording my own material.

Then finally, I got “the call” on Easter 2010 and was on a plane to the east coast to showcase for Roy Hamilton’s record label, Monarch.

The deal was signed in June 2010.
Natalie Wood - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Natalie Wood
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