KROQ Locals Only & K'noup Present:

KROQ Locals Only & K'noup Present:

The Nukes (8:00 PM)

Helicopter Rounds (8:50 PM)

Day Above Ground (10:30 PM)

Watch for Horses (9:40 PM)

Late Night Howlers (11:30 PM)

Thu, March 14, 2013

7:30 pm

This event is all ages

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The Nukes - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
The Nukes
all other teen rock bands are their affinity for musicianship - having studied their instruments since before becoming teenagers - and indifference about that commercial-friendly sound in favor of challenging the industry to try something new.

So far, this mindset has worked. The Nukes are the subject of a documentary that started filming in the summer of 2009. This documentary, which covers their auditions, recording sessions, and live performance, is currently being edited and due for completion in February 2010.

The Nukes played their first show earlier this January at the Troubadour to 200 paying guests. Not only were they integral to the night selling out, but they were asked back MARCH 6TH.
This is all very impressive considering that the current line-up has only been practicing together for 3 months. The guitar player and bass player have been with the project since its inception in the summer 2009.
Helicopter Rounds - (Set time: 8:50 PM)
Helicopter Rounds
Formed during the most challenging period of residency in Emergency Medicine, Helicopter Rounds is a collection of three doctors with a passion for music and healing, searching for an outlet from the chaos of the emergency department. Named after the ritualistic trip to the helicopter pad, made at the end of an overnight ER shift to watch the sunrise, reflect, and breathe, the Los Angeles-based indie rock group has developed a following for writing music that delicately explores the harsh reality of life's struggles, as seen through the eyes of a healing profession. The trio of Cliff Wang, Kirk Burgamy, and Jon Crisp quickly realized their dynamic chemistry in the two weeks of rehearsal prior to their first show in the fall of 2008. The group has performed extensively in Los Angeles, writing songs that attracted the interest of producer and engineer Ed Faris, who worked with the band to record their first EP record, The Edge, released in the spring of 2009 on iTunes. Characterized by driven bass lines, energetic and soaring guitars, rich melodic vocals, consequential lyrics and palpable rhythms, Helicopter Rounds' songs are rooted in the real experiences of Jon, Kirk, and Cliff - as they journey through emergency medicine and life. The band is in the midst of creating their second studio album and has already released two new songs, "Hardest Day" and "Black Dust." All the music is original work written and produced by Helicopter Rounds.
Day Above Ground - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Day Above Ground
Day Above Ground, based in LA, is fairly new to the scene but have managed to release their first LP, "High View", within the first year along with a very well received video for their song "Endless". They offer a blend of Rock and Hip-Hop with a fresh perspective added to the mix. With a solid foundation based on traditional roots of the past paired with the relevance of now and a clear vision for the future this is only the beginning of their already impressive journey. This August they embark on their first official tour beyond the local scene. It's clear they are up for the challenge and eager to connect with their fan base on a broader scale. D.A.G. harbors a brew of influence unlike any other band today, too many idols to list and too little time to do so.. but here are a few: Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Soul Live, Pink Floyd, Eyedea, and Pearl Jam. "High View" is available on itunes worldwide.
Watch for Horses - (Set time: 9:40 PM)
Watch for Horses
Watch for Horses is a fresh new band from the suburbs of Los Angeles. With each member coming from different and unique musical backgrounds, they come together to form a sound of their own that has no limits. With a wide array of influences from 1930's jazz to current indie and alternative rock, This band is looking to share their sound with others and make a name for themselves while becoming part of the already rising LA music scene.
Late Night Howlers - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
Late Night Howlers
Late Night Howlers is a three piece alternative indie rock band from Thousand Oaks, CA. Formerly known as Erbes & Pederson, the Howlers were formed with the purpose of creating infectious melodies, grooving guitar riffs, heart pounding beats and solid bass lines. Angelo Burkhardt, Nathan Brogden and Nick Smith make up the Late Night Howlers and collectively bring many different musical elements and influences to the stew of which is Late Night Howlers.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

All lineups and times subject to change