Kelly McGarry Welcomes:

Kelly McGarry Welcomes:

Laikipia (10:10 PM)

Kevin Never Talks (Album Release) (9:15 PM)

City of Sound (8:20 PM)

Stereo Jane (7:30 PM)

Wolves (11:15 PM)

Thu, August 29, 2019

7:00 pm

adv tix $12.00 / day of show tix $15.00

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This event is all ages

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Laikipia - (Set time: 10:10 PM)
Through the original worlds that their music explores, LAIKIPIA has developed a distinct sound, combining a unique blend of harmony driven storytelling, hypnotizing dance floor beats, and melody rich instrumentals.

LAIKIPIA is creating new music true to themselves; strangely alien, yet comfortably familiar, their music welcomes all ears, completely disregarding the walls between genres. LAIKIPIA welcomes you.

LAIKIPIA is a transatlantic electronic music duo made up of Xander Rawlins and Taylor Harrison. Xander is a singer-songwriter and producer from London, England, while Taylor is a classically trained musician and electronic music producer from Los Ange
Kevin Never Talks (Album Release) - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Kevin Never Talks (Album Release)
Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Kevin Never Talks has been touring the U.S. for about 5 years now. KNT consists of Kris James (vocals/guitar), Joel Dragoo (bass), and Eric Urban (drums) with Stef Roumell as the live MC. The band began when summer slacking, drinking, smoking and playing/recording music led to some very good times and thus Kevin Never Talks was born. Out of that fateful summer, the band recorded their debut album titled, “……………..” and immediately began playing shows locally and were a big hit. The next summer saw their second album released, “Say Something……Dammit!” Since then, KNT has been going full throttle and has rocked the stage day and night playing any available gig at any available time.

The year after, Kevin Never Talks signed a one year agreement with Almost Nowhere Records (based out of Sacramento, CA) providing their pivotal song, “How it Goes” (off their release “Livin’ for the Summertime”), which was featured on the label’s compilation CD and was found in Tower Record stores throughout California. That year also saw their first state-wide tour. Soon after, they released the “I’d Rather Be……” EP, and went on their second state-wide tour adding onto their already powerful fanbase.

The following summer, KNT embarked on their first complete West Coast Tour hitting every region of California, Washington state, Oregon, and Nevada. When the tour was completed, they took no time off and immediately began work on their album, “THA GOODS”. The following year saw their album, “THA GOODS” released. the summer of that same year also kicked off KNT’s West Coast Summer Tour which hit all the states from the last tour. Along with their explosive live show, “THA GOODS” sales soared on tour as well as back in Los Angeles causing many label’s and management teams to contact KNT with interest as well as scoring opening slots for such artists as the very famous Cee-Lo Green, and multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter The-Dream. Starting off the year after that, KNT embarked on a slew of shows all over California as well as being flown out to Miami, Florida to perform at an MTV Bash. As the next year began, KNT made Top 100 Hottest Unsigned Bands in the nation in Music Connection Magazine. KNT stepped into the studio that same year to record a follow up to “THA GOODS”.

The next year started off with a bang with KNT opening for Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony. They hit the road all over the western U.S. during the Summer in support of their new album “Palm Trees & Smog”. 2013 saw another tour for Kevin Never Talks and many great songs written ! In mid-2014, they started recording their new album, ‘Speechless’ and released it to a near sold out House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA in May, 2015 and toured for Summer 2015 !! Then they performed on the PBS TV show ‘Musicology’. They wrote most of 2016 and stepped back into the studio in late 2017 to record their new album “Naked Too Famous” to be released in Spring 2019. Watch out !!
City of Sound - (Set time: 8:20 PM)
City of Sound
We see so much destruction every single day due to our ability to access information, and it has given many of us a negative view of our world. I believe that there is still a lot of beauty left in the human Spirit, and that if you want to do something good, you simply have to look around you. I'm not ignorant to the brokenness that exists in our society, but I won't ignore the goodness that still exists in everyday people. Our music aims to change our society's perception of itself, to see the love that still exists in everyone of us.

