The Teddy Campbell Band

The Teddy Campbell Band (11:10 PM)

Ethan Farmer (10:40 PM)

Halo Circus (featuring Allison Iraheta) (10:10 PM)

Jubu And Legally Blynd (9:40 PM)

Shoshana Bean (9:10 PM)

J.P. Delaire - D'l'oHm Project (8:45 PM)

Sat, January 26, 2013

8:00 pm

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This event is all ages

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The Teddy Campbell Band - (Set time: 11:10 PM)
The Teddy Campbell Band
Teddy Campbell is THE leading drummer in Los Angeles and possibly the world. His band is comprised of the "A list" of studio and live musicians in Los Angeles and The Teddy Campbell Band can best be described as the new sound of retrospect. Established in late 2011, the band has already headlined at the World Famous Whisky A Go Go, The El Rey Theater and The Troubadour in L.A. and, most recently, opened up for the incomparable James Ingram. In a world where “sound alike” is all so common, these guys are definitely the uncommon denominator. Their new soul/rock music is a refreshing, agreeable blend of sonic sounds reminiscent of Ray Charles, The Beatles & The Rolling Stones.
Ethan Farmer - (Set time: 10:40 PM)
Ethan Farmer
Ethan Farmer, a native of Chicago, Illinois, has established himself as an incredible talent amongst bass players in the industry today. Born into a musical family, he has a natural gift and ability, however his passion and ear for music are what define him as a bass phenom. While his talent speaks volumes on its own, his charisma and authenticity have propelled his career; affording him opportunities to work with a diverse range of artists traveling and performing around the world.
Ethan was introduced to music early on, first picking up his father’s bass at the age of five and receiving his own at six. Always crediting “some of the most amazing musicians I know,” his first musical influences came from his family who had a well-known gospel group. At eight years old, he became the youngest member of the family group, The Amazing Farmer Singers, marking the beginning of a life long love and pursuit of music. Advanced beyond his years, by sixteen Ethan had toured the country with the family group and established himself in churches around Chicago. As he began to come into his own, he grew anxious to explore other genres of music and was instantly drawn to R&B, funk, and soul, and idolized artists including Prince and Michael Jackson. Spending time with his uncles, who are distinguished musicians, Ethan was introduced to many of the major cats in Chicago who affirmed his talent and encouraged him to pursue greater opportunities.
At seventeen he received his first big break outside of The Amazing Farmer Singers, playing with choir groups including: Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago, Mark Hubbard & The Voices, Ricky Dillard, and the Chicago Mass Choir. From there, he travelled to music festivals around the world including: the North Sea Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, and the Jakarta Jazz Festival. Through travel he took advantage of all the opportunities to study his craft and develop himself as a musician. His confidence growing, Ethan began to see his professional potential as a musician.
In 1998, he moved to Los Angeles ready to prove his talent in a larger market. He felt confident in his decision early on when he began to see many of his heroes playing in “regular” bars and clubs around LA. With such tangible inspiration, he began sitting in at all of the clubs awaiting any opportunity to jam with the cats. He struggled to make it in LA for a year until he met Andrew Gouche, a prominent gospel bass player, who gave him the chance he had been waiting for. While Andrew would later become a great friend and mentor, it was that initial trust in Ethan’s potential which led to his first big break as a professional playing with Jody Watley on BET’s Planet Groove. From that point forward, Ethan’s career quickly gained momentum as people often wanted to know, “Who was that young kid playing bass?” Since then he has become a household name in the music industry playing, touring, writing, producing and recording with various artists encompassing all genres of music. Throughout his career, Ethan has worked with hundreds of artists including Janet Jackson, Babyface, Patti LaBelle, Darius Rucker, and Hootie and the Blowfish.
Currently, Ethan is readying himself for a busy few months ahead and preparing to leave for the highly anticipated summer tour featuring New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. Having taken a break from touring to for the past two years, he has occupied himself playing and musical directing with artists including Christina Aguilera and Keri Hilson. In addition, he has dedicated himself to more personal projects including the long awaited release of his first album, “Wine & Strings,” as well as new albums with his groups, The Gospel Wonders and The Core. Though he is always juggling multiple projects, most importantly, Ethan is passionate about pursuing his own music.
While his resume speaks for itself, many attribute the foundation of Ethan’s success to his chameleon like ability; adjusting his style to suit the artist while maintaining his own unique sound. A humble character, even with great success he continues to nurture his craft playing in the same local clubs that initially exposed him and helped launch his career, as well as offering advice and mentorship to hopeful musicians. Apart from being an excellent bassist and an all around “nice guy,” he has confirmed his position as a well respected musician in the industry through hard work, dedication, and most importantly, a strong foundation of faith.
Halo Circus (featuring Allison Iraheta) - (Set time: 10:10 PM)
Halo Circus (featuring Allison Iraheta)
Los Angeles buzz band and critically acclaimed international bilingual alternative rock band featuring Allison Iraheta, multi-platinum music producer + Grammy nominated songwriter Matthew Hager, Veronica Bellino (Jeff Beck, DMC) and Brian Stead. Halo Circus has been taking their time while taking the Los Angeles music scene by storm with their relentless live performances that Duran Duran’s John Taylor is calling “The best live band in the U.S.” But for the band fronted by bilingual international recording artist Allison Iraheta, their journey to get to where they are today is nothing short of wondrous.

