Dream Machines

Dream Machines (10:00 PM)

Ariel Beesley (9:15 PM)

Tolliver (8:30 PM)

Maxim Ludwig (8:00 PM)

Fri, August 2, 2019

7:00 pm

Adv tix $12.00 / day of show tix $14.00

This event is all ages

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Dream Machines - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Dream Machines
Dream Machines are based around the songwriting duo of Harry May Kline and Luke Burba. Inspired in part by their love of dance and soul music from the seventies and eighties, their sound focuses on powerful grooves and multi-layered instrumentation driven by May Kline's unique vocal prowess. They deliver hooks and melodies descendant from the blue-eyed soul of Hall and Oates, glittering synths worthy of Brian Eno, sax solos that yearn for a yacht rock revival, and scorching guitar-vocal interplay that knocks on the door of Prince's Revolution. Dream Machines boast a sound that harkens back to the rose-colored past while keeping one foot securely in the present.
Ariel Beesley - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Ariel Beesley
Singer/songwriter Ariel Beesley pulls inspiration from past icons such as Blondie, New Order, and The Cure, to create music that resonates across audiences. Her Self titled debut EP, written in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Stockholm , touches on themes of love, heartbreak, and whatever being in your 20s is all about. She is currently in Los Angeles working on her forthcoming Debut record.
Tolliver - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
As the son of a Baptist pastor and gospel singing music, TOLLIVER certainly takes a lot of influence from his religious background when composing his music. Filled with a grand and broad sense of atmosphere, the alt-RnB artist almost looks to contradict his own strict childhood through his debut EP ‘RITES’, a collection that pays homage to late-night parties and anonymous sex.

His music is all about embracing both the angel and devil in all of us. While his lyrics focus on a hedonistic lifestyle, filled with impulsive pleasures and rewards, he also reflects on the consequences of those decisions. Showing both sides to every idea and deliver a collection of tracks that cut closer to the bone than most.
Maxim Ludwig - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Maxim Ludwig
Maxim Ludwig is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. He has become known over the past 10 years for his passionate live performances. Ludwig is an artist who walks the line between multiple genres. His music is just as greasy as it is slick. He calls it art-rock. It’s like if RP McMurphy was backed by Sly and the Family Stone. Or maybe if Marvin Gaye fronted the Velvet Underground, depending on the night.
Venue Information:
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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