Attaloss (10:15 PM)

Armada (8:45 PM)

Ocelot Robot (9:30 PM)

The Unlikely Candidates (8:00 PM)

Colliderscopes (11:15 PM)

Tue, February 19, 2013

7:30 pm

This event is all ages

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Attaloss - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
Los Angeles modern rockers Attaloss have returned home after a 6 month national tour promoting their recent album release via Rock Ridge Music/Warner Music Group/ADA. The self-titled album was received extremely well by fans and critics alike, and hit 5 charts on Billboard including #1 Alternative New Artist and #5 Heatseekers. Their new record showcases two sides of the band, the high energy blown out rock side and the stripped down acoustic side. Although the band name is a play on a common phrase many of us hear every day, there is an underlying message of optimism: "Even in these tough times, we must have hope for a better tomorrow," states singer Danny Aguiluz.

Danny, Chris, Lorenzo, and Dakota all left their respective hometowns and moved to Los Angeles to chase their rock and roll dream. Once they decided to join forces together they began the arduous task of trying to come up with a band name. After kicking around hundreds of potential names, they got news that their rehearsal studio was broken into and all their music gear was stolen. "Getting news like that was such a kick in the gut that we literally were at a loss for words. We realized in that moment that we had our band name," said guitarist Chris Johansen who immediately began tracking down the thief. After an exhaustive search, along with Chris’ help, police apprehended the suspect a couple of months later and the band’s gear was recovered mostly intact. Instruments in hand, they recorded the first five songs on the album in early 2011 and set out on tour around the country playing shows with such acts as Neon Trees, Smashing Pumpkins, and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. Realizing they weren’t quite capturing their recorded sound live, they added guitarist/vocalist Matt Geronimo and headed back into the studio to record the acoustic half of the record as a five piece.

The band is excited to get back home and begin recording their follow up album. “This journey has been a real roller coaster ride but we have come out of it stronger than ever," continues Danny. "Hopefully that message comes across and inspires people to continue chasing their dreams. Today is an Open Door."
Armada - (Set time: 8:45 PM)
Armada are a powerful four piece cranking out soulful indie rock from the bleeding heart of Los Angeles. Brain meets brawn with sharp, earthy lyrics wrapped in classic, rough-and-tumble songwriting. This is what might happen if Spoon, Wilco, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club threw a pool party with Queens of the Stone Age scoring the water ballet.

This past year saw the placement of EP opener “Beautiful Heat” on CBS’s Blue Bloods, enough votes to snag Deli LA's June 2012 “Artist of the Month,” spins on LA's Star 98.7, Viper Room residencies, BalconyTV antics, a Facebook fan explosion approaching 10,000, and a growing number of packed houses from LA to San Diego to San Francisco as a result.

Armada topped it all off with the completion their first full-length LP, “Paper Ghosts,” which has sharks on the cover and enjoyed a digital and vinyl release on August 28th. As puts it:

“Armada impressively displays their versatility as story-tellers with an eerie lyrical narrative that could be best described as a blend of She Wants Revenge and Queens Of The Stone Age puréed with the textured vocalities of one Billy Joe Armstrong.”

Singer and primary songwriter Cody Page’s vintage, California-bred charm wanders from Bright Eyes honesty to 90’s bombast to the kind of gravity spinning around band like the White Rabbits. Put another way:

“Page wants you to hear his opinion and leave you knowing exactly where you stand, without needing to shout at you. It shows a maturity that you just don’t get with some other emerging bands at the moment.”

Page’s path to songwriting started with musical parents and snowballed into an English degree and punk band tooth-cutting at Stanford University.

Page’s informal musical history cuts nicely with drummer Eddie Core’s muscular style, honed over years spent globetrotting military bases with his family and performing in jazz bands throughout Europe and the American Midwest. Los Angeles Music Academy eventually caught and released him just in time to link up with Page as he returned home from foggy San Francisco.

Jeremy Gruber, on the other hand, made a break for it by shocking his classical musician parents with a move from Jersey to LA to pursue a degree in music at USC. Two bands and a lot of bonding over Nine Inch Nails and Tom Waits later, Gruber was ensconced as Armada’s not-so-secret low frequency weapon.

Rob Calhoun hails from North Carolina and cooks shrimp etouffee almost as good as he plays guitar. Rob is a Southern gentleman with the requisite Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Allman Brothers Band running through his veins. A lifelong love of music began with violin in the 3rd grade, a Christmas guitar at age 12, and a degree in film scoring from Berklee.

The boys came together neatly in 2009 over a shared love of Kurt Vonnegut and a desire to inject brainy twists into the the type of rock & roll they all grew up on. What they ended up with is indie rock that keeps its feet in this decade while preserving all the big songwriting payoffs that defined its ancestors.

When not shamelessly promoting the “Paper Ghosts” LP, you'll find Armada being loud in an evil laboratory across from a hot dog stand in the middle of West Hollywood
Ocelot Robot - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Ocelot Robot
Ocelot Robot is a call to action – Drawn from the four corners of the country and forged in the white-hot furnace of West Los Angeles, Ocelot Robot sonically and visually captures the spirit of five friends enjoying the hell out of making loud, catchy, and unapologetic music together. The addictive sound of the band's debut album Ready to Go promises to bring their distinct brand of rowdy rock to audiences everywhere.
The Unlikely Candidates - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
The Unlikely Candidates
Colliderscopes - (Set time: 11:15 PM)
Colliderscopes is a new original music project based in Los Angeles. The band started in the summer of 2010 playing under the name “Red Letter Day”. In late 2010, vocalist Tom joined the band of what would ultimately become, Colliderscopes. Our collective influences are various within the group, yielding a very original sound.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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