Melt Banana

Melt Banana (10:00 PM)

Retox (9:15 PM)

Last Days Of Ancient Sunlight (8:30 PM)

Wed, November 13, 2013

8:00 pm

adv tix $15.00 / day of show tix $17.00

This event is all ages

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Melt Banana - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Melt Banana
Q : What is MELT-BANANA?
Answer: MELT-BANANA is a band based in Tokyo JAPAN.

Q: What type of music?
Answer: Some people say they are noise band, some people say they are so-called no wave band, some people say they are hardcore band, some people say their music is like roller coaster in an amusement park... It is hard to categorize their music, but basecally they are rock band with a spice of punk taste.The easiest way to find out is to listen to their music and you will find out.


Answer: Main factors of MELT-BANANA are YAKO, who is a singer of the band and write all lyrics and write some of the songs, and AGATA who plays the guitar and write most of the backtracks of the songs. So far, MELT-BANANA has been helped by many musicians, such as:
- OSHIMA (aka Watchman)
- OBOKATA (aka Obiwan)
- TARO TATSUMAKI (with MxBxLite)

Q: How the band formed?
Answer: In short, basecally, YAKO started the band, and AGATA joined.
On April 1st in 1993, the band was named MELT-BANANA.

Q: How many albums?
1st album "Speak Squeak Creak" (A-ZAP Records)
- 1st album was originally released from NUX Organization, and reissued by A-ZAP.

2nd album "Scratch or Stitch" (Skin Graft)
- It was licensed to meldac in Japan for Japan release.

3rd album "Charlie" (A-ZAP Records)

4th album "Teeny Shiny" (A-ZAP Records)

5th album "Cell-scape" (A-ZAP Records)

6th album "Bambi's Dilemma" (A-ZAP Records)

7th album "Fetch" (A-ZAP Records)
Retox - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
2012 has come and gone and we’re still not dead yet. You can log into the 24/7 smiling face, pictures of your friends drunk and/or naked, click “like”. The gray-faced man in a suit who hates you is still alive too, but now he isn’t always wearing a suit, and he’s smiling, 24/7. He likes what you like, sees what you see, hears what you hear. So where does punk go when the underground’s all tidily arranged on a shared screen? Does it roll over and play dead? Shrug? Smile? There’s another man, this one with a microphone jammed halfway down his throat, cord coiled carotid-tight around his neck, dangling his body off the edge of the stage, screaming words that ache. Another is methodically destroying his guitar with his hands while his feet twist tail-ends of the signal into electro-rubber-echo nightmares. Two others are so precisely abusing a bass guitar and a drum kit at such a frenetic pace it’s hard to believe these sorry objects will last more than a few more seconds, but then you realize it’s over. A minute or so, tops. They stare out at you, maybe say thanks. Spit. Breathe. And then they begin again. This will happen for maybe fifteen minutes, altogether. You are not alone. The gray-faced man is not here. There’s the screen, but then there’s this. 2013, and punk is not dead. No more dead than the rest of us.

Tracks like "You Lost Me At 'It Wasn't My Fault,'" "Greasy Palms" and "Nose to Tail" are all filled with immediacy, urgency and restless energy, no matter which tempos RETOX happen to be pummeling in the songs. "Congratulations You Are Good Enough" features guest guitar work guitarist Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, whose fretwork jumps aboard the careening song. The track builds to a punk rock crescendo with crystal clear production that amplifies every crackling nuance of the band's delivery.

Subcultural iconoclast and artistic visionary Justin Pearson is known in critical circles, amongst contemporaries across a wide variety of genres and to fans of incisively incendiary artistic expression around the world as one of the guiding lights of the groundbreaking outfit THE LOCUST. He resurfaced on record alongside gifted guitarist Michael Crain, dynamic bassist Thor Dickey and powerhouse drummer Brian Evans.

