LetLive--(record release show)

LetLive--(record release show) (9:15 PM)

I Am The Ocean (8:30 PM)

Run With The Haunted (7:45 PM)

Southern Lights (7:00 PM)

Tue, April 12, 2011

6:30 pm


This event is all ages

******Everyone Who Purchases A Ticket Receives A CD*****

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LetLive--(record release show) - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
LetLive--(record release show)
LA’s fiery heavy rock band letlive. have officially signed to Epitaph Records with plans to release their album Fake History on April 12. The band has posted their kinetic high energy track “The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion” on their MySpace and released a jaw-dropping performance video that can be found here. Starting today fans can pre-order the album at www.kingsroadmerch.com/letlive/region.

Channeling the frantic intensity of The Blood Brothers, awe inspiring sonic complexity of At the Drive In, unrestrained emotion of Glassjaw and industrial strength hardcore of Refused, letlive. inject new blood into the cutting edge indie-post-hardcore style with their record Fake History. The band has joined renowned Los Angeles punk rock label Epitaph to release their third studio album.

“When thinking of Epitaph Records I affix Bad Religion, Atmosphere, and the reawakening of the the late great Refused to those thoughts (an impressively unorthodox composition in my eyes),” says vocalist Jason Aalon Butler. “Now I think of letlive. to be included amongst that lineage. Pipe dreams realized, ladies and gentlemen.”

Consisting of Butler (vocals), Jean Nascimento (guitar), Jeff Sahyoun (guitar), Anthony Rivera (drums) and Ryan Jay Johnson (bass), the band has been building a reputation for themselves in the Los Angeles hardcore scene. With their eclectic arsenal of influences, letlive. take heavy music to new heights with dynamic song-writing, blistering and precise rhythms, hook loaded metal riffs and Butler’s remarkable ability to balance cathartic screams and melodic vocals.

Commenting on his band’s sound, Butler says they are “a punk rock band with a soul band's modus operandi. Vice versa.”

Fake History exudes a youthful swagger and power. The album’s opener, “Le Prologue,” begins with tribal drums that give way to an outburst of thundering riffs and defiant vocals with front-man Butler exclaiming “There are no martyrs in resolution. If you remain still, don't expect restitution. Stand up!”

The band’s most notable gift lies is in their songwriting with tracks like “The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion,” “Renegade ’86,” “Casino Columbus” and “Muther,” which strikes a pitch perfect balance of sonic aggression and unforgettable melodic choruses.

Epitaph’s release of Fake History will include three brand new tracks “Hollywood, And She Did,” “Lemon Party” and the Brett Gurewitz (president & founder of Epitaph, guitarist for Bad Religion) produced track “This Mime [A Sex Symbol].”

“We released an album in the ides of April in 2010 with 11 tracks of which we were genuinely proud of,” Butler adds. “This year, in April, we are rereleasing that album with 14 tracks we are even more proud of. We did this for you.”

After fighting their way to the top of the Los Angeles hardcore scene, letlive. is now poised to emerge as one of the most exciting and important bands of 2011.
I Am The Ocean - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
I Am The Ocean
Post hardcore prog-rock, ionically fusing sublime melody with chaotic overtures, and heart pounding rhythms - masterfully weaving epic song structures that interlace heavy, unrelentingly savage attacks, with infectious vocal hooks, and mathematically precise (yet seemingly discordant) guitar riffs.

Coming from the Mormon Capital of Salt Lake City, these 5, tie wearing iconoclasts known as I Am The Ocean, have clearly had impetus to rebel; a reason to reject; something to prove; and a statement to make. And Your City Needs Swallowing... is their raison d'être - a journey into adverse reaction, absurdity, and nihilistic discontent that reads like Hunter S. Thompson on a Mescaline Binge.

I Am The Ocean will be hitting the road in April for a West Coast tour in advance of their National Debut release on Uprising Records, followed by a string of U.S. tours (beginning in May and running through Summer). Be sure to catch the bands highly chaotic, hyperbolic performance of ...And Your City Needs Swallowing.
Run With The Haunted - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
The band is called run with the hunted. there are five of us; my name is drew i am the vocalist, jason plays bass, jonathan plays guitar, ian also plays guitar and matt plays drums. we formed in early 2007 in our hometown of phoenix, arizona in the united states. most of us were in previous bands that were breaking up and we wanted to start something totally new and different from anything we'd ever done before. we have never been and will never be a vegan straight edge band (though all of us are vegan and most of us are straight edge). the band was not started to express any certain set of ideological beliefs; it was meant to be an outlet for expression for us as individuals. along the way the band has taken on a life of its own; all of us have discovered new things about ourselves and the world we live in and our views and beliefs have changed accordingly. i like to think of our band as a living organism in that sense; we ebb and flow and grow and change as our relationships with each other deepen and our experiences in the world broaden.

we’ve been fortunate to establish personal relationships with all of the bands you mentioned above, and in some way, those bands have indeed influenced us. on a personal level, 7 Generations was instrumental in my journey into veganism and exploration of radical politics within hardcore/punk. trial has played an equally important role in my life are one of my absolute favorite bands. i wouldn’t say these bands were our main influences when we started, but throughout the course of the band they have all inspired, helped, or touched us in some meaningful way.
Southern Lights - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Southern Lights
They are a Melodic Post-Hardcore band from Torrence, California. They include creative melodies, beautiful clean singing, hard hitting breakdown, and primarily positive/hopeful lyrics.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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