You may recognize Allison as a Season 8 favorite on American Idol or the Telemundo show, Quinceañera: Mamá Quiero Ser Artista, although she has been anything but idle since those days. Her 2009 solo album, Just Like You, debut at the 35 position on the Billboard Top 200 album charts and sold over 35,000 copies within the first week. While developing her own personal style as an artist with Halo Circus, however, Allison has grown tremendously, which is immediately apparent on the debut Halo Circus album. Allison’s background being raised by Salvadorian immigrants is a massive inspiration for many Halo Circus songs. Growing up in South Central, Allison’s native language was Spanish, from which she draws inspiration on the band’s most popular live songs “Yo Me Voy”, “All I Have” and
“Desire (Lo Que Vale La Pena)”.
Jubu And Legally Blynd - (Set time: 9:40 PM)
Jubu And Legally Blynd
What's in a name? When it comes to Legally Blynd, this band's name tells more than the traditional moniker…it speaks of the group defying enormous odds to remain in existence, a testament in surviving the music industry.

Led by world-renowned guitarist and lead singer John "Jubu" Smith, the six-member band's sound has a "Curtis Mayfield meets Dave Matthews Band feel. The band is a gumbo mix of soul, blues, country and gospel. A type of music that is so gripping and passionate, that you simply can't forget it.

The band's undeniable talent in both the recording studio and live stage is matched by their relentless dedication to success. Legally Blynd by definition means the experienced group is blind to whatever society says they're supposed to do, that one can't be an artist after reaching a certain age. The band is blind to the notion of "being too old" to still make it in the industry. And so far, they've proven just that.

Raised in Oakland, CA, Jubu learned to play the guitar in church every Sunday. He developed into a seasoned musician, songwriter and eventually producer, when he joined Tony Toni Tone's band in 1989 at age 19. He was personally recruited by one of the group's stars Raphael Saadiq, who had also grown up in Oakland. Jubu would write numerous songs during his 10-year "gig" for the popular R&B group, most notably "Gangster Groove" and "Leaving."

Legally Blynd was born in 1998 while Jubu was on the "My Love is Your Love" tour with Whitney Houston in Italy. She forever changed his life when she said she thought he was good enough to start a band of his own. Jubu took her praise to heart and the next day, ordered a Roland 1680 hard disc recording machine to capture songs he would write for his own band. Jubu immediately knew which musicians he wanted in his band. Over time, the group formed to include his brother Eric "Pik-funk" Smith on bass, Chris Johnson on drums, Carl Wheeler on the organ/HammondB-3, Errol Cooney on guitar and Ron Smith on percussion.

Legally Blynd performed their first gig as a band at a club in Los Angeles in 2001. They spread the word to friends and family, and took the stage in front of about 125 people. Jubu said he would never forget the feeling he had the night of playing his own music that no one had ever heard, and no one left the building until their entire performance was over. He said that experience was "the best feeling ever."

From that day on, Legally Blynd knew they could succeed despite their ages and responsibilities of taking care of families of their own. They performed fan favorites such as "Nena," "You" and "Why Break Mine," in venues across California, Oregon, Louisiana, Georgia and Texas.

Each of them are stars in their own right: Jubu has written songs for a long list of stars including Luther Vandross, Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, Kelly Price, and many more. Jubu currently plays with Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. Eric and Chris play for Rihanna and Errol plays for Stevie Wonder.

Legally Blynd has put in the kind of hard work and dedication that can only end in success. With their new single "Let My Guitar Play" (available on iTunes), the sky is the limit for this talented group - one that wants to be known for their tours and live performances. Jubu said he wants the band to achieve "world appreciation and acceptance."

More than just a group of seasoned musicians, Legally Blynd is a family with a close knit bond of trust and love they share with their fans and supporters. The genuine passion they have for their music and life message is what connects them to their audience and will capture hearts and souls around the world.
BL(Y)ND: Adjective, verb, noun, adverb.(A) Performed by instruments with feeling; without the use of sight.
Shoshana Bean - (Set time: 9:10 PM)
Shoshana Bean
Shoshana Bean is best known for her roles in the Broadway smash hits WICKED and HAIRSPRAY and a stellar performance alongside Brian McKnight on the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards honoring Aretha Franklin. She has performed solo concerts around the world and headlined in the Las Vegas Burlesque revue Peepshow opposite Holly Madison. Her debut solo album Superhero peaked at #5 on the iTunes R&B charts in its first week of sales, making it the only independent album in the top 100. Her work as a singer/songwriter has been featured on MTV's The Hills, Mercy, The Big C and The Bad Girls Club. Her debut single 'Superhero' was used to promote NBC's Monday night line-up and received an independent Music Award for best R&B song.
She sang back up fro an endless list of superstars for Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration at Madison Square Garden and has lent her voice to the film soundtracks for Hairspray, Enchanted and Dance Flick, as well as FOX's Glee and House. Shoshana claims DEAR JOHN MAYER as her latest triumph, a musical she co-created, starred in and for which she wrote the music and lyrics.
She is currently recording her as yet untitled sophomore album.
J.P. Delaire - D'l'oHm Project - (Set time: 8:45 PM)
J.P. Delaire - D'l'oHm Project
J.P. DeLaire, noted sideman for Prince and Michael Bolton, has released his debut solo CD, In My Life on Tender Girl Music. This collection of original compositions was produced by DeLaire and is a rich musical menu that ranges from contemporary jazz to the Minneapolis funk of his native roots.

As member of the legendary musical “Peterson Family” of Minneapolis, DeLaire was schooled in straight ahead jazz and R & B. He has shared the stage with greats including Oleta Adams, Alexander O’Neal, Richard Marx, Solo, Donny Osmond and Cherrelle. DeLaire has also worked with famed producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
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