YPLL takes the ugly powder-keg promises of the band's impressive debut and ratchets up the proceedings exponentially, quickly given all who fall under its spell ample evidence as to why friends and contemporaries who have played with Public Image Ltd., Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, Man Is The Bastard, Swing Kids, and The VSS count themselves among the bands supporters and comrades. Otis "O" Barthoulameu (Fluf, Olivelawn) coined a phrase for what RETOX have summoned forth: "New Confrontation."

Pearson himself offered this explanation for Retox's new album's creative combustibility: "YPLL is something that four very odd humans placed together as a reflection of the art due to the worlds we live in." Incredibly well thought-out, highly educated, impossibly practical, Retox's YPLL uses the power of the riff and the passion of the scream to conjure diatribes about the human condition. As Pearson notes, producer Chris Rakestraw, who has worked with heavy metal luminaries and postmodern hardcore heroes alike, "Brought out aspects that the band has previously not honed in on, resulting in music for the future yet to come."

"While writing YPLL, we were particularly focused on riffs and simpler song structures," explains Crain. "Not so much on the extras, such as effects and layers of guitar, but more on an actual song's flow. The guitar lines, kick drum, and snare are definitely driving the ideas home while the bass guitar is the glue holding it all together. And the vocals are telling each song's story. We really just wanted to keep it simple and make everything fun to listen to. Chris definitely honed in on this."
Last Days Of Ancient Sunlight - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Last Days Of Ancient Sunlight
Hailing from Los Angeles, CA rock band 'Last Days of Ancient Sunlight' are a conglomerate of three
rock brains grown into one. A three headed monster coming at you like a rabid chainsaw that grew a
brain and feet and has you in mind as its lone target. The band consists of Ferdinand Cudia formerly
of 400 Blows (Drums), Antonio Aguilar guitarist and singer for Totimoshi (Guitar, Vocals) and Chris
Burnett formerly of Sabertooth Tiger (Bass, Vocals). Formed in 2013, Aguilar approached Ferdinand
Cudia to start a band. The two started as a 2 piece before adding Chris Burnette to play bass and
add additional vocals. Of Cudia, Aguilar states "Totimoshi and 400 Blows used to play shows
together all the way back to the late 90's. I always loved Ferdie's drumming and have always
wondered what it would be like to make music with him. The dude is a unique drummer. He's an
In 1997 Drummer Ferdinand (Ferdie) Cudia got his start with the stellar LA band 400 Blows. WIth
400 Blows Ferdie toured or opened for such bands as Mars Volta, At the Drive In, The Locust, The
Bronxe, and Heroine Sheiks to name a few. They were one of the featured artists at 2005's All
Tomorrows Party Fest. Ferdie's bash your brain drumming was the back bone of the band which at
the time was considered one of the best bands in LA. They still would be if they were around today.
No one plays quite like this guy. 400 Blows released 5 albums. 2 on Gold Standard Laboratories
one on Buddyhead records and one on Rehash records.
Meanwhile, In Oakland and also in 1997 Guitarist Antonio Aguilar formed rock band Totimoshi. Of
Totimoshi Pitchfork magazine once said "It reaches the luminous place that Charlie Sexton's under
the wishing tree occupied, the union of roots and rock." Decibel magazine gave Totimoshi's Ladron
a 9/10. Thru the years Totimoshi toured with such bands as Mastodon, Helmet, Melvins, High On
Fire, Eye Hate God and Nebula. Page Hamilton of Helmet produced 3 of their last 4 records and In
2011 Totimoshi were one of the featured artist at Roadburn Fest in the Netherlands. The band has
released 6 albums of which 3 were on Volcom Entertainment, one was on Devil Doll Records, and
two on Crucial Blast Records.
Chris Burnett, got his start with Golden Standard Laboratories recording artist Sabertooth Tiger.
Though short lived Sabertooth Tiger featured John Theodore (Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age)
on drums for a few of their recordings.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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