The Suits

The Suits (9:25 PM)

Dreamers Dose (8:45 PM)

Bad Suns (10:15 PM)

The Seems (7:00 PM)

Rhiannon (8:10 PM)

Family Cave (7:35 PM)

Maudlin Strangers (11:00 PM)

Fri, January 11, 2013

6:30 pm

$0.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

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The Suits - (Set time: 9:25 PM)
The Suits
The Suits are August Eve and Andrew Wells
Dreamers Dose - (Set time: 8:45 PM)
Dreamers Dose
Dreamers Dose are a young band from Los Angeles, California. They have been garnering attention with their neo-psychedelic rock sound. Their reputation is owed much to their energetic live shows. They are currently in the studio with acclaimed producer Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys) recording their full length debut. Their self-titled E. P. was released in July 2010.

Dreamers Dose are Andrew Stogel on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Jesse Perlman on lead guitar, Levi Dylan on bass and Josh Conway on drums.
Bad Suns - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
Bad Suns
Southern California rock band Bad Suns formed in 2012 and in the short time since inception, have managed to be musically beyond their years. Made up of Christo Bowman (vocals), Gavin Bennett (bass), Miles Morris (drums) and Ray Libby (guitar) the four piece ranges from ages 19-22 yet has a sound reminiscent of rock stalwarts from generations past. “I grew up with a lot of world music playing in the house. When I was 10, I started getting heavily interested in the guitar, and my dad began introducing me to his records from the 70’s and the 80’s. Initially Elvis Costello, then to The Clash, The Cure, and so on,” notes Chris. “All of these artists and bands had a big impact on me, at a young age, as far as song composition goes. “ Influences are apparent on the band’s upcoming EP Transpose, where angst-ridden riffs and ethereal yet charismatic vocals pay tribute to post-punk legends of the early 80’s. “ I started writing my first songs at that time,” Chris continues, “Though we can now reflect on that era of music, those artists were ahead of their time in a lot of ways. That’s what’s most inspiring.”

Transpose was recorded in the studio with producer Eric Palmquist (The Mars Volta, Wavves, Trash Talk) and serves as a prelude to the band’s debut full-length slated for 2014. “The writing and recording process is always exciting, because it’s constantly changing and unique to each song. Inspiration comes and goes as it pleases, so a night when a song gets written is a very good night,” says Chris. Comprised of four tracks, Transpose flows effortlessly from start to finish showcasing the band’s stadium ready anthems and undeniably catchy hooks. “Music has the ability to evoke certain feelings in people, a way that not much else can. The pairing of words and sounds can be an extremely powerful tool, when done right. I think the ultimate goal for this band is to make music that causes people to really feel something.”

Aside from writing a record, Bad Suns’ 2013 was a busy one, complete with multiple CMJ showcases as well as sharing the stage with the likes of The 1975 and Vaccines with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Transpose will be released everywhere in the early months of 2014.

“One day I just decided to be a musician, and I never strayed away from that goal. Being in a band is the only thing I can do.”- Chris Bowman
The Seems - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
The Seems
A rock trio
Rhiannon - (Set time: 8:10 PM)
Family Cave - (Set time: 7:35 PM)
Family Cave
Family Cave is a Los Angeles rock quartet originally formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2003.Their rich melodic songs embody a folk spirit that express thoughtful and precise observations on the anguished outcasts that thrive on the hinges of society, but makes all feel welcome and part of the family! With a sharp attention to dynamics and craftsmanship, FC creates a wide palette of songs that range from Folk ballads to heavier, guitar driven, melodic anthems that point to influences Elliot Smith, Radiohead, Wilco and the Cure.

Family Cave has called Los Angeles home since its re-inception in 2011 when original members Jason Shine and Julio Montero coincidentally found themselves in the same city after many years. Once Mitch Lestner and Kristina Thoergesen enter the picture, the band spent some time exploring what would become its unique voice. The result of that early tuning period is evident in the quality of their live shows.
Maudlin Strangers - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Maudlin Strangers
maud·lin/ˈmôdlin/ Adjective: foolishly tearful or sentimental, often through drunkenness.

LA-based alternative rock band
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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