METZ (10:00 PM)

White Lung (9:15 PM)

Mrs. Magician (8:30 PM)

Mon, April 29, 2013

8:00 pm

This event is all ages

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METZ - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
There was a time, in recent history, when you needed to have at least twelve members to even be considered a band in Canada. It was nearly impossible to tour if you didn’t have access to some kind of personnel carrier, and making a record involved several years of tambourine overdubs. You know there were kids out there who just wanted to get in a van and play loud as hell through an Ampeg stack or a four-piece drum kit, but how could you call it a band if you didn’t even know a French horn player? By 2008, band membership had reached a critical mass. You’d go to a show and you might be the only person in the room who wasn’t playing an instrument. Hard times.

Thankfully, there are always a few naturally resourceful people who refuse to be intimidated or excluded from making their own wild racket in public. Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies and Chris Slorach have been around long enough to know that if you can’t fit it in the van, it’s not worth bringing. METZ play like one brutally heavy instrument with three heads, slashing heavy-gauge strings, bending guitar and bass necks in weird unison, along with what is probably the loudest drumming you’ve ever heard. It’s a return to everything that’s good about loud, ecstatic live music; a frantic nod to Nation of Ulysses, Shellac, The Pixies, The Jesus Lizard, and Public Image Ltd. at their most vicious, while still carving out some heavy new business. They play the instruments, the amps, and the room.

Over the last three-and-a-half years, METZ have slayed in basements, skate shops, clubs, and festivals, sharing stages with Mission of Burma, Death from Above 1979, Archers of Loaf, Mudhoney, Oneida, Constantines, and NoMeansNo. I’ve seen a hundred jaws drop within the first four measures of their set. I once saw Alexander Hacke from Einstuerzende Neubauten approach Chris and rave about his bass tone.

It’s a formidable task to try and capture such a powerful live band on record. Luckily, Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) and Alexandre Bonenfant were more than up for it. Isolating the band in an old barn for a week with a portable recording rig, Walsh and Bonenfant were not only successful in documenting the unrelenting live force of the band, but they also managed to add some new and staggering sonic textures to the recording. Waves of organic feedback and fuzzed-out drones build the classic tension that eventually drops into each track’s relentless, dissonant pulse. And somehow, the raddest thing about it all is the songwriting. It’s not just riffs. It’s something that some heavy bands don’t get, but METZ do really well—and they do it collectively. It’s a hell of an experience, listening to this thing.

With this, their debut album, METZ articulate with deafening clarity, what we’ve all known for some time: The world of good music needs a new power trio, and this is it.
White Lung - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
White Lung
White Lung is a punk band from Vancouver, B.C. compromised of Mish Way
(vocals), Grady Mackintosh (bass), Kenneth William (guitar) and Anne-Marie
Vassiliou (drums). They have released three 7-inch’s Local Garbage (2007),
Magazines (2008) and Atlanta (2010) as well as two LPs It’s The Evil (2010) and
Sorry (2012). Their debut LP It’s The Evil received critical acclaim from Maximum
Rock n’ Roll, Razor Cake, CHARTAttack and was named Best Punk Record
Of The Year by Exclaim! Magazine. This year, they released their sophomore
effort Sorry to even more praise from SPIN, Pitchfork, Bitch, Pop Matters,
PunkNews, amongst many others commending mostly on the band’s unique and
inimitable yet very classic approach to punk rock. BLARE magazine named the
single “Take The Mirror” one of the best songs of the summer while many critics
have added Sorry to their forthcoming Top Records lists for the end of the year.
The band has toured the US and Canada extensively and embarked on their first
Europe/UK tour in fall of 2012.

“[D]espite White Lung’s threatening devotion to the more venomous corners of
rapid-fire punk, Sorry is compulsively listenable due in no small part to singer
Mish Way’s successful pinning of a sweet spot between snarled yells, curled
syllables, and melodic but equally intimidating, tobacco-tattered verse.” -

“White Lung comes in, unleashes a couple minutes of post-hardcore brutality,
and then retreats before the listener has become totally exhausted or bored.” –
Consequence of Sound

“Sorry exists in a comfortable middle-ground between abrasive and poppy, and
never commit too heavily to either side. The manic energy is uncontained and
angry, at times, but always led on a straight path by the pure exuberance and
bounciness of the record.” – Sputnik Music

Melodic as it is Sorry also has few discernible pop-music touchpoints, displaying
White Lung’s ability to craft bizarre yet accessible songs. This, pals, is how a
punk rock record should sound in 2012. - Fast Forward Weekly

“Sorry is a visceral piece of work and it has a sense of feelings and opinions
being spat out in an attempt to try and exorcise something that is gnawing away
deep within Way. It will be in my top 10 at the end of the year.” – Punk News
Mrs. Magician - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Mrs. Magician
Mrs. Magician hails from the pilings of various San Diego piers. Like those pilings, their sound is encrusted with salty hooks drenched in waves of reverb and barnacled, fuzz. These pop songs are massive and betray the beach shack bummer of the summer posture that these hoodad's exude.

"Strange Heaven" is the band's debut album and magnifies the cacophonous lullabies of the their four previous singles. This record is for connoisseur's of fuzz, distortion, echo and reverb who prefer their noise to be tempered liberally with minor key, bubblegum and (at times)haunting melody. Recorded and produced by John Reis (of Hot Snakes, RFTC, Night Marchers, Drive Like Jehu) in the same way of the old masters in order to achieve a more musical hiss and crackle. The result is a timely and hopefully timeless artifact.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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