Papafish (EP Release Show) Featuring Sono Vero, Roots of Mine, Ital Vibes, Phoenix Down

Papafish (EP Release Show) Featuring Sono Vero, Roots of Mine, Ital Vibes, Phoenix Down (11:15 PM)

Roots of Mine (9:45 PM)

Sono Vero (10:30 PM)

Ital Vibes (9:00 PM)

Phoenix Down (8:15 PM)

Fri, April 12, 2013

8:00 pm

This event is all ages

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Papafish (EP Release Show) Featuring Sono Vero, Roots of Mine, Ital Vibes, Phoenix Down - (Set time: 11:15 PM)
Papafish (EP Release Show) Featuring Sono Vero, Roots of Mine, Ital Vibes, Phoenix Down
What happens when a handful of strangers begin nightly jam sessions on the college dorm balcony? A lot of disgruntled staff and the reggae/rock/ska/funk/punk/metal contrivance that is PapaFish. PapaFish came to be late in 2009 when members from different walks of life Nancy Rae, Greg Menjivar, Dante Chocano, and Sam Sobo began hosting music jam nights on the Cal State University, Northridge dorm balcony. Within a few months of jamming they began building chemistry and decided to form what is now called PapaFish. Taking from various musical styles such as reggae, ska, rock, metal, and punk the band has developed its own unique formation of sound. Some describe PapaFish to sound as if Sublime and No Doubt had a baby, with Rage against the Machine and Bob Marley being first cousins. Since its formation, PapaFish continuously goes full throttle, playing countless events and shows throughout Southern California. Their high energy performances and perseverance earned them performances with notable acts such as Iration, The Voodoo Glow Skulls, Tomorrow's Bad Seeds, Unwritten Law, P-Nut from 311, Seedless, Pacific Dub, Mod Sun, Stephen Perkins from Jane's Addiction and more. Bringing an undeniable stage presence and a ridiculous amount of fun and energy, PapaFish looks to combine a fresh and engaging live show to a brand of music that they can confidently call their own.
Roots of Mine - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
Roots of Mine
Hailing from downtown Los Angeles, Roots of Mine quickly became a popular band in the SoCal circuit. With a keen knack for fusing musical styles, the group excelled at blending the best of each genre they explored. Rock, reggae, and hip hop are among a few of their many styles which can be heard in their debut EP.

The band started small between a few friends who all shared a passion for music. With a long history as musicians, Michael Giles and Eamonn Conwell both had been ready to start something new. The pair met at their local high school and quickly became friends. Having known each other for years, talks about getting a band together came up more than once. Ironically their musical paths did not cross until much later. In 2010, they met Rick through mutual friends and the first collaboration was born. The first few band practices took place in a small loft in downtown and were nothing short of epic. Seeing as how that wouldn’t work for very long, they found a nearby lockout and started practicing under the name We The People.

After a few weeks of working on new material someone finally said, “we need a drummer!” Rick suggested his friend Ab Rock. After a few kick ass jam sessions the group had its new drummer. Born from punk rock roots, Abner brought a high energy style of percussion to the bands music.

The group was nearly complete but everyone agreed it was lacking some serious low end. Not long after finding Abner, the band picked up Aaron Austin on bass guitar. With the rhythm section now complete, the band was able to reach new creative heights. Aaron helped lay down the bottom end for the band’s new patchwork of songs.

With a full lineup and a new set of songs, the group began doing shows aggressively throughout Southern California. 2011 proved to be a busy year for the band. After breakout shows at the Viper room and the Key Club in Hollywood, the group decided to head into the studio. The first goal was to get a demo put together. After hearing things on tape, they were convinced to put together something slightly longer and settled on an EP release. After a few months of rigorous recording sessions the band was ready to shift their sights back to live shows once again.

The summer of 2012 offered big opportunities for the group. Jumping back into the spotlight, the band ripped through summer shows heating up venues like the House of Blues, El Rey Theatre, and the Roxy to name a few. With over 30 shows under their belt and counting, the band decided once again to break for a long awaited follow up to their EP release. In the midst of all the excitement it became apparent that the band name had to change for legal reasons. At the end of 2012 the group officially became Roots of Mine. With the new name under wraps and new management the group continued working their first full length album.
Sono Vero - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Sono Vero
Sono Vero is composed of 8 talented musicians, all of which are still in high school. Coming together over their love for reggae music, this young band has been making loud noise in the music scene. With the release of their Self titled EP peaking in the top 10 itunes reggae albums chart, these boys are ready to spread their sound to the world. Sono Vero takes pride in their roots and conscience lyrics, hoping to share their vibe to anyone who will listen. Armed with an exciting live show, great chemistry, and dedicated management, Sono Vero will be touring the states this summer.
Ital Vibes - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Ital Vibes
Beginning in February of 2011, Ital Vibes (formerly known as High Tides) formed through a series of experimental jam sessions. Initially, the band consisted of 3 members, Aaron Valdez, Marc Donini, and Kennedy Peneueta. Once the potential to create serious music came to fruition, the band began expanding. Soon after, other high school friends came into the picture. The addition of a lead guitar, bass, a horn section, and percussion added a new dynamic to the band. Together they've blended their eclectic influences from traditional Roots to contemporary styles of Reggae to harness a sound all their own. Throughout the year, Ital Vibes have played shows with many up and coming bands such as, Fortunate Youth, The Simpkin Project, Sono Vero, Arise Roots, Sand Section, Rian Basilio & the Roosters and also artists like Bushman and Johny Osbourne. This group of young artists have made original music together and have built a loyal fan base in the Southbay area.
Phoenix Down - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Phoenix Down
The Band Started with three friends that played in a band together called "The Nude Crusade". After that punk band dispersed, we wanted to challenge ourselves with another genre of music. After fiddling in the garage of current guitarist Chris Arroyo one day, we found what we were looking for; a fresh new piece of music that we can call different and our own style. This is OUR Reggae. This is Phoenix Down.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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