Matt Wertz, Ben Rector

Matt Wertz (10:00 PM)

Ben Rector (9:00 PM)

Sat, April 16, 2011

8:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

adv tix $12.00/dos tix $15.00

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Matt Wertz - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Matt Wertz
MATT WERTZ is excused. Yes, it has been three years since his last full-length release, but when you take his relentless touring schedule, a breakup with his major label, a new deal with Nettwerk and the trials and tribulations of life into account, the ever-so-charming singer-songwriter gets a pass. In fact, it’s these experiences that have helped shaped the inspired songs on Wertz’s new album, WEIGHTS & WINGS, and by that rationale, it was worth every bit of the wait.
The Missouri native’s fourth album was named before any of its songs were written, and the concept of Weights & Wings not only acted as a compass for the project, but also helped guide Wertz personally, as well.
“I got the title from a daily meditation book that I read,” he explains. “It’s the idea that the heavy things in life and the transcendent times are both equally important in propelling us on and through life. There have been a lot of hard days in the past couple of years, and it’s reassuring to know that they’ll be put to use, that they’re imperative to my life, and that I need them to balance out the other end.”
All of the songs on Wertz’s new album are tied to relationships, and each track delves into what the singer has learned about himself and others during that last few years. More than ever, the reflective songwriter has his heart on his sleeve, and Weights & Wings is the very incarnation of that lifeline.
The album’s theme is best represented in “Everything Will Be Alright,” which was written by Wertz and his friend Ben Rector in the euphoria of a beautiful spring day. Wertz says the song is about getting lost over-thinking things, but by moving past what might be, situations end up working themselves out. “There’s a great Mark Twain quote, which says, ‘I am an old man and have known a great many troubles but most of them never happened.’” he says. “If there were a subtitle or some kind of tag to the song, that would sum it up.”
“Family” began as a song for his sister who was going through a difficult time, but through the course of the writing cycle, Wertz realized he couldn’t fix everything. “I guess the irony in me writing that song for my sister was that it ended up being for me,” he reveals. “More times than not, songs do that. You think they’re about one thing and they turn out to be about something else.”
“Running Back to You” is perhaps the album’s most stunning track, featuring a grand chorus that grabs hold of heartstrings and never lets go. Despite what has happened in the relationship, Wertz sings about returning to the person who grounds him. The song was co-written by Rector and features background vocals by Dave Barnes.
Of course, Weights & Wings wouldn’t be complete without a classic love song. “Feels So Right” is an up-tempo track on which Wertz sings about the anticipation and excitement of telling a woman he loves her for the very first time. It is yet another example of Wertz’s simple, yet acute songwriting ability.
This year, Wertz will head back on the road to reconnect with his fans and share the songs he’s worked so hard on. His hope is that listeners will be able to identify with his music, and find a “windows down, sing along at the top of your lungs” quality about the album, too.
“It’s like I made a gift for someone,” he muses. “I created this scrapbook for someone, and I’ve saved all these memories and things I’ve put together. I’m going to give it to them for their birthday…I’m excited, but the real joy is seeing them open that gift.”
Ben Rector - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Ben Rector
If there is one thing I know to be true about music, it is this: Writing a great, enduring pop song is hard as Chinese arithmetic. You want it to be contemporary, but you want it to last. You want it to be hooky, but not so much it loses heart. And you want it to feel familiar but not so much so that it is played out by the third or fourth listen. Great pop-songwriters teeter down a narrow musical path keeping one eye on what's happening around them, one on where they are heading and one on where they have been. Then they blend it all together into a perfect musical cocktail. It's true. And that's exactly what Ben Rector does.

Ben cut his musical teeth while a student at the University of Arkansas and used them over the next four years to devour the music scene in Fayetteville and floss with the surrounding states. While for many his songs make up the soundtrack for life on campus, his music quickly spilled past the walls of the university and into the playlists of audiophiles around the southeast. Now Ben is all growed up and on an upward trajectory towards being one of the most sought after independent musicians performing today.

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