T. Mills

T. Mills (10:30 PM)

Christian TV (9:30 PM)

Goldenwest (8:45 PM)

Will Crimes (8:00 PM)

Fri, April 22, 2011

8:00 pm


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T. Mills - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
T. Mills
Fusing together sounds of hip-hop, pop rock, and dance beats comes the genre mixing sounds of Orange County’s highly anticipated Tmills. Signing with labels This City Is Burning/Uprising Records in the beginning of 2008, the project has been constantly in the studio writing and recording to finish the mixtape due late spring/early summer.
Christian TV - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Christian TV
Never one to be shy about locking his place down in the scheme of things, newest Universal Motown Records artist, Christian TV is making his presence known in a hurry. His inaugural single and video for the label, the sizzling “When She Turns 18,” already has hearts pounding and tongues wagging, with Entertainment Weekly’s online pulse-takers calling the scorching hit a potential ‘smash,’ - ‘…this could be one of the songs of the summer,’ wails the mag.
As for the vid – another online temperature-taker hails it as a sultry, suggestive masterpiece… ‘Anything but saintly.’
All in a day’s work for the charismatic Christian, who has already garnered a sizeable digital and youtube following thanks to preceding homemade videos and other digitally-savvy missives creating the unique mystique that surrounds the 24 year old music prodigy. But good luck trying to crack the code that makes the provocative music maker tick. What he will ‘fess up to is his Detroit City roots. He hails from gritty East Detroit, in fact, growing up in a forgotten city with shields down but antennae up. You have to imagine a hyper-scanning, teenage Christian rolling with a passion for music and pro tools - “born ready,” as he puts it - “right off 8 Mile, there. Right by Shady Lane Bridge,” dropping the historic destination in your lap, and then discarding it as he talks about his desire - even then - to shake off some of the rust from the economically ravaged burgh and head for wide-open Los Angeles. He is just as quick to add, however, that Detroit’s unshakable musical roots are always firmly in place. “There’s no doubt that my music celebrates the idea of ‘escape,’” he says. “I want it to be fun, I want it to be all inclusive. But I also like to point out to people I’m bringing that Detroit grime to pop music. It’s not all pretty, if you know what I mean.”
The young artist also began garnering a combustible production rep, gaining traction as someone who could turn the knobs that made his musical wheels go ‘round, for himself and others. In the past few years, Christian has honed his signature production skills by creating unofficial remixes of his favorite songs, including Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” (which was embraced by top DJ’s around the world), The XX’s “Infinity” (which reached 2 on Hype Machine), Vampire Weekend’s “Horchata,” Miike Snow’s “Animal,” and “According to You” by Orianthi, among others.
But it’s the Christian TV moniker piled atop his growing arsenal of talents that spiked industry interest in the precocious hitmaker. A virtual one stop-shop of groundbreaking, heat-seeking dance grooves, Christian has not been afraid to meld the mystery of what he’s all about – or not - into sexy videos featuring barrier-busting ingénues that also may or may not cross the line as to just how hot 21st century dance pop can get. The video for “When She Turns 18,” alone, asks the question – straight up – are you ready to turn your daughter over to…well…Christian TV. /Living in detention, she’s gotta get away…girls do just wanna have fun/ go the song lyrics. But we were warned. The artist/producer has been gaining a robust head of steam with bloggers and online followers of club music the past year for a crackling array of self-launched club and digital hits, including “Naked,” “Drop Dead Gorgeous Jaimie,” and others.
Christian cites his willingness to challenge preconceived notions in his music, including his videos and live show – as the common thread that makes the Christian TV launch such an eye-opener. He credits diverse influences growing up – such as Prince, Phil Collins, Fiona Apple, Radiohead – with instilling in him the idea that “good music can come from all corners.” His comfort level with taking risks on the production side - which he’s displayed since his early Detroit days – are also key ingredients to his learn-as-you go mantra. His dues-paying roller coaster ride even includes a stint with a band that was signed to another record company a few years back. “I absorb everything. How else can you learn what rules are worth breaking,” he jokes. “When I make a song or a video or get an idea that I want to put in my show, I do it by asking the question - is this going to make Christian TV undeniable. Is it something people just aren’t going to be able to resist.” It’s precisely Christian’s keen discipline in mastering all the components of a contemporary music career, sonically, visually, digitally - as well as ‘getting’ the 24/7 restlessness of an audience that is charged and mobile, non-stop, that has made him such a potentially explosive artist.
Currently putting the finishing touches on his Universal Motown debut album, Christian is passionate about all of his new creations, working in Los Angeles with production talent such as No ID, Sam and Dave and others. He cites enigmatic-sounding new songs such as “Generation Sex,” and “Never Gonna Come Down”, as inspired entries poised to continue the cryptic path of intrigue around the artist, and, hopefully, shake up the club and radio worlds. “I love to surprise people,” he says. “I love that sense of mystery that just the name Christian TV evokes. Just when you think I might bring you something one way, I’ll change it up. I’ve put a lot of hard work into this just to be in this position, but I also know just getting signed is only the first step. I do feel I’m surrounded now by a great label. A bulletproof team, but we still have a long way to go in getting the attention of the audience I want to capture. Of getting them into true Christian TV mode,” he says. And what audience is that? “Everybody,” he laughs. “I want to change pop music. People are ready for something new. Who would be in this thing and not want to make history. I’m ready.”
Goldenwest - (Set time: 8:45 PM)
A good song demands it's creator to say something, and it's listener to take something from it. It establishes a connection that resonates, even once you've turned off your iPod. In today's musical climate, songwriters capable of this are rare to come by. Meet Goldenwest from Los Angeles, CA. But wait, where they are coming from is a lot more than just a location. They are everywhere, in every kid, on every street corner, in every voice that needs to be heard.

It's hip hop, but it's dream pop, but it's dance, but it's not - it's difficult to box Goldenwest into one genre, but that's what gives definition to their unique identity. The band takes a bite out of Southern California's diverse music culture and it's audible in their music. Within only a few months of leaking their tracks online, Goldenwest's Wes Smith, Shaun Profeta, and Colin Baylen have landed placements on E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a cameo on MTV's 25th season of the Real World in Las Vegas (to air early this year), an invitation out to the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX, and have racked up tens of thousands of hits and downloads in the few, small corners of the internet where people have managed to find their songs. Shaun Profeta said it best , “We don’t do this for anything other reason than to make you smile, feel the love, and feel the love back." With the March release of their Through My Eyes EP (self-recorded in the band's studio and produced by Baylen), its likely that these numbers will only grow, and that their following will only grow. Shit, I think they just did.

"We're making music because we enjoy making it, that's our bottom line when creating. The fact that people outside of the three of us like it is a bonus. We're just trying to have a good time, are you?" says frontman Wes Smith. And he speaks the truth - listen to their music and you can hear it, see them live and you can watch it. Just be sure to buy your tickets soon.
Will Crimes - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Will Crimes
House/Hip Hop/Indie/Electro
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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