Old Man Markley

Old Man Markley (10:15 PM)

Joey Cape (9:15 PM)

Hoist The Colors (8:30 PM)

Thu, September 5, 2013

8:00 pm

Adv tix $12.00 / Day of show $13.00

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This event is all ages

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Old Man Markley - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
Old Man Markley
Old Man Markley are not your run-of-the-mill band. They’re not a traditional bluegrass band, nor a typical punk band. Instead, the band meld elements of both genres into a musical style that has resulted in a boot-stomping good time for fans around the world.

The seven piece – rounded out by Johnny Carey (vocals, guitar), Annie DeTemple (autoharp, vocals), Joey Garibaldi (bass, vocals), Jeff Fuller (drums), Ryan Markley (washboard), John Rosen (banjo) and Katie Weed (fiddle) – roared onto the scene in 2010. Their unique blend of punk rock sensibilities, ear for pop melodies, and deeply rooted love for bluegrass caught the ear of Fat Wreck Chords, who released OMM’s debut album Guts n’ Teeth in 2011.

Word quickly spread of the their incredible live shows, and over the next few years the band found themselves shredding strings on stage with the likes of Flogging Molly, The Reverend Horton Heat, and NOFX. Old Man Markley were quickly embraced by the punk rock community for their incendiary performances. At the same time, bluegrass fans warmly welcomed the band, earning OMM a #8 debut on the Billboard Bluegrass chart for Guts n’ Teeth. From rivets to rhinestones, even the world of glossy country music embraced OMM, yielding them a slot at California’s country festival mecca, Stagecoach.

After two years of relentless touring and winning over thousands of fans, Old Man Markley returned to the little house in Southern California where it all began to record their follow-up album, Down Side Up. With Fat Wreck Chords owner and NOFX frontman Fat Mike in the producer’s chair alongside singer/guitarist Johnny Carey, Old Man Markley plucked, bowed, and strummed their way through thirteen galloping new songs.

“With the support of Fat Mike, we went out on a limb with this album,” says Carey. “We didn’t restrict our creativity and can’t wait for the world to hear the variety on our album.”

It paid off. Down Side Up debuted at #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass chart. OMM followed the release with multiple tours across the United States, and international tours through Canada, across Europe, and in Japan, to play songs for old friends and new fans. A more cohesive unit than ever, Old Man Markley overflows with passion for their craft and for each other. Just have a listen for yourself.
Joey Cape - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Joey Cape
A musician since the age of 10, for well over 2 decades Joey Cape has been lending his voice, his songwriting skills and his guitar playing and his casual charm to the likes of bands as disparate as Lagwagon, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Bad Astronaut and even to his work as a solo artist. A rock and roll renaissance man, Joey’s a punk, an indie rocker, a troubadour and a shit-kicking cover artist all in one, and he’s been doing it all since before most of us were even born. Prolific as ever, now Joey finds his voice in a steady stream of acoustic releases. Most recently teaming up with the late Tony Sly of No Use For A Name for a follow up to 2004’s Acoustic, this time the record Acoustic Volume 2. Tony passed away on July 31st, 2012 at the end of an east coast run with Joey. “When I think of losing Tony, I think not of myself but of Tony’s budding family, his many close friends and his loyal fans all desperately missing him, I find an emptiness, a figurative hole in my chest and a literal hole in my life and I most certainly will never be able to fill it. Still, I am a better person having known Tony Sly and will always consider our shared experience a fortune in hand and now in heart and mind”-Joey Cape

Joey is probably most famous for his work fronting Lagwagon. As a pioneer of the classic Fat Wreck sound, Joey and Lagwagon first began in 1989 where they gained international notoriety for their rapid tempos, extreme technical proficiency and alternately heartfelt lyrics. Over the course more than two decades as a band, Lagwagon has put out eight studio records, a live album, an E.P. and recently the comprehensive box set Putting Music In Its Place. Looking at their 2012 touring schedule it is clear, they show no signs of halting the wagon. Lagwagon is only part of Joey’s story.

Notoriously a workaholic, “The Caper” has spent the last decade or so moonlighting as the guitarist in loudmouthed cover band/antagonists, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes as well as exploring some of his more obtuse indie rock influences as the frontman and guitarist of acts Bad Astronaut, The Playing Favorites, Scorpios and most recently, Bad Loud.

In 2004, Joey made his first solo effort, an acoustic record with the aforementioned Tony Sly. The split LP Acoustic, featured sparse takes on Lagwagon tunes. Then, in 2008, Joey and his acoustic guitar returned with his first in a long line of truly solo efforts Bridge, which featured some never before heard songs that have drawn comparisons to such indie acts as Iron and Wine and Elliot Smith. On his latest acoustic effort, Acoustic Vol. 2, Joey’s side features five more acoustic versions of Lagwagon songs and a new tune while Tony has matched him with five stripped down NUFAN numbers and his respective new song, the last he would record.
In 2013, Joey shows no sign of slowing down, currently working with Lagwagon on their first full-length album in 8 years, a new Me First and the Gimme Gimmes record and of course his latest solo acoustic L.P., all the while touring in the interim.
Hoist The Colors - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Hoist The Colors
Hoist the Colors isn’t an “LA” band in any conventional sense. In a city that sometimes values style over substance, they are a working man’s band. They aren’t jaded, there is no irony or posing; Hoist the Colors is a group of genuine individuals who genuinely love what they do.

But Los Angeles has shaped the band. Like the cultural fabric of their city, their music is an eclectic mix, the product of different traditions coming together to create something totally original. And LA can be a brutal city. Ugly and sprawling, it has a tendency to wear you down, to swallow you up, and it’s made the band work harder, persevere longer, and come out stronger on the other side.

Hoist the Colors plays a blend of punk rock, traditional Irish music, and American folk and bluegrass. The band began humbly, in lead singer and songwriter Josh Linden’s living room in 2007. “A few friends and I were bored and began learning Irish rebel songs and Pogues covers on these acoustic instruments that we really didn’t know how to play,” he recalls. Soon the friends recruited a drummer and fiddle player, began writing their own versions of rebel songs, and started playing at local bars under the name Hoist the Colors. Raucous and spirited performances attracted a loyal following and word quickly spread. The band soon found themselves playing marathon pub shows that regularly drew packed houses, all blood, sweat, and spilled beer.

A year after self-releasing their debut album Second City, the band headed back to the studio for their second effort, teaming up with new label Hardline Entertainment for 2012’s Miles To Go Before We Sleep. Inspired by their dedication to their craft, the title is a statement about the band’s commitment to pushing their music forward, and the limitless possibilities of the road ahead. Songs like “Gordie Lachance,” “Dance Through the Days,” and “Gold,” speak to the album’s theme of dedicating oneself to a life less ordinary.

Whereas Second City was a portrait of a band discovering their sound, Miles To Go is the band’s most definitive statement to date. As singer Linden explains, “We spent the first record figuring out who we were. With Miles To Go Before We Sleep, we’ve found our sound, refined and made it bigger and tighter - bigger choruses, bigger vocal harmonies, and tighter arrangements and instrumentation.”

The band’s commitment to their music has begun to pay off, resulting in sold out shows in their hometown and recognition across the U.S. Miles To Go Before We Sleep was named the best celtic album of the year by Celtic Music blogger Grinning Beggar, was named the #2 album of the year (Editor’s Pick) by punk rock blog Dying Scene, and their video for “Gordie Lachance” was featured on CMT.com. In addition, venerated music magazine Alternative Press named the band one of their 100 Bands You Need to Know for 2013.

The band has shared the stage with the likes of Ignite, Authority Zero, The English Beat, The Black Pacific, The Ramshackle Army (Australia), The Young Dubliners, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, and many more. Now with a solid lineup, Hoist the Colors plans to tour non stop behind their new record, with a West Coast tour slated for the summer of 2013.

Miles to go Before We Sleep is currently available for purchase on iTunes and is streaming on Spotify. For fans of The Pogues, Mumford and Sons, Flogging Molly, and Bad Religion.
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