As a musician I hope that the music I am apart of creating brings people more of the most beautiful parts of life. I love the fact that music can highlight the parts of our journey that are most precious, and at the same time be a help through some of the toughest experiences we encounter as humans. That is what music has always been to me and I love having the opportunity to be that for others.

I'm drawn to all things magical and epic, so naturally, City of Sound was a good fit. I believe the best way to live is to live by intuition, Spirit, "The Force," call it what you will. Looking back, all the best, totally unexpected things that have happened in my life, happened because I followed that feeling. I believe in being true to yourself, however weird and quirky. I for one, am a total nerd, living half in an epic fantasy world and half here. I believe life is about mastery, or rather, the pursuit of it. I love growth, particularly when I can be a part of helping others to progress towards the highest, most alive versions of themselves. This is what I hope to inspire with City of Sound.
Stereo Jane - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Stereo Jane
Everybody knows that music’s best when it’s loud and in stereo, and it’s no different when it comes to the infectious pop/rock sound of Detroit’s hot new group Stereo Jane. Comprised of a four piece band, fronted by twin-sisters Sydney and Mia, Stereo Jane presents an edgy blend of high energy music that will touch your soul.

When you first lay eyes on Sydney and Mia, you would never think that these fresh-faced, 17 year old twin girls could morph into multi-faceted musical divas who can rock out on any stage. With Sydney at the helm belting out her powerful vocals, Mia driving the heartbeat of every song on the drums- the group exemplifies what it is to be a young, real band with a resonating sound.

“The chemistry between us is like any typical twin sister relationship,” Mia explains, “one minute we’re fighting over who gets to sit shotgun , and the next min laughing over incredibly stupid inside jokes. It’s great creating music together because we both know each other so well- we’ve been doing this together since we were 6 yrs old.”

With influences from A-Z (Adele to Zeppelin) Stereo Jane has tapped into their own sense of style to create an authentic blend of the soulfully old and the pop-culture new. As they prepare for the release of their debut album, their focus is to make killer songs the will stay true to who they are as a band, while solidifying their spot on playlists around the world.

“We aren’t just any other band,” says Sydney. “We are Stereo Jane and we want everyone to know it. We are original and fun. We’re a family.”

Stereo Jane is currently hard at work on their debut album with Atlantic Records and look to sharing their music with the world.
Wolves - (Set time: 11:15 PM)
Meet WOLVES, a band that is breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of modern music with their infectious blend of genres. Consisting of Marc Avery, Sean Carney, and Rockwell Sands, the Los Angeles based trio have created their own unique sound, marrying pop sensibilities with bold rock’n’roll and gritty urban beats. With each member hailing from various cultural backgrounds, WOLVES have crafted their own distinct style, shaping the sound of pop culture as we know it.

“We wondered what it would be like if we took all these different influences we loved—artists like Michael Jackson, the Eagles, Coldplay—and rolled them all into one band today,” Sands muses. Their eclectic influences proved to be inspirational, with their debut single ‘Animal’ giving the trio their signature explosive sound.

The band was named after the characteristics of wolves. These majestic animals which are bonded by an innate sense of the pack, move in harmony as one unit towards common goals. “I can’t think of a better way to describe us. The three of us are all about the good of the group; every day we try to embody that philosophy in our music and beyond.” remarks Avery.

WOLVES highly anticipated single 'Freaky' is an anthem to inspire others to be brave and embrace who you are, to share your inner-most desires with the world and to live life to the fullest. Featuring slick indie pop grooves, 90’s reminiscent hip hop and hard-hitting rhythms, ‘Freaky’ is a song that you can’t help but dance to. "We love listening to music from back in the day and try to re-imagine what it would sound like today.” reveals Carney.

From the primal energy of ‘Animal' to the seductive tones in ‘Freaky’, WOLVES have crafted a wildly diverse range of music built for pop radio and stadiums alike. Having already earned top spots on the Billboard charts and heavy rotation on Sirius XM Hits 1, the trio hopes to inspire audiences across the globe with their music, and to continue creating unforgettable songs that at once nod to the past and hurtle towards the future. ‘Freaky’ is set for release summer 2018.
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9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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