San Cisco

San Cisco (10:00 PM)

Chaos Chaos (9:00 PM)

Wed, April 10, 2013

8:00 pm

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San Cisco - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
San Cisco
San Cisco’s storm came in much like a front approaching the port in their home town of Fremantle; swift and eerily beautiful. Initially whipped up in the wake of high school graduation, the momentum
gained by the foursome of Jordi, Scarlett, Nick and Josh grew to
take in multiple world tours, ARIA nominations (sixto be exact),
prestigious record deals, Hottest 100 Top 10’s, Lollapalooza,
Pukkelpop and a sold out North American tour. They unwittingly
defined hipster culture with their “Awkward” video and then
immediately subverted it as they coveredDaft Punk’s globa lhit
“Get Lucky”; both of which sit on millions ofYouTube views. After a
solid year of touring and festivals, San Cisco are now readyto
deliver what we’ve all been waiting for, a sophomore album.
Before handing over all of the goods, they’ve treated us to a
taste of what’s to come with the brand newtrack“ RUN”.
Receiving top notch reviews from fans and critics alike, “RUN”
has a little bit ofeverything–handclaps, a catchy bass line, an
equally catchy chorus, disco inspirations and a fair whack of soul.
But that’s not where this tasty musical snack ends; because
what would be a new single withouta killer video with a bucketload
of lycra?
Drawing inspiration from the lyric "I can be all that you want",
filmmaker and photographer extraordinaire Matt Sav, has delivered
a uniquely wonderfu lvisual version of thesingle.
It hasn’t all been unitards and disco though. The band have been
working away in the studio withlong time producer Steve Schram
to record the hotly anticipated album,confidently moving forward
into a sound distinctly their own. The yet to be titled sophomore
album will be out through the bands’ own label,Island City Records,
in early 2015.
Chaos Chaos - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Chaos Chaos
Chaos Chaos is Asy and Chloe (formerly of Smoosh). We feel that it’s time for a change. Right now we are finishing up an ep’s worth of songs that will be released early fall. We won’t be touring or playing any more shows as Smoosh, but have kept the Smoosh website and facebook so that we can still communicate with you all about our past music or anything at all involving Smoosh. We’re so excited to begin this new project. We are calling it a ‘project’ because it is an experiment —we are trying to embody this idea of going all out with everything, including our everyday lives. We’re changing ourselves —like the giant amoeba that is a ‘chaos chaos’. Haha. In the Physics sense, this new name applies to us —our lives have been disordered. There’s been an amoeba at the core of our music, where the form is always changing, moving in different directions. This is how we approach music, so in a sense this new band name fits perfectly! I know we’ll make mistakes along the way, ‘cause we’re human and all that, and because we’ll be taking risks. But, we can’t wait to continue doing this project. The process has already been fun and quite an adventure.

Imagine a giant amoeba. If you can’t do that just imagine a giant blob. That’s what music is right now. Something that is always there and always changing –and it can be turned into anything.

Chloe: Percussion makes you feel a song rather than just hear it. Percussion drives. It can drive someone to kill, to dance, to make love, to take risks, or to free themselves. On a typical New York day you’ll hear music and percussion over 50 times. You can’t get away from it, actually. Or maybe that’s just New York. A day without music would be dull and depressing. With all this different music surrounding YOU, what you take from it is unique and individual. Music is personal, but also shared –it’s this huge never-ending cycle.

Percussion flows through your whole body. It feels good to bob your head to the beat. Percussion for the people! We need it!

Asy: I kind of feel like I am 65 right now, though I also feel 12. I’ve been working on my songwriting for 14 years now, (WHAT THE HECK), but I approach songwriting like a kid looking for an adventure. Because of this combination my songwriting is a collision of patience and impulse.

This is a really interesting time for me. Recently, I became restless. Had an early midlife crisis… I absolutely needed to experience more and take more risks (in songwriting and in other parts of my life). I decided to become my own student of music, listening to many different genres and styles and taking bits of things as I went, eventually blending them into a giant smoothie that I poured into my songs. I let myself be honest, which was hard because that meant entering an uncomfortable place, where a light was shined on everything (even unspeakable things).

Right now I like to write music the way I live life—sort of like a risk junkie. I’ve somehow convinced myself to keep getting uncomfortable. I think this should be the year of discomfort—for everybody—because when you challenge yourself to do something that’s risky or a little uncomfortable you won’t ever regret it. Well. Maybe sometimes you would. BUT, that risk will push you to a new place in your life—a place that’s meaningful and chaotic in a good way. For me this place is the amoeba place, —the always changing, always full of possibilities place. Chaos Chaos. Wooh!

We can’t wait to share our new music with you all! We want to hear you (send us your thoughts) and see you (at the shows, yeah!)

-Asy and Chloe